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19 九 2018

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US Department of State: Plans by Russian proxies to flood the abandoned YunKom coal mine – site of Soviet nuclear test in '79 – could threaten drinking water of thousands of Ukrainians in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine. We urge Russia and its proxy authorities to act responsibly
Rogozin: Russia will not cancel "peacekeeping" mission in Transnistria
Britain's UN ambassador calls Russian military assertion that the UK staged a chemical attack in Syria "a blatant lie."
Security service of Ukraine exposed 2 pro-Russian saboteur groups, that made attacks on Polish and Jewish objects in Lviv and Chernyhiv
2 boys found a mine in Vuhledar and reported to police. Safely destroyed
Security Service of Ukraine says Russia is preparing ground to launch new operation in Ukraine this fall
5 月 前
OSCE Hug: The sides should aim at zero civilian casualties. They have the power and authority to achieve this objective if they want to. SMM's reports provide a good basis of what needs to change to achieve this. Zero civilian casualties. Zero
5 月 前
OSCE Hug: As sides fail to comply with commitments they must minimise the worst effects of conflict on civilians – e.g. by non-use of mortars and artillery in residential areas; by prohibition on positioning of hardware in residential areas and by immediate de-mining
5 月 前
Hug: OSCE SMM stands ready to assist in de-mining. In the past year and a half SMM has facilitated humanitarian de-mining on at least 30 occasions and localized de-mining to enable infrastructure repairs on hundreds of occasions Ukraine
5 月 前
Hug: Last year 480 civilians and this year 39 were killed or injured, not counting victims this wk. Sides failed to protect civilians. To protect people in eastern Ukraine sides must withdraw weapons, disengage forces and formations, demine, cease fire
5 月 前
Hug: Serious localized upsurge in violence on 10and11 April. More than dozen impact sites, all residential homes, in which children were woken from sleep with the terrifying sound of artillery rounds crashing into their homes and neighbourhoods. There're many injuries
5 月 前
OSCE Hug: Civilian needs ignored, evident from presence of mines everywhere. For the first SMM recorded an anti-tank mine near Lomakyne; 8 anti-tank mines near Starohnativka; about 320 anti-tank mines near Avdiivka; and at least 50 anti-tank mines in a field near Popasna
5 月 前
OSCE Hug: Military mind-set evident as sides fail to prioritize the needs of civilians, withdraw weapons, especially from residential areas, and de-mine Ukraine
5 月 前
OSCE Hug: Same military logic evident near gov-ctrl Anadol with 6 self-propelled howitzers in violation; and near non-gov-ctrl Verkhnoshyrokivske where 2 tanks – also in violation – used cover of civilian homes, endangering residents if tanks were targeted
5 月 前
OSCE Hug: Armed formations in Luhansk announced they're going to violate Minsk agreements by lining up large amounts of hardware in Luhansk city on May 9th; already weapons pre-positioned on outskirts of Luhansk city
5 月 前
OSCE's Hug: Last week showed that sides can stop shooting and killing; hopes raised but dashed as the military mind-set prevailed over the civilian one with civilians again paying the price
5 月 前
OSCE's Hug: Last week, SMM recorded 10% decrease in the number of ceasefire violations; 95 percent of the recorded violence occurred in 4 locations, meaning most areas in Donbas were relatively calm and peaceful
5 月 前
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug
152mm artillery shelling on Zaitseve, North to Horlivka
[email protected] Assistant Secretary Robert Karem at ksf2018 on Russia's actions: These are not the imagined acts of a James Bond Movie, but the appalling acts of a permanent member of the UN Security Council
Ukrainian nationalists dispersed pro-Russian rally in Central Kyiv
Troops of the Russian Federation on the border with Ukraine are ready for a large-scale continental war - Turchinov
In Geneva, @cxemu journalists spy Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky meeting with business partner Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Borys Lozhkin, ex-chief of staff for President Poroshenko.
66 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 1 wounded
KyivMiskBud construction company office in central Kyiv was shelled with RPG
Luhansk: Hardware being prepared for 9th May military parade at the VVVAUSh airfield - the same violation of the Minsk agreements as last year (no tanks should be there)
Pompeo says he supports: -Congress coming up with a new AUMF (though says current 2001-era one works fine) -continuing to send lethal arms to Ukraine -strong sanctions against Russia
Portman says he just got back from the Ukraine. Asks if Pompeo would ever recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea as legitimate. "I will fight to make sure that does not happen," he says, but notes it's the president's decision.
Pompeo in his confirmation hearing agrees with Rubio that: the US has an obligation to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty. Wikileaks is a hostile non-state actor. Russia meddled in 2016 election as part of Putin's broad goal of winning a bloodless geopolitical war against the US
Co-chairman of the "Other Russia" Alexander @alxaverin Averin was detained on his return to Russia from the occupied Ukrainian territories.
Moldova will ask Kyiv for a corridor for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria
Ukraine starting process of official withdrawal from "CIS" organization, and unilateral partial withdrawal from "agreement on Friendship" with Russia - Poroshenko
Russian PM says silly military statements from NATO countries have added to uncertainty on markets
President Poroshenko: will submit to Verkhovna Rada a Draft Law on the unilateral suspension of certain provisions of the Treaty on friendship with Russia
Ukraine and Moldova signed agreement on joint control on border between countries to simplify movements
Military convoy in Belgorod region of Russia, 16kms to Ukrainian border
38 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
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