29 五一 2023
A senior State Department official, in describing the US thinking behind agreeing to send written responses to Moscow, notes "we're taking this step by step, but we don't want to be the ones to foreclose the possible diplomatic solution
US Transportation Command "Camber Flight" (National Airlines 747 N919CA) en route to Kyiv Ukraine
Pentagon says it is looking at a range of options if allies in Eastern Europe request military support. It adds that the U.S. military capabilities could come from Europe but also from the United States
Ukraine doesn't meet the requirements (to join NATO), says German Navy Chief in Delhi
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke by phone today with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at the conclusion of his trip to Europe to address Russia’s unprovoked military buildup near Ukraine’s borders
Germany is blocking NATO ally Estonia from giving military support to Ukraine by refusing to issue permits for German-origin weapons to be exported to Kyiv as it braces for a potential Russian invasion
US Department of State: [email protected] met with Swiss President and Foreign Minister @ignaziocassis today in Geneva to discuss the bilateral relationship and transatlantic security, including the need to prevent further escalation of the security situation near Ukraine's borders
Russia-Ukraine: "We continue to see a very sizable force presence by the Russians in the western part of their country.concerning" per @PentagonPresSec "They continue to add to the force presence there"
President Biden will meet with his national security team this weekend at Camp David, WH press secretary Jen Psaki said. Asked if another summit is necessary between Biden and Putin, she said that has not been decided but the president is open to one
DOD working on military options that could be activated to beef up US military presence in eastern Europe as a deterrence if Russian invades Ukraine. Could include "movement of assets and forces already in Europe and also assets and forces available outside of Europe" official
Psaki says the administration has notified Congress of the US' intent to deliver Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine
[email protected] confirms that @SecBlinken statement that "whether it's 1 Russian soldier or 1000 crossing the border it's an attack" is "the President's policy that he has directed to his Secretary of State”
1 年 前
Czech defence minister says she will propose artillery ammunition shipment to Ukraine - Reuters news
1 年 前
Defense Minister of Latvia: The Baltic states will send "Stinger" and "Javelin" systems, as well as various individual equipment to help Ukraine to strengthen its defences. I strongly urge Russia to de-escalate situation at the border with Ukraine and respect its sovereignty
Spokesperson for the National Security Council denies @RND_de the Spiegel report on Biden/Scholz: "This report is false. It did not happen and is totally made up. The German side has proposed dates and we are responding to them. We look forward to welcoming the Chancellor to the United States in February.
1 年 前
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces Canada is giving Ukraine a loan of $120-million dollars as it faces Russian aggressions at its border
It is impossible to restore the work of the Ecomap after the cyber attack - Ministry of environment
The Moldovan government regards the letter from Gazprom as an unfriendly gesture
Ukraine security services accuse Russia of false bomb threat campaign aimed to 'sow alarm and panic'
1 年 前
Bloomberg: The U.S. is weighing whether to evacuate family members of diplomats stationed in Ukraine, sources tell @AlbertoNardelli and @nwadhams. Announcement expected in the coming days
President Duda: I told the President @ZelenskyyUa that Ukraine can count on our country's support. Poland rejects the concept of spheres of influence and supports full Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. Thank you very much for this valuable visit and constructive consultation1 年 前
President Duda: I told the President @ZelenskyyUa that Ukraine can count on our country's support. Poland rejects the concept of spheres of influence and supports full Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. Thank you very much for this valuable visit and constructive consultation
Blinken says he asked Lavrov to describe how Russian side believes its actions have advanced Russia's interests - references increased support in Ukraine for alignment with West
Blinken: "Sometimes we and Russia have different interpretations of history"
Blinken on a possible Biden-Putin summit: "If it proves useful and productive for the two presidents to meet to talk, to engage to try to carry things forward, I think we're fully prepared to do that"
Blinken says Russia's buildup gives it the ability to attack Ukraine from south, east and north
Asked to explain Biden's reasoning for ruling out US troops in Ukraine in case of invasion, Blinken says "Ukraine is a very valued partner of the US and other countries in Europe as well, but our Article V commitment extends to NATO allies. And Ukraine is not a member of NATO"
Blinken says Lavrov repeated denial of plans to invade Ukraine. "But it is deeds and actions" that US will judge, he says, asks Russia to redeploy forces from near Ukraine's border (which Lavrov just a little while ago said was none of America's business since inside Russia)
After meeting with Lavrov in Geneva, @SecBlinken reiterates that there is "no trade space" on Ukraine's right to choose it's own path. Also makes clear that in terms of agreements, "nothing about NATO without NATO" & "nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine
Blinken says US will consult with allies and then provide Russia written responses to its security proposals - after which he'll talk again to Lavrov
Blinken says he believes they can move forward on agreements on condition of "Russia stopping its aggression toward Ukraine"
"We've been clear. If any Russian military forces move across Ukraine's border, that's a renewed invasion. It will be met with swift, severe and a united response from the United States and our partners and allies," @SecBlinken says after Lavrov meeting
[email protected] "This was not a negotiation, but a candid exchange of concerns and ideas"
"There is no trade space there - none" he says of Ukrainians' right to decide their future, Blinken says
On Russia's security concerns, Blinken says US ready to take steps on a reciprocal basis
[email protected], speaking to media after Lavrov meeting, says Russia "has an extensive playbook short of aggression" including cyber and paramilitary ops. Says such actions will be met with united Western response
NATO's actions towards Ukraine clearly demonstrate that the alliance considers it as a zone of its influence, - said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Foreign minister Lavrov says Russia has 'never' threatened 'Ukrainian people'
Lavrov: Russophobic minority of Baltic countries and Poland define anti-Russian policy of NATO and EU
Lavrov says that the Russian experience of dealing with the West on security issues is full with cases of broken promises
Lavrov on threats to Ukraine: who is threatening whom, - it is a big question. Says Russia is not going to attack Ukraine
Lavrov: Blinken promised to provide a written response to security proposals next week
Lavrov-Blinken meeting in Geneva concluded after 1.5 hours
Shoigu invited British Defense Minister Ben Wallace to Moscow to discuss security issues, - the Russian Defense Ministry said
RQ-4 drone is paying very close attention to the border with Belarus1 年 前
RQ-4 drone is paying very close attention to the border with Belarus
EU ambassadors have agreed on council conclusions on Ukraine & Russia to be adopted by EU for mins on Mon. as expected, it includes "the council reiterates that any further military aggression by Russia against Ukraine will have massive consequences & severe costs
Sec. of State Blinken tells Russian foreign minister Lavrov US still seeking diplomatic solution on Ukraine
Blinken says he's here to present a United message from West
Lavrov to @SecBlinken: I heard one of your last statements when you said you do not expect a breakthrough at these negotiations. We do not expect a breakthrough either. What we do expect is complete answers to our proposals
German chancellor Scholz turned down invite at short notice from U.S. president Biden to discuss Ukraine crisis - Spiegel
Blinken and Lavrov begin talks over Ukraine
In Washington Post interview President Zelensky says that Russia could attempt to occupy Kharkiv
RQ-4 drone watching Ukraine-Russia-Belarus border closely1 年 前
RQ-4 drone watching Ukraine-Russia-Belarus border closely
Lukashenka at the military unit on the border of Ukraine claims that there are attempts to erase joint roots, Slavic ethnic soul from Ukrainians1 年 前
Lukashenka at the military unit on the border of Ukraine claims that there are attempts to "erase joint roots, Slavic ethnic soul from Ukrainians"
1 年 前
Lukashenka at military unit on the border of Ukraine repeating Russian propaganda: It is inappropriate for us that young men with Nazi swastika marching central Kyiv. We remember Khatyn massacre. Thats why we need to react here, on the southern border of our country
1 年 前
Lukashenka, repeating Russian propaganda, falsely accused Ukrainian government in being unpredictable and adequate, because under external control. In such manner explaining need to deploy military units on the southern border of Belarus
Schools cancelled in Kerch after bomb threats
Ukraine intelligence says Russia actively recruiting mercenaries who are undergoing intensive training courses in training centers
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warn Russia will pay a "considerable and serious price" if it invades Ukraine. In a phone call Thursday, the two leaders agreed "further military aggression by Russia against Ukraine must be averted"
Relations between Russia and the United States have approached a dangerous critical line - Russian Foreign Ministry
Surveillance missions over Ukraine: USAF C-135W Rivet Joint JAKE11 and USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAVGH000 drone1 年 前
Surveillance missions over Ukraine: USAF C-135W Rivet Joint JAKE11 and USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAVGH000 drone
France and Germany would like to keep the Normandy format in its current form, - Russian FM Lavrov said about the possibility of US participation
Russian security proposals involve the withdrawal of forces of other NATO countries from Bulgaria and Romania - Lavrov
Germany says Russia will pay "considerable and serious price" for Ukraine aggression
USN maritime patrol aircraft P8 Poseidon AE67FE is on the mission over Black Sea1 年 前
USN maritime patrol aircraft P8 Poseidon AE67FE is on the mission over Black Sea
The German chancellor and the British prime minister discuss by phone the developments of tension between Russia and Ukraine
Joint Forces Operation: 5 ceasefire violations yesterday
Occupation administration of Simferopol decided to cancel classes in schools today due to bomb threats - Kryminform
Military echelon filmed in Bryansk
Senator John Cornyn: Today, a bipartisan group of Senators and I introduced Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act in response to Russia's threats to Ukraine President Biden, there is no such thing as a "minor incursion" for Putin and his ambitions don't stop there
U.S. military's top officer spoke to his British counterpart by phone today, spokesman says. Gen. Milley's call follows reports that a small team of British commandos have deployed to Ukraine along with anti-tank weapons
Secretary Blinken: Governments and citizens everywhere should care about what's happening in Ukraine. This is not a distant regional dispute or yet another example of Russian bullying. The principles at stake have made the world safer and more stable for decades
A group of about 30 elite UK troops has arrived in Ukraine to help train Ukrainian military on new anti-tank weapons from UK. @TheRangerRegt troops flew out on military planes that airlifted anti-tank weapons during course of the week
US Secretary of State @SecBlinken met chancellor @OlafScholz in the chancellery in Berlin Scholz' spokesperson @RegSprecher: "The situation on the border with Russia remains very delicate. It's up to Russia to defuse the situation and withdraw its troops"
Spain has sent warships to join NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as tension in the region rises over the Russian military build-up on the Ukrainian border, Defence Minister Margarita Robles said on Thursday
A mine-sweeper is already en route and a frigate will sail within three or four days, Robles told reporters. The Madrid government is also considering sending fighter jets to Bulgaria, she said
Military equipment at Maslovka railway station near Voronezh today1 年 前
Military equipment at Maslovka railway station near Voronezh today
1 年 前
President Erdoğan: We are paying great importance to both Mr. Putin's visit to Turkey and my visit to Ukraine. I have a visit to Ukraine at the beginning of next month
1 年 前
President Erdoğan on Russia-Ukraine tensions: Our hope is to bring together Mr. Putin and Mr. Zelensky as soon as possible and to ensure that they have a face-to-face meeting
1 年 前
President Erdogan on Russia-Ukraine tensions: We want peace in the region, other than that, other negative developments do not happen
President Biden stresses any move across Ukraine border by Russian military units would constitute an invasion
USAmbNATO: Today I met with Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister @StefanishynaO and reaffirmed that Russian aggression against Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be met with a decisive, reciprocal, and united response by all @NATO Allies
1 年 前
President Erdogan: We do not find the developments between Russia and Ukraine correct
[email protected]: "There's been a lot of speculation about President Putin's true intentions, but we don't actually have to guess - he's told us repeatedly. He's laying the groundwork for an invasion because he doesn't believe that Ukraine is a sovereign nation”
Another train with military equipment was spotted this evening (20.01) in Kalodzishchy1 年 前
Another train with military equipment was spotted this evening (20.01) in Kalodzishchy
Blinken statement on the sanctions: "In advance of a potential further invasion of Ukraine, Russian intelligence services, mainly the Federal Security Service (FSB).have been recruiting Ukrainian nationals in key positions to gain access to sensitive information
More Blinken in Berlin speech at @atlantikbruecke: Warns after Belarus that if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, its "efforts to turn its neighbors into puppet states and crack down on any spark of democratic expression will intensify
Sanctions imposed by @USTreasury OFAC on four Ukrainian nationals alleged to be working with spy agencies of Russia to destabilize Ukraine
Deliveries of latest $200M US aid package to Ukraine are scheduled to begin "immediately" and will continue "over the next several weeks," State dept spox says. Still, unlikely to be fully delivered until March, and US has said invasion could happen at any moment. via @OrenCNN
Criminal boss, a Russian citizen on the NSDC sanctions list was detained in Kyiv
Speaking in Berlin at @atlantikbruecke, Blinken warns Russia "would drag us all back to a much more dangerous and unstable time when this continent— and this city — were divided in two"
Moldovagaz paid in full the advance for Gazprom in January. Andrei Spinu: "Spring is near"
Transatlantic quad foreign ministers today discussed "joint efforts to deter further Russian aggression against Ukraine, including Allies' and partners' readiness to impose massive consequences and severe economic costs on Russia for such actions," according to @StateDept
Secretary Antony Blinken:Productive conversation with @JensStoltenberg, @JosepBorrellF, and @mblaszczak to discuss Russia's destabilizing military buildup near Ukraine's border and the need for de-escalation. We are working together in a variety of fora to advance dialogue on European security
The meeting of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda has started1 年 前
The meeting of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda has started
A U.S. official confirms CIA Director William Burns traveled to Berlin - and Brussels - last week, in addition to Kyiv. During his visits he met with intelligence counterparts, European and NATO leaders, and discussed issues of shared concern, including Russia/Ukraine tensions
1 年 前
Czech Republic will be sending artillery ammunition to Ukraine, Czech government should approve it next week, @televizeseznam reports
Blinken: If any Russian forces invade Ukraine, we will respond with a united and firm response by all allies
Kyiv City Council approved a resolution today to spend about $3.9 million over the next three years to stand up a full Territorial Defense brigade and HQ. Measure was made amid the "high probability of a full-scale invasion" by Russia, deputy chairman Andriy Krischenko said
German Foreign Minister: Any Russian aggression against Ukraine will have severe repercussions
German Foreign Minister: The only solution to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine is political and through dialogue
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