20 June 2024
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Bila Tserkva, Vasylkiv, Myronivka(13:40). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
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Kyiv, Dnipro, Cherkasy, Kramators’k(13:39). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
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Kyiv(13:34). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!
.@PressSec clarifies Biden's comments about Ukraine — but still distinguishes between a military invasion and behavior that's "short of military action"
Responding to Biden remarks on "minor incursion," a senior admin official says that if Russian military forces tried to take ANY Ukrainian territory by force and violated Ukrainian sovereignty that would constitute an "invasion" and warrant severe response
.@POTUS clarified "minor incursion". He was referring to the difference between military and non-military/para-military/cyber action by the Russians. Such actions would be met by a reciprocal response, in coordination with Allies and partners
If Putin invades Ukraine it is the "most consequential thing that has happened in the world, in terms of war and peace, since WW2," Biden says. He hopes Putin realizes that he is not in a very good position to dominate the war
Question of @SebastianAFP: summit with Putin as a way to negotiate out Biden?: Yes. strategic relationship is still a possibility. I am hoping that Putin understands that he is short of a full war. He's not a very good position to dominate the world
France supports participation in new NATO Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Romania. Strong solidarity measure for Black Sea security
"That decision is totally, solely, completely Putin's decision," says Biden. "I suspect it matters which side of he bed he gets up on as to exactly what he's gonna do." Adds that he's being told by top diplomats that there's a Question as to whether their Russian counterparts even know
"Big nations cannot bluff": @potus is pressed to explain his example of a "minor incursion" versus an invasion of Ukraine; he also acknowledges US could deal with cyber attacks by using cyber; but also acknowledges divisions within @NATO on how to punish Russia
Biden says his Secretary of State and national security adviser have given him the impression that not even Putin's advisers know what he will do re: Ukraine. "There's a question of whether [Putin's] people know what he is going to do," Biden says
Biden talking weather factor now. He says if Putin wants to invade from the north, from Belarus, "he'll have to wait until the ground is frozen"
The U.S. could respond to Russian cyberattacks in Ukraine with a cyber response, Biden warns during White House press conference
Biden says of Russia: "They have FSB people in Ukraine now to try to undermind solidarity in Ukraine"
Biden says "It's one thing if it's a minor incursion. Bt if they actually do what they're capable of doing. It is going to be a disaster for Russia, if they invade Ukraine." Promises "heavy" and "real" penalties.
President Biden says he doesn't think Putin wants a "full-blown war," but that he thinks Putin will attempt to "test the West," the US and NATO, as significantly as he can. "I think he'll pay a serious and dear price.and I think he'll regret having done it"
@POTUS on whether Russian President Putin will order Russia troops into Ukraine: " My guess is he will move in," he says." He has to do something"
Biden says Putin wants to guarantees. 1st, that Ukraine never be part of NATO. 2nd, that NATO won't station strategic weapons in Ukraine. Biden says they can work out something on the 2nd & the "likelihood that Ukraine is going to join NATO in the near term is not very likely"
"My guess is he will move in, he has to do something," President Biden says on Putin & a possible invasion into Ukraine. Biden also says he is not sure Putin is certain what he is going to do
US will increase troop presence in Poland and Romania if Russia moves into Ukraine, says @POTUS
Biden says he won't cave to Putin's demand that Ukraine never join NATO, but Biden notes that the "likelihood that Ukraine is going to join NATO in the near term is not very likely"
"Military they have overwhelming superiority as it relates to Ukraine," says @POTUS of Russia
Biden: The cost of Russia entering Ukraine will be very high, and we will make Moscow pay a heavy price for that
"Their banks will not be able to deal in dollars," says @POTUS of Russia if there's a re-invasion of Ukraine
The White House told the U.S. chip industry to be prepared for new restrictions on exports to Russia if Moscow attacks Ukraine, sources said, including potentially blocking the country's access to global electronic supplies
Cost of physical loss of life for Russia if it further invades Ukraine "will be heavy," predicts @POTUS
"We're going to fortify our NATO allies," adds @POTUS
"He's never seen sanctions like the ones I've promised" if Russia further advances into Ukraine, says @POTUS of Putin. "Russia will be held accountable if it invades"
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Blinken to his Italian counterpart: We are committed to resolving the Ukrainian crisis through diplomacy