Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 September 2018
2 month ago
The Kremlin says the Crimea is an integral part of Russia and not a subject for the Trump-Putin talks
Ukrainian military secured Zolote-4 in "Gray zone"
2 month ago
President of Ukraine Poroshenko to visit Serbia on 3rd July
There's another murder of a Romani person in Ukraine: this time a young woman was stabbed to death in Western Ukraine, local media from Zakarpattia region report
Reports that 93rd brigade hit Russian forces Ural truck with ATGM last night
2 Iraqi citizens were detained in attempt to violate Ukrainian state border
In Luhansk region police seized explosives from a man at railway station
Pushkin monument in Zolochiv of L'viv region was vandalized
2 month ago
Putin on 30 June 2018 named 6th tank division of Russian army "L'viv guardian tank division". 68th tank division as "Zhitomir-Berlin tank division", 163rd tank division as "Nizhin guardian tank division"
Arcus clouds on a gust front over Bilosarayska Kosa, Donest'Ka Oblast, Ukraine on June 29. Report: Red Climatica Mundial
Teenager badly wounded as result of explosion of ammunition in Kostyantinovka
Civilian in Talakivka was wounded as result of explosion of unknown object
Joint Forces: 25 ceasefire violations by Russian forces yesterday, no casualties
BRENNAN: US intelligence believes Russia is actively trying to undermine NATO. Military spending aside, you understand why Trump's comments about Crimea and NATO-bashing are concerning? BOLTON: Well, if you think Russia is a threat, why is Germany spending so little on defense?
Bolton indicates Trump is open to recognizing Crimea, which was illegally invaded by Russia in 2014, as part of Russia. After Brennan points out that "that's shocking for our European allies," Bolton says, "the president makes the policy, I don't make the policy."
Gas pumping station exploded in Novoazovsk district last night2 month ago
Gas pumping station exploded in Novoazovsk district last night
26 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesteday, 1 soldier was wounded
2 month ago
Moscow Orthodox church warns of bloodshed if Ukrainian church will be given an autonomy
The coalition aircraft targets weapons stores, rocket pads and Huthi military vehicles on the Saada front
Small arms were fired in the direction of an @OSCE_SMM mini-unmanned aerial vehicle near Sabivka.
In Moldova, the son of a well-known political scientist and former ambassador to Russia Anatoly Tseranu was killed.
Ukrainian political prisoner Stanislav Klykh was transferred from a penal colony in Russia to a psychiatric hospital, reports Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmyla Denysova.
Highway near "checkpoint 29" is being targeted by new ATGM positions
On 19 June OSCE monitors spot helicopter over Ukraine-Russia border
34 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
Asked by reporters whether he was considering - as has been reported - dropping Washington's opposition to the 2014 land grab, Trump said: "We're going to have to see"
Trump called Russian aggression against Ukraine "so smart" way back in April 2014.
Trump refuses to rule out accepting Russian claim on Crimea
2 month ago
Shelling with 120mm mortars reported to the east of Mariupol' near Shyrokyne village just now
2 month ago
Heavy clashes reported at Svitlodars'k bulge
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