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21 9月 2018

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Ukraine says it's creating working group to regulate cryptocurrencies
ATO HQ reports 7 ceasefire violations before 6pm today
Putin: the situation in the Donbass acquires signs of a frozen conflict
Russian Defense Minister: The explosives used to target the military base in Syria were made in Ukraine and other countries
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk 'UAVGH000' - 54,000ft, heading south over Latvia
Russian lawmakers and education officials are furious that there's a textbook that refers to Ukraine's 2014 Maidan Revolution as a "revolution."
LNR group prevented the activity of Ukrainian special services in Luhans'k
Lithuania's President met with Ukraine's children from war-torn Donbas currently studying in Lithuania
Reconnaissance over the Baltics: Swedish Air Force GLF4, USAF RQ4 Global Hawk, USAF RC135W Rivet Joint, RAF E3 AWACS8 月 前
Reconnaissance over the Baltics: Swedish Air Force GLF4, USAF RQ4 Global Hawk, USAF RC135W Rivet Joint, RAF E3 AWACS
8 月 前
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants committed a total of 7 ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine yesterday. Unfortunately, this resulted in three Ukrainian servicemen killed and four wounded in action.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – militants used mounted grenade launchers in Verkhniotoretske and Shakhta Butovka areas.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies delivered a 90-minute attack involving 82mm and 120mm mortars in Novoluhanske area, committed armed provocations near Luhanske, and shelled Troitske area with 82mm and 120mm mortars.
8 月 前
Prokopchuk at OSCE special PC meeting: as a country facing complex humanitarian challenges as a result of Russian hybrid aggression, Ukraine fully shares @ItalyatOSCE vision of link between the protection of fundamental rights and the pursuit of peace, security and prosperity
ATO HQ reports about UAV Orlan-10 shot down over Donbas, 2nd in 2018
ATO HQ: 3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 4 more wounded yesterday. Total 7 ceasefire violations
US Air Force RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV 12-2050 FORTE10 Launched from NAS Sigonella - 52,000 feet over Poland - Baltic mission
USArmy announced today the summer 2018 deployment of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, @1stCavalryDiv stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, to Europe
Reports of explosions/clashes in Debel'tseve area, sounds heard in Chornukhyne, up to Krasnyi Luch (Khrustalnyi)
Paul Manafort sued by Russian billionaire Deripaska over Ukraine deal after Russia probe
President Poroshenko met with representatives of Ukraine in the Tripartite Minsk contact group
Grenade exploded in the office of State Tax service in Chernivtsy. 2 wounded
Russia closes door on any possible UN Peacekeeping Operation in the Russian-occupied Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.
Ukrainian ex-MP Onischenko sued Al Jazeera for article about Yanukovych money8 月 前
Ukrainian ex-MP Onischenko sued Al Jazeera for article about Yanukovych money
The Ukrayinska Pravda and the Center for Combating Corruption received the text of a "secret" court decision from the Al Jazeera channel, in which Ukraine confiscated $1.5 billion from Yanukovych
Freight train derailed in Transcarpathia region
Ukraine set to launch its first solar plant at Chernobyl #SolarChernobyl
Moscow city court upheld the earlier ruling by a district court on arrest (in absentia) of Moldova's wealthiest businessman and leader of Moldova's ruling PDM party Vlad Plahotniuc
8 月 前
ATO spox: In total, Russia-backed militants committed three ceasefire violations yesterday, and, unfortunately, wounded two Ukrainian servicemen in action. Nevertheless, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not return fire.
8 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies used automatic grenade launchers near Luhanske and small arms near Travneve. Donetsk sector – militants delivered a 40-minute complex attack involving 82mm mortars, small arms, and light weapons in Pavlopil area.
Russia poll by @levada ru: 66% of Russians think their country has enemies. Out of this figure, 68% think the US is an enemy country; 29% - Ukraine, and 14% - the EU
ATO HQ: 3 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
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