Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 กันยายน 2018

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In Zaporizhye honored the memory of Chechen commander Isa Munaev killed last year in Debaltseve
Ukraine to close checkpoints on contact line - DNR terror group
#Poroshenko's block speaker Kononenko says party intends to raise issue of resignation of @AvakovArsen, @aivaras_aivaras and @KyrylenkoVyach
Intense shooting near Novhorods'ke
Horlivka: howitzer shots heard
[email protected]_SMM observed sharp increase in the number of ceasefire violations in Donetsk region on 30-31 January
Petro @Poroshenko and Angela #Merkel discussed fulfillment of Minsk agreements
Excellent meeting with my counterpart @PavloKlimkin, on #Ukraine’s security and stability – Min Dion
Strong statements by #Merkel re #Ukraine:"No complete ceasefire "OSCE must get full access "Minsk not fulfilled,sanctions vs #Russia remain
Poroshenko: Russia continues supplying weapons, ammunition and troops to Donbas
Demo train Europe-China arrived on Chinese border
Flight of Russian Su-24 bomber recorded over Kherson-Crimea regions border
The President of Ukraine @poroshenko arrived in Berlin
It's propaganda
Pushkov: Paris won't cancel the film about Ukraine, even if the Ambassador is going to jump from the Eiffel tower
In Crimea security forces seized the company "SimCityTrans", which is associated with Lenur Islyamov
SBU anti-terror raid in Schastye
SBU anti-terror raid in Schastye
Simferopol: Masked armed men seized building of SimCityTrans transport company
Savchenko in court showing place where she was captured by Russian militants
Russia's waning influence among former "Eastern Bloc" countries
[email protected] met Minister of Foreign Affairs of @Canada @HonStephaneDion
Col. Lysenko: As reported by UA intel, large-scale military trainings led by RU officers are going to take place near Torez town rather soon
ATO spokesperson: Militants attacked UA positions near Starohnativka with mortars
Col. Lysenko: 2 locals from Kostiantynivka got wounded in a mine trap blast near Leninske village, Donetsk region
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: Militants shelled UA positions at the outskirts of Horlivka with mortars and attacked with BMP armaments
ATO spox: For the first time after a long break, the enemy shelled UA positions at the second line of defence – to the north of Horlivka
Col. Lysenko: Mariupol sector: militants shelled UA positions near Krasnohorivka; armed provocations occurred near Maryinka and Krasnohorivka
ATO spox: Near Svitlodarsk, militants attacked Ukrainian positions with small arms
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, no single Ukrainian serviceman was wounded
In Luhansnk sector, enemy used 120mm mortar near Stanitska Luhanska – #ATO Spokesperson
The death toll from flu in Ukraine stands at 166
US calling for immediate release of int’l religious scholar Igor Kozlovskiy, activist Marina Cherenkova among detained NGO reps in Donetsk
Connecting the Baltic and Black seas:Lithuanian port Klaipėda & Ukrainian port Yuzhny signed memorandum of cooperation
ATO veterans near Presidential administration demand to send Illovaysk case to court
«It's a fake. Our cooperation is close, but we never recieved such a request from our partners», — @MFA_Ukraine
Sanitary Epidemiological office declared an epidemic of influenza in Kyiv
ATR: Crimeans with Ukrainian passports forced to fill in migration cards.
Russian tank base at Donetsk chemical plant
Latest poll in #Netherlands: 55.5 contra, 44.5 pro AA UA-EU #referendum
Heavy fire in Uzhgorod: "Ukraine" mall is burning
#Russian forces conducted 53 attacks on the Ukrainian line of defence on Sunday, also using 82 and 120 mm mortars in some cases
Azarov and others contested sanctions to make a claim later that EU did wrong & should pay them back
#Maryinka and #Zaitseve checkpoints may not open tomorrow if shellings continue - Zhebrivsky
Ambulance, which was evacuating injured from the CP near #Mayorsk hit by RU
A sniper bullet shot at Ukrainian soldiers in Pisky - found lodged in a wall.
Chemical cleaning of cars near Razdol'ne Crimea cause of African swine fever virus
Chemical cleaning of cars near Razdol'ne Crimea cause of African swine fever virus
[email protected] Paratrooper observes line of fire during Mortars live fire training @ the International Peacekeeping Security Ctr.
Kazakh police have detained a wealthy businessman with close ties with Russia
Pisky: Sniper fire is popping very close - continuing to hear loud booms, inbound and outbound.
Russian Navy "Yauza" transport vessel completed six-day transit from Tartus to Sevastopol today
Unknown location
Militants tank stuck
Militants tank stuck
Pisky: there are a lot of booms on the horizon.
Russian army militia units combat training in occupied Donbas, Ukraine 29 Jan
Donetsk. Heard heavy booms on the West: Staromikhaylovka-Krasnogorovka.
Ukrainian military truck hit road-side bomb near Schastye
Report: Alchevsk Hospitals in Ru controlled area is overwhelmed with #H1N1 patients. No meds, no beds
Militants are preparing provocations near Artemivsk - the Headquarters
New Police in Ivano-Frankivsk
1 Ukrainian soldier KIA, 3 WIA over the last 24 h in the #warzone in E #Ukraine - NSC reports
Jan30 #Donetsk area - RU D-30 on a slag heap #footage
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