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20 九 2018

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Svitlodarsk: From the direction of Holmivskyi, shots and explosions of barrel artillery (not a mortar)
Clashes near Horlivka this evening
Ukrainian security service has banned 23 Russians, expelled from U.K, from entering Ukraine
"They (Russians) take insignia off soldiers' uniforms and they go into Crimea" says Mattis "They say they have nothing to do with what's going on with the deceptiveness in eastern Ukraine. I'm not sure how they can say that with a straight face"
Moldova President @dodon_igor throws a hissy fit, condemns his own Foreign Minister @Tudor_Moldova for expelling 3 Russia diplomats, calls it an "anti-Russian provocation" stressing his country has NO obligations to Britain to follow suit "out of solidarity"
Moldova's foreign ministry says three Russian diplomats are to be expelled from the country in solidarity with the UK over the nerve agent attack
Cache of Russian-made weapons was found at Berezove village of Donetsk region
Estonia has closed Versobank due to AML concerns. A bank owned by Ukrainians Vadim Ermoleav and Stanislav Velinsky
5 月 前
"Vice PM" of Russian occupation authorities in Crimea has resigned
Official trailer for Cherkassy movie about heroic resistance of Natya-class minesweeper during occupation of Crimea5 月 前
Official trailer for "Cherkassy" movie about heroic resistance of Natya-class minesweeper during occupation of Crimea
Ukraine cyber police detained a member of the international hackers group Cobalt responsible for cyber bank robbery. "The criminal operations of CobaltandCarbanak struck banks in more than 40 countries resulted in cumulative losses of over EUR 1 billion for the financial industry"
Clashes reported in Western Donetsk
5 月 前
MoD spokesperson: Russian proxies continued the escalation in eastern Ukraine: they committed 47 ceasefire violations, used 82mm mortars twice. In 10 cases Ukrainian troops were compelled to return fire. Fortunately, Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered no casualties yesterday.
Far-right thugs interrupted the Ukrainian film festival DocuDays' human rights events. The good news is police responded and ensured the events took place and that those attending left safely afterward.
The OSCE SMM launched its Instagram account, where you can see the reality of life in Ukraine – on the contact line and elsewhere in the country – through the eyes of the OSCE SMM monitoring officers
Speaker at rally in Kemerovo: "My brother is fighting at Donbas!"
In Novohrad-Volyns'kyi police exposed illegal sale of military vehicles
General Prosecutor of Ukraine Lutsenko suspects the party "Ukrainian Choice", headed by Viktor Medvedchuk in preparations to overthrow the constitutional order
5 月 前
The Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of OSCE SMM Alexander Hug to hold a press-briefing on the Mission's recent activities as well as the general security situation and its impact on civilian life today, 27 March, in Luhansk City
5 月 前
Belarus helds combat readiness check. Anti air forces are on alert
47 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties - ATO HQ
5 月 前
Occupied Crimea - top management of Chernomorneftegaz resigns.
Heavy clashes between Vasylivka and Betmanove(Krasniy Partizan)
Amb @NikkiHaley: Beyond Russia's destabilizing behavior across the world, such as its participation in the atrocities in Syria and its illegal actions in Ukraine, it has used a chemical weapon within the borders of one of our closest allies
Ukrainian ATO HQ reports 20 attacks by Russian forces before 6pm today(19 yesterday)
The leader of Russian-Ukrainian cybercrime gang Carbanak was arrested in Spain. Carbanak stole roughly 1.2 billion euros from more than 100 financial institutions.
Russia deploys at least 3x Bastion-P coastal defence missile system towards Taganrog, Rostov Oblast close to Ukraine border
5 月 前
OSCE SMM's Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug to visit eastern Ukraine
SBU has intercepted and unveiled audio recordings from Moscow for militants in Donbas: to urgently give away passports of Russia citizens to all Russian soldiers and special servies staff (in "D/LNR") and receive passports of fake republics ("D/LNR)
Ukraine says 13 Russian diplomats expelled must leave the country in the next 48 hours, and they will be declare persona non grata.
The EU countries and Ukraine will receive a "reply gift" for the expulsion of Russian diplomats - Senator Dzhabarov
Ukraine to expel 13 Russian diplomats, Latvia expel one and Lithuania three - all because of the spy poisoning in the UK
Ukraine expels 13 Russian diplomats from its territory in connection with the "case of Skripal" - Poroshenko
Contact group in Minsk declared Easter ceasefire5 月 前
Contact group in Minsk declared "Easter" ceasefire
5 月 前
MoD spokesperson: Russian proxies dramatically intensified their attacks yesterday: they committed a total of 44 ceasefire violations, which is two more than in the previous 14 days combined. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed and one more was wounded in action.
Ukrainian border guards detained Russian-flag ship in violation of territorial waters
OSCE SMM will reintroduce the use of long range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to augment and complement its monitoring activities and to overcome impediments to monitoring in eastern Ukraine
5 月 前
We are happy to invite you for an informal meeting with OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug, the leader of Donetsk monitoring team Olga Scripovscaia and other members of the Mission on 31 March in Donetsk. More details ⬇️
44 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 1 wounded
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