Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 9月 2018

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Medvedchuk airplane arrived in Anapa, Russia
1 月 前
US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV
USAF Global Hawk RQ4B 112048 UAV ISR operations over troubled Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine.
Ukraine has filed a new application to the European Court of Human Rights against Russia regarding political prisoners. "The Government of Ukraine claims systematic violations by Russia of the human rights Convetion," stated Ministry of Justice.
Pilot killed as result of light plane crash in Ternopil' region
OSCE video of trucks convoy entering and leaving Ukraine from/to Russian Federation
OSCE video of trucks convoy entering and leaving Ukraine from/to Russian Federation
1 月 前
Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 36 times. 3 soldiers were wounded
Video of rehearsal of military parade for Independence day of Ukraine
6 killed, including 5 children in road accident with Kamaz truck and bus in Zaporizhie region. 12 more people in hospital
Minister of Defense of Ukraine checked preparedness for the military parade at Independence Day of Ukraine
Putin will 'respond' to proposals on Ukraine hunger striker Sentsov: France
Ukraine returns S-300V and Thor SAM back to service
Ukraine to unveil newest tactical ballistic missile during upcoming military parade
Bohdana howitzer and "Sapsan" TEL
ATGM Javelin
More photos of 155mm self-propelled howitzer Boghdada
Chief of the @GeneralStaffUA – Сommander-in-Chief of the @AFU General of the Army Viktor Muzhenko met with Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the @OSCE_SMM Alexander Hug
President advisor @wings_phoenix published new photo of new Ukrainian TEL
The court closed the criminal proceedings against Gennady Kernes and his guards because prosecutors and victims did not appear on the seven most recent courts.
Ukrainian army displayed new Kraz-based 152mm Self-propelled howitzer Boghdana
An SMM long-range UAV spotted convoys of trucks entering and exiting Ukraine a dirt track where there are no border crossing facilities in the middle of the night."
1 月 前
Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 45 times. 1 soldier was killed, 2 wounded
Ukrainian marines taking part in "Noble Partner – 2018" training in Georgia
Polish and Romanian F-16c fighter jets, USAF F-15, C-130 military transport aircraft, KC-135 aerial refueling aircraft and MQ-9 Reaper UAV to take part in largest Ukrainian aviation exercise "Clean Sky-2018"
Something burning in South Donetsk
1 月 前
Hug: 6,500 ceasefireviolations are 6,500 broken promises. Too many wasted opportunities; people in Donbas and all over Ukraine are waiting for compliance; waiting for peace Ukraine UkraineConflict
1 月 前
Hug: As ceasefire erodes, blame-game underway with excuses instead of implementation; armed formations accusing SMM of not monitoring/reporting while denying access to SMM; SMM ready/able to establish facts and help sides implement MinskAgreements but access required.
1 月 前
Hug: Measures to make ceasefire sustainable – to end madness – not taken: 360 weapons in violation spotted since recommitment; new trenches and positions in Zolote disengagement area; and mines everywhere Ukraine
1 月 前
Hug: With weapons present and fired, mines in ground, civilians suffer – every ceasefire violation has potential to kill and injure; Zero Civilian Casualties further away than ever with SMM confirming 31 civilians killed and 137 injured in 2018; 168 civilian casualties
[email protected] SMM observed 84 weapons in violation – 74 (incl 32 MLRS) in non-govt-ctrl and 10 in govt-ctrl areas
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