Many more air strikes on the western suburbs of AleppoIsrael Police Recommend Indicting Sara Netanyahu Over Irregularities at PM's Residence SDF captured a 9km long and 5km wide area north of Raqqa since launching offensive - ANHA ISF regain full control of Hīt 17 dead, 5 injured after early morning fire sweeps through private home for elderly in Kyiv, Ukraine. Kyiv marathon today2 malls were evacuated in Mariupol due to bomb threatsOne of @khamenei_ir's men in the field for #FallujahOp Rebels claim to have downed a small drone over Daraya with small armsHelicopters attacked (formerly) densely populated neighbourhoods in Aleppo Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to undergo an open-heart surgery in a UK hospital on TuesdayIn Derbent district, Dagestan, Russia there was fighting between local Islamic insurgents and the policeAirstrikes on al Eis Bomb threat and lockdown at Mariupol' mallSyrian government air forces renewed their attacks on Aleppo city as well as Anadan, Hayan, Hreitan and Kafr Hamra towns Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif left Tehran for WarsawPro-govt media leak Macedonian activists' salaries Turkey, coalition planes hit ISIL targets in SyriaOver 100 mines hit Ukrainian positions at Butovka mine. Burnt trucksTurkey's new prime minister wins vote of confidence in parliament Iran Re-elects Conservative Parliament Leader Saakashvili promised to keep up the fight in Ukraine, where new generation should take over. Said he expects early elex this year Cluster Bomb air raids on Anadan, N-W of Aleppo Syria Russian citizen, ex-press secretary of Right sector Artem Skoropadsky threatening to make bloodshed at LGBTi march in JuneAftermath Of A Bomb Attack On The Salihin District In Aleppo This MorningThe BuffaloMarathon is underwayBarrel bombs on Deirkhabiya in western Ghouta, Damascus this morning IRAM rocket falls close to the cameraman in Daraya, Damascus, Syria ATO: Ukrainian casualties - 5 killed, 4 wounded yesterdayBarrel bomb on the Haidariya district in #Aleppo this morning

History of Ukraine conflict

29 May 2016