25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded

Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 January 2018
Prosecutor Lutsenko: man who was murdered last night in Kharkiv, connected to Voronenkov assassination case
It's propaganda
DNR reports a child killed by UA military fire attack - Interfax
2 month ago
Report: artillery audible in Debal'tseve
Historic event in Dnipro: Ukraine Orthodox Patriarch Filaret visiting Jewish Community. At “Menorah”, Europe’s largest Jewish center.
It's propaganda
Russian propaganda ZvezdaTV reporting that Ukrainian army shelled Donetsk with MLRS GRAD
Donet'sk: Bus stop was damaged as result of shelling
Report: artillery hits near Hvardiyka
2 month ago
Ukrainian artillery started to return fire on sources of shelling near Avdiivka
Clashes in Northern Donetsk tonight
2 month ago
Reports of MLRS Grad shelling near Avdiivka
Gvardiyka: possible GRAD-P launches towards Butivka mine
North Makiyivka: Reports of howitzer shelling from area: Yasinuvata cokecoal plant
Ukraine held air-defense drill in Kherson region with Buk, Osa and S-300
Ukrainian truck was hit with ATGM yesterday. All onboard alive
Leonov Vyasheslav from Ulan-Ude fought in Ukraine, was killed in Syria on October 18
Dnipro: Suspected robbers thrown 2 grenades into group of policemen. 5 wounded
Kharkiv: driver was killed as his Audi car was shot with AK rifle last night
5 wounded in shooting in central Khmel’nytsky
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded2 month ago
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
Protest camp near Verkhovna Rada2 month ago
Protest camp near Verkhovna Rada
29 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 soldiers were wounded
2 month ago
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: Ukrainian Ambassador in Serbia @OAleksandrovych called to Kyiv for consultations
Czech president attacks EU's 'hypocritical' stance on sanctions against Russia
2 month ago
"Antonov" will resume cooperation with the Russian "Volga−Dnepr" – a statement of company
2 month ago
Hug: Sides need trust to fully implement Minsk Agrms. OSCE SMM’s monitoring can provide trust, but monitors need safe/unhindered access
Ukraine hands over refurbished AN-26 to the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2 month ago
Hug: It’s not OSCE who can stop conflict. Only sides can do this. OSCE SMM provides facts, facilitates dialogue, but needs safe access
2 month ago
2/2Hug: JCCC has to assist in ensuring safe access for SMM but failed to intervene to ensure bridge or at least ramps crossing it repaired
2 month ago
1/2 Hug: Wooden ramps allowing civiliansand SMM to cross destroyed Stanytsia Luhanska bridge are in poor state and pose serious safety risk
2 month ago
Hug: impediments can be violent: 25 Oct members of “DPR” in Verkhnoshyrokivske pointed heavy-machine gun at SMM unarmed civilian monitors