29 九 2023
Day 2 of Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman's meetings on Ukraine. "The meeting underscored the U.S. commitment to work closely with the EU and its member states to address this urgent challenge together
.@SecBlinken & @DmytroKuleba "discussed outcomes and next steps following the U.S.-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue in Geneva and in advance of the NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels," per @StateDeptSpox
.@SecBlinken is briefing a group of lawmakers who are considering traveling to Ukraine, per @UnderSecStateP. He will discuss "all aspects of the policy & make sure that they're up to date, both on the diplomacy but also on the costs and on our engagements with the Ukrainians
Russian Western Military district launched field trainings in Bryansk, Smolensk, Belgorod and Voronezh regions with 3000 servicemen, 300 vehicles including T-72B3 tanks and BMP-2
At a meeting of the Security Council of Russian Federation, Putin discussed issues of organizing work in the border regions of Russia, including security issues and infrastructure problems
Wendy Sherman: .@jensstoltenberg and I met to discuss tomorrow's NATO-Russia Council and the need for Russian actions to de-escalate tensions. We affirmed a unified @NATO approach toward Russia balancing deterrence and dialogue, and stressed our unwavering support for Ukraine
Image of the Russian military camp based at Novoozerne, Crimea on 08-Jan1 年 前
Image of the Russian military camp based at Novoozerne, Crimea on 08-Jan
The Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova said that he asked Gazprom for a new grace period to pay off obligations for gas supplies
Joint Forces Operation: 2 ceasefire violations yesterday, 2 Ukrainian servicemen killed in unknown device explosion
Military convoy filmed in Luhansk
SAINT PAUL: SHOOTING - 4xx Prior Ave N - Squads responding to a shooting. A caller heard a shot and found a male down outside. The caller will be starting CPR
According to American officials, Russia has just under 60 BTGs "on the ground" (presumably, near Ukraine). They also report Russia has positioned additional "Attack and transport helicopters, along with ground attack fighter jets"
Secretary Antony Blinken:We are absolutely committed to the principle: nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine, just as we are fully committed to the principle nothing about Europe without Europe
Military loading into echelons at Ulan-Ude
Head of the office of President Yermak met with advisors to the leaders of Germany and France
US @thejointstaff Chair Gen Mark Milley spoke by phone Monday with Ukraine Cmdr-in-Chief of the Armed Forces LtGen Valery Zaluzhny "The military leaders continued to exchange perspectives & assessments of the evolving security environment in Eastern Europe" per readout
More NOTAMs, active from tomorrow:  Otreshkovo Training Ground - Kursk, where 6th CAA elements are encamped.  Pogonovo Training Ground - Voronezh, where 1st GTA elements are encamped1 年 前
More NOTAMs, active from tomorrow: Otreshkovo Training Ground - Kursk, where 6th CAA elements are encamped. Pogonovo Training Ground - Voronezh, where 1st GTA elements are encamped
A two-part NOTAM, issued for the training ground near Unecha, NW of Klintsy - Bryansk Oblast on the 14th.  This indicates possible exercise activity there1 年 前
A two-part NOTAM, issued for the training ground near Unecha, NW of Klintsy - Bryansk Oblast on the 14th. This indicates possible exercise activity there
This wasn't a negotiation and was not intended to reach a decisive decision, @StateDeptSpox says. When pressed, he says U.S. and Russian officials made an agreement to talk again in the coming days to see what's next
On #GenevaTalks, @StateDeptSpox said the discussions were preliminary and for the US and Russia to come with "viable, practical, reciprocal ideas." "We did not intend this to be a forum where certainly decisions were reached" or "any breakthroughs could be achieved”
The Biden administration quietly authorized an additional $200 million in security assistance to Ukraine in late December amid a Russian troop buildup along Ukraine's borders that has sparked fears of a renewed invasion, 4 sources tell @kylieatwood @NatashaBertrand & @MarquardtA
The Pentagon: A US military delegation visited Ukraine recently and studied ways to activate its missile defense capabilities
"We've seen no major changes to the force posture by the Russians" around Ukraine, per @PentagonPresSec, - "We have not seen any decreases. They continue to have a sizable force posture." he says
Russia has no confidence that the US and NATO will honor agreements on legally binding security guarantees even if adopted, Ryabkov said
Ryabkov: 'We know that legally binding guarantees are a complex technical matter that may require ratification and will take time. But that's a secondary matter. We do not even see political will to move on this issue'
Ryabkov: 'I would like to underscore that the question of non expansion of NATO in legally binding form is top priority for us. We didn't hear anything about our top priority. That's the problem we are facing now'
The Russian Federation will continue the exercises on its territory, no matter how NATO objects, - Ryabkov said
Sherman on whether Russia's draft proposals were designed to be rejected or a serious opening bid: "The Russians would tell you they were an opening bid for serious negotiation - and we will see if that is indeed the case"
Sherman denies Russian statements that US agreed on rejecting Ukraine's admission to NATO: "We will not agree that any country should have a veto over any other country when it comes to being part of the NATO alliance. NATO has its own processes for that"
"I don't think we know the answer to that," says @DeputySecState says when asked if there was an indication that Russia is prepared to de-escalate situation with Ukraine
Sherman says it's not clear if today's talks dissuaded Russia from a potential invasion of Ukraine. "We will see whether in fact Russia understands that the best way to pursue diplomacy" is to de-escalate, she says
Important for European NATO allies: US @DeputySecState Sherman says there was no discussion of US troop levels/positioning in today's #GenevaTalks
"One doesn't send 100,000 troops just to exercise," Deputy Sec State Sherman says, all on the border with Ukraine
.@DeputySecState Sherman says in today's #GenevaTalks, Russia reiterated it does "not intend to invade [Ukraine]; these are just exercises" on the border. She reminded her counterpart such exercises must be (and were not) notified in advance, inviting Moscow to pull troops back
Rybakov said Russia would decide next steps only after NRC & OSCE meetings, so a walk-out seems unlikely before then. He also said the US side approached Russia's concerns "very seriously"
Briefing journalists after the session, Sherman underscores that "it is on Russia to de-escalate tensions" and that Moscow must now make decisions on what happens next
"We've been clear, and we were clear today, that the U.S. would welcome genuine progress through diplomacy," Sherman says. "But if Russia walks away from the diplomatic path, it may well be quite apparent that they were never serious about pursuing diplomacy at all
"If Russia stays at the table and take concrete steps to de-escalate tensions, we believe we can achieve progress," Wendy Sherman now on Ukraine. Sherman traveling to Brussels tomorrow to meet NATO
Sherman says talks included discussion of eg missile placement but that many Russian demands are non-negotiable, such as shutting the door to NATO membership for aspiring allies
"We will not allow anyone to slam closed NATO's open-door policy," Sherman adds, "We will not forego bilateral cooperation with sovereign states that wish to work with the United States
U.S., per Sherman, also expressed an openness to discussing ways to "set reciprocal limits on the size and scope of military exercises, and to improve transparency about those exercises"
Ms Sherman: "We will not make decisions about Ukraine without Ukraine" Discussions between US & allies in days ahead
US @DeputySecState Wendy Sherman says talks with her Russian counterpart today were "frank and constructive", underpinned byagreement that a "nuclear war can never be won and can never be fought
US- Russia Strategic Dialogue lasted EIGHT hours in Geneva, US Missile Systems in E Europe were discussed: Dep. Sec Wendy Sherman says
Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman says the bilateral talks were "frank and forthright"and said the US offered to meet again "soon" to discuss missile placement and the future of "certain missile systems" along the lines of the now-defunct INF treaty
"The U.S.-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue concluded at 4:32pm local time in Geneva," says @StateDept
Talks between US and Russian officials in Geneva concluded at 4:32pm local time, according to a State Department spokesperson. They lasted roughly 7.5 hours, not accounting for a break for lunch
Joint Forces Operation: 2 Ukrainian servicemen killed today, as result of explosion of unidentified explosive device
The Security Service of Ukraine has detained suspected agent of the Russian special services who was planning a series of terrorist attacks in Odesa
1 年 前
Denmark has offered to send four F-16 fighter jets and a frigate to NATO's operations in the Baltic region and northern Europe in response to Russia's troop build-up at Ukraine's border
An autonomous field camp at the YuVO training ground in the Rostov region prepared for the reception of personnel  Location: Kadamovsky Training Ground.  Both 150th MRD personnel, and more important, reservists1 年 前
"An autonomous field camp at the YuVO training ground in the Rostov region prepared for the reception of personnel" Location: Kadamovsky Training Ground. Both 150th MRD personnel, and more important, reservists
The US and Russian delegations have taken a break from talks in Geneva for lunch, a State Department spokesperson said. The talks will continue this afternoon
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna says she will share with NATO allies the "ultimate clarity" about the security situation in her country. She says Moscow should not be allowed to set any conditions for talks until "Russian tanks are out" of the border region
Pecherskiy district court of Kyiv extended house arrest for Pro-Russian MP Medvedchuk
NATO chief says it's "not realistic" to expect Russia-US/NATO talks this week to resolve Ukraine/Europe security crisis. But @jensstoltenberg hopes there's the will to "engage in a process" to prevent conflict. Aim is to agree on a "way forward. a series of meetings"
Standing alongside Ukraine's Deputy PM Stefanishyna, NATO Sec Gen Stoltenberg says he doesn't expect this week's spate of meetings with Russia to "solve" the problems. He hopes talks will produce a "way forward."
NATO chief @jensstoltenberg says he welcomes that Russia has agreed to attend a meeting of NATO-Russia Council on Wednesday, calling it a "positive signal". "We will focus on European security issues," he tells journalists, speaking alongside a top Ukrainian minister
NATO Secretary General: Military build-up on Ukraine's borders continues
NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg says it's an "important week" in diplomacy as the US, NATO and the OSCE all meet to discuss how to de-escalate tensions with Russia on the Ukrainian border
Multiple flights on hold over occupied Crimea1 年 前
Multiple flights on hold over occupied Crimea
Ukraine's ambassador to Germany @MelnykAndrij urged the German government to authorise provision of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces
US reconnaissance missions  over Ukraine and Kaliningrad1 年 前
US reconnaissance missions over Ukraine and Kaliningrad
Security talks between Moscow and Washington begin in Geneva
Russian delegation arrives for talks in Geneva just now
Joint Forces Operation: 2 ceasefire violations yesterday, 1 Ukrainian serviceman wounded
The United States wants to restore the work of the Russia-NATO Council on conditions unacceptable for Moscow, - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov
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