Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Near Mariupol Ukrainian fighters intercepted the militants drone
MIA of Donetsk Region reporting about destroyed Russian tank T-14 "Armata" near Debaltseve
Russian Media begin to remove previous messages that "Putin could destroy NATO with one call"
Flashmob in Florence
A disguised column of #Russia|n armed forces "peacekeepers" in #Makiivka
A disguised column of Russia|n armed forces peacekeepers in Makiivka
Moldovan Parliament Has A New Pro-Russian MP: "i F**k For Food" Is The Message For Her Electors
Today in #Donetsk: Russian T-64B tank with RU-flag and H0200 marker
Donetsk. Shell hit car. 1 killed, 1 wounded
Greek MFA: "EU Is Acting In A "spasmodic" Way Towards Russia And Risks To Destabilize The Entire Continent"
"In summer there were 2-3K Russian troops in East Ukraine, now 9K are there" - @DefenceU's Ordynovych
Ukraine Air Force Down To 61 Fighter Jets Compared To 177 At The Beginning Of 2014
Russia offensive at #Debaltseve
This bus was caught in shelling as volunteers evacuated ppl from #Debaltseve today. Miraculously, no one killed
Dongormash plant is burning in Donetsk
Dongormash plant is burning in Donetsk
Lille : a demonstration for "alert on the situation in #Ukraine".
An ammunition depot has exploded in Kherson region. 12 soldiers are hospitalized, - the state emergency service
Separatists threatened a full-scale war in Minsk,- Kuchma
Rebels Suffer Heavy Losses in Battle 4 Ukraine's #Debaltseve UA Insurgent going back 2 Russia
Intercepted Russian bomber was carrying a nuclear missile over the English Channel
Mariupol was shelled by Russian army - Captured fighter of the battalion "Vostok"
Mariupol was shelled by Russian army - Captured fighter of the battalion Vostok
Ukrainians plant mock graves inscribed with the dead from Mariupol Grad attack outside the Russian embassy in Kyiv
#Donetsk Kievsky avenue 55
OSCE: #Ukraine separs weren't ready to negotiate
#Donetsk. Shells hit trolleybus depot
#Donetsk, shells hit heat system
Tanks in the street
Semenchenko is wounded again
[email protected] said that the Progress Party is ready to participate in the elections in Crimea
"DNR" and "LNR" want to move the line of demarcation (include lands captured from September)
Shells hit "ATB" market in Donetsk last night
Chaly about Minsk: the peace process under threat
"Natasha" and "Olga"
Ukrainian #artillery destroyed enemy convoy of 25 vehicles, - journalist
Russian artillery hit Azov positions near Mariupol
Dnipropetrovsk police detained van with drunk armored persons inside
One more Lenin fell in Kharkiv
Lviv Chocolate Factory is one of few cafes still doing trade in #Donetsk, and signs still in Ukr
#Polish #F16 fighter jets getting ready for yesterday mid-air refueling
#Russia military convoy heading to #Ukraine SP Guns,trucks
Russia military convoy heading to Ukraine SP Guns,trucks
Russian forces presumably start to use 2s7 Peony near Chornukhyne
Russian artillery shelling Vuhlehirska TPP in Svitlodars'k
#Popasna, shelling aftermath
Representatives of the "people's republics" spoiled consultations in Minsk, - Kuchma
Minsk meeting ended.
Riot police in #Zaporozhye
Tense situation near Lenin monument in Zaporizhie
Debaltseve is fully under Ukrainian control
Destroyed vehicles near #Debaltseve
Russian journalist: Russian forces captured Nikishyne
Militants shelled Makiivka - civil victims reported
Another fifty soldiers of the regiment "Azov" went to war from Kyiv
#Russia digging a huge ditch on the border #Krim and Kherson region
Medvedchuk arrived at Minsk
People gathering near Lenin in Zaporizhie
MLRS GRAD shelling kills 2 soldiers of Aydar at Luhansk TPP
Russian BPM-97 Vystrel in Ukraine, presumably in Bryanka
Police stands with flags, to show activists that they share their political position, but work is work
Police protecting Lenin monument in Zaporizhie, also tutushki on the site
Russian soldiers in Vuhlehirs'k
Russian soldiers in Vuhlehirs'k
Crowd stormed city hall in Poltava
In Luhansk 12th supply convoy was unloaded
Man who looks like Medvdechuk on "negotiations" in Minsk
The Ukrainian army destroyed several Russian tanks
Dutch #MH17 expert group is back in Donetsk.
Buses with refugees come from #Debaltseve in #Slavyansk
In Poltava about 400 people demanding MP of the city Council to recognize Russia as an aggressor
Poltorak: #Debaltseve partially controlled by militants
12 more civilians were killed in Debaltseve by shelling
Gubarev urged to follow Geneva Convention (about PoWs)
Monument to Stalin propagandist Postyshev felt in Kharkiv
In Slovakia crashed bus with Ukrainians - at least 3 dead
15 Ukrainian fighters were killed in the battles in last 24 hours
Large Russian army convoy moves on Debaltseve
Large Russian army convoy moves on Debaltseve
Debaltseve is burning - fire brigades not working under shelling
A Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon of the air patrol of the #NATO watch the #Baltic
Ukrainian Army Started Counterattack From Debaltseve Bridgehead
#Avdiivka, Mendeleev street 1, the consequences of shelling
Dutch man fights in #Ukraine against Russians as revenge for the downing of flight MH17
Driving in/out of #Debaltseve like running the gauntlet. Missile craters everywhere, shells lobbed both dir
Surveillance Drones flights intensified in the area of Mariupol
#Donetsk, road accident car vs Self-propelled Akatsiya
Russian forces shelling almost all Ukrainian cities on the front line
Another Russian supply convoy arrived at the border with Ukraine
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