Dmytro Bulatov says those who kidnapped him had russian accent Minus 23C in Kyiv In Fastov tumbled down a monument to Lenin Camera of journalist was broken at antimaidan in Dnipropetrovsk -23. Protest at Grushevskogo streetIn Kyiv last night burnt about 20 cars with Lviv platesYanukovych does not want understanding, - MEP Activist wounded on Hrushevskogo died In hospital MP Inna Bogoslovska says about warThe mayor of Slavutych not allowed Berkut to enter the city MPs to discuss the question of resignation of speaker Rybak President warned that can dissolve the Parliament, - MPRally of Antimaidan near RadaLeaders of opposition in RadaIn Kyiv cars from Western Ukraine set on fireEuromaidan amnesty law with additional conditions from authorities is unexceptable" - @Vitaliy_Klychko Yanukovych save his assets from Western sanctions, - MP Watchtower at MaidanProtesters train at EuromaidanYanukovych accepted the resignation of AzarovAzarov officially retiredCommander of Right Sector ready to take responsibility for the revolution Anonymous has supported the "Right sector"42 Journalists were attacked by security forces while working on Jan 19-22 Hackers hacked Zaporozhye city hall website to tell the truth about the brutal crackdown on local MaidanParty of regions in Berdychiv self dissolve Near the building of the city Council in Kryvyi Rih blew up a can of gasoline'Interviewing' some Ukraine riot policeman in Cherkasy: 'If I see this video somewhere I'll kill you!' Court released Andrey DzindzaBig rally in Luhansk

Map. History of Ukraine conflict

30 January 2014
Minus 23C in Kyiv
-23. Protest at Grushevskogo street
Leaders of opposition in Rada
Euromaidan amnesty law with additional conditions from authorities is unexceptable" - @Vitaliy_Klychko
Watchtower at Maidan
Protesters train at Euromaidan
Yanukovych accepted the resignation of Azarov
Party of regions in Berdychiv self dissolve
Big rally in Luhansk