20 June 2024
2 year ago
Explosions audible in Kherson city
Ukrainian military downed Orlan-30 UAV today in Luhansk region2 year ago
Ukrainian military downed "Orlan-30" UAV today in Luhansk region
National Security Council staff discussed military aid with the Ukrainian delegation today, a White House official tells. They also discussed economic/ humanitarian aid, sanctions, export controls, & holding Putin to account for war crimes
2 year ago
Governor of Belgorod region says that explosion near Novy Oskol at 18:45 today is "a sound of defensive event"
2 year ago
Ukrainian military repelled 4 Russian attacks today at Donbas
Russia mobilizing 60,000 reservists to join the war in Ukraine: U.S. senior defense official
Russia has lost up to 20% of its 'combat power' (soldiers, aircraft, tanks and other vehicles) since launching invasion of Ukraine Feb. 24: U.S. senior defense official
Wagner Group is about at 1,000 people "focused in the Donbas, particularly in and around Donetsk" per a senior US defense official
France calls strike on Ukraine rail station a 'crime against humanity'
Russia's sortie count in past 24 hours - 240-250 with "overwhelming weight and focus" of strikes in Mariupol and eastern Donbas, per a senior US defense official
U.S. 'not buying' Russia's denial about launching SS-21 short-range ballistic missile strike at train station in eastern Ukraine killing dozens: U.S. senior defense official
Russian forces have launched over 1,500 missiles into Ukraine: senior defense official
The Pentagon: Russia used a short-range ballistic missile to target the Kramatorsk station
2 year ago
Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast, Cherkaska Oblast, Kirovohradska Oblast(20:24). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
President Biden:The attack on a Ukrainian train station is yet another horrific atrocity committed by Russia, striking civilians who were trying to evacuate and reach safety
Cherkaska Oblast, Kirovohradska Oblast, Mykolaiv, Mykolayivska Oblast(20:18). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
Kirovohradska Oblast, Mykolaiv, Mykolayivska Oblast(20:16). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
Russian naval rocket artillery fire targeting Mariupol
2 year ago
Borrell: We hope that in the coming days we will allocate an additional 500 million euros to support the armament of Ukraine
2 year ago
Mykolaiv, Mykolayivska Oblast(20:10). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
2 year ago
EU @vonderleyen handed over a questionnaire to UA President - a step in granting EU candidate status. According to her, it's an accelerated procedure, as "we know a lot about each other. The filling will take weeks, not years". @ZelenskyyUa: "we will be ready in a week"
2 year ago
The UK will provide a new delivery of military aid to Ukraine, the Prime Minister has announced at a Downing Street press conference alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz
Explosions in Northern Kharkiv
The US will reposition one Patriot missile system in Slovakia to backfill the Russian-made S-300 air defenses sent to Ukraine today, SecDef Lloyd Austin said. The US battery in Slovakia will be manned by US troops. The US has Aegis Ashore in Romania and soon in Poland
.@SecDef Lloyd Austin salutes "the generosity of the Slovak government in providing an S300 air defense system - a critical defensive capability - to Ukraine". US "will continue to coordinate with our Allies and partners to support the needs of the Ukrainian military and people”
With #Slovakia sending #Ukraine #S300 air defense system, @US_EUCOM "will reposition one Patriot missile system, manned by US service members, to Slovakia" per @SecDef
2 wounded as Kharkivoblenergo team hit a landmine while on assignment to repair power line in Derhachi
2 year ago
PM Johnson says UK will supply Ukraine with a new batch of weapons
2 year ago
Ukraine calls for extraordinary OSCE meeting after Russian missile strike at Kramatorsk railway station
Russian army shelling Zolote in Luhansk region, several houses on fire, at least 5 wounded