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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russia will send in Donbass twenty-third "humanitarian" convoy
Dutch newspaper @telegraaf: 'Russian officer is heard on #mh17 recording
Police checked bomb threats in Dafi Mall in Kharkiv. Turned out to be false
[email protected]: Important that Kyiv doesn't loose focus on economic reforms
Reports of explosion in Kharkiv
In Kyiv shooting occurred at the site of the illegal construction
In Kyiv shooting occurred at the site of the illegal construction
Russian vehicles at warehouse in Debaltseve
U.S. senators are asking FIFA to withdraw World Cup 2018 from Russia
On Krasnopolsky cemetry in Dnipropetrovsk opened a monument to unknown soldiers
World Bank predicts Russia continued recession in 2016
OSCE mission reports restrictions for its monitors in Ukraine
Yatsenyuk and Merkel: a truce in Donbas are not fully performed
U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft on the flight line of Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Poroshenko met with a delegation of leading experts @ecfr
"Police troops" patrilineal village in district of Mariupol
[email protected]_AP invited Germany to a reform conference in Kyiv on 28 April 2015
Ukrainian government approved draft laws on decommunization
Farewell to dead soldiers in Vinnitsa
SBU has confirmed information about search in interior Ministry building
In Berlin began meeting of Yatsenyuk with Merkel
US Army paratroopers conduct a rapid deployment exercise into Germany
For opening of criminal proceedings in relation P. Simonenko there is every reason - SBU
Activist who supported ATR fined 20.5 thousand rubles in Crimea
SBU causes Simonenko for questioning
Guided missile cruiser USS Vicksburg escorts aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt through the Strait of Gibraltar.
The "government" of the Crimea gave Artek in the ownership of Russia
Terrorists shelled Ukrainian forces near Zolote
#SBU united all proceedings against ex-deputies of Kolomoisky
Civil case of "Azov" appeared in Chrnigiv region
Map of terrorist threats on the territory of Ukraine
The Communists of the Russian Federation promised funding to separatists in Dnipropetrovsk - SBU
SBU detained "Odesa' terrorists" linked to 10 explosions
In Russia began the trial of a teacher for the poems in support of Ukraine |
The President instructed to create conditions for ATR in the mainland Ukraine
SBU promise to hold Simonenko, as soon as he returns to Ukraine
The queue for tickets for Dynamo-Fiorentina in Kyiv
Three people who have already confessed, that he had committed almost half of all explosions in Odessa during the 2014-2015, were detaided
"Aidar" not captured any of enterprises - commander
Aidar not captured any of enterprises - commander
The SBU detained in Odessa terroist named Khortytsya - briefing
#Poroshenko recognized that to stop the conflict in the Donbass, Ukraine is only possible with the help of UN peacekeepers | New Time:
The foreign Ministry has decided to prohibit Bregovic entry to Ukraine
Lawyer of Savchenko: Investigative office leads me preliminary examination on extremism. Because of Twitter
Deputy Bochkovsky was released on bail 1.2 million uah
Another Russian base/camp near Ukraine
The mayor and members of Lyubotin council were detained for a bribe in a quarter of a million hryvnias
Battalion "Donbass" has secured sector "M", and returned to Shyokyne
SBU searched the interior Ministry building by order of the General Prosecutor's office
#Warsaw refused Moscow proposal to condemn #OUN-#UPA
Road accident in Kharkiv
Russia officially granted Ukraine gas discount
In the Crimea began #conscription into the Russian army
Gangs of "Vostok" and "Scouts of DNR" are at war
The world Bank explained the danger of sanctions on Russia by the example of African countries
#Poland's Pres B. Komorowski will address the Supreme Council in Ukraine during his visit to the country on 8-9 April
Body of a man in camouflage was found in Mykolaiv
18-year-old Ukrainian military died in hospital in Germany - Ambassador
Lowcost was "buried" near Rada today
US and Latvian Forces train in Latvia as part of Operation #AtlanticResolve
Moskal: "Aidar" captured the bakery, and the General staff does not respond
Col. Lysenko: UA officers uncovered arms arsenal in #Druzhkivka, Donetsk reg. Confiscated grenades, ammo, RPG-22 case
General Prosecutor of Ukraine refused Georgia to extradite Saakashvili
Monument of #Lenin was painted again in #Slavyansk
The delegation of the USA personally convinced that the militants do not observe the truce
Counterintelligence of #SBU detained agents of #DNR in the zone #ATO
Representatives of the FSB arrived at the forefront of terrorists, an offensive is preparing
The media has compared Putin's intentions to appear at the General Assembly of the UN with Gaddafi trick
"Kharkiv guerillas" promising "hell in next 48 hours"
Kharkiv guerillas promising hell in next 48 hours
Two soldiers wounded per day in Luhansk region - #Moskal
Kirilenko has proposed to allow ATR to say in the mainland Ukraine
The separatists near Debaltseve unloaded three carriages of ammunition - Tymchuk
#Belarus poll: 18,7% would fight a #Russian aggression, 15% welcome, 47,1% would adapt
Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with Angela Merkel
FSB officers conduct searches at the candy factory "Roshen" in Lipetsk
On the border of #Ukraine and #Transnistria occurred shooting
Millerovo military base
[email protected]: #ATR: Yet another example of Russia’s plans for occupied #Crimea – suppress independent media and silence minority voices
In Kharkiv bridge near circus closed after bomb threat
Poroshenko and Merkel urged militants to cease fire and to release hostages
In St. Petersburg arrested former "Defense Minister of LNR"
#Canada's PM Skeptical About #Russia Fulfilling Peace Deal - @WaschukCanUA
Road accident in Kharkiv
#MH17 International investigators team looking for people that witnessed firing rocket
MH17 International investigators team looking for people that witnessed firing  rocket
ATO forces control situation around Mariupol - Defense Ministry
Rocket Rokot successfully launched with 2 civil and 1 military satellites
Nicolae Timofti will not go to Moscow for May 9 Victory day parade.
Russian @tvrain dedicates its broadcast tonight to the closure of ATR channel in Crimea
Obama approved filling of state Fund for assistance to Ukraine
In Washington hosted a presentation of the Ukrainian English-language TV channel Ukraine Today
Purgin: the centers of recruitment of volunteers in Ukraine are financed by the U.S>
Netherlands -- F-15C Eagles have landed
Volunteers of @vostoksos brought humanitarian aid to Yuhanivka
Ukrainians, Latvia with you at Ukraine-Latvia match
Poland has provided Ukraine €100 million long-term credit
The display of clothing "Army of Russia"
Medvedev and Putin have discussed the establishment of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs
Ex-officials' frozen assets in Ukraine to be returned to budget - Nalyvaichenko
Shokin accused Makhnitskiy in collapse of "Maidan Affairs"
Ukraine army prepares for new active war, self-proclaimed LPR says
Peskov: Putin discussed at the meeting of the security Council: Yemen, Iran and Ukraine
Ukraine plans to increase by 13% the price of supply electricity to Crimea
Heavy fighting outside #Mariupol. Heavy artillery & mortars for hours. #Shyrokyne is in flames
Lukashenko: stability in Ukraine is impossible without participation of USA
Deputies of five largest groups in European Parliament is being asked to grant Ukraine visa-free regime with EU
Crimea will have to pay more for Ukrainian electricity
Talks on Iran nuclear deal could extend into Wednesday, State Department official says - CNN
Putin has extended a discount on gas for Ukraine for three monthes
World Bank will give Ukraine $800 million for the construction of roads
Tsipras: Greece opposes sanctions for Russia
In Shirokino fight lasts more than two hours, the militants fire from artillery and mortars - "Azov"
The report of the Council of Europe: Bulatov wasn't kidnapped. Nigoyan and Zhiznevsky were killed with a shotgun. Killed 13 policemen and wounded 919
The Yangolenkos today. "Slobozhanschina" battalion commander with his wife.They survived a terrorist car bomb attack
EU council approved €1.8 billion loan
Russian MoD: In the drills of Strategic missile troops in Orenburg region involved more than 3,500 men
The woman received a sentence for calls to unite with Russia in #Kazakhstan
Crimean Tatars came to support ATR TV Channel
The authorities of #Druzhkivka refused to recognize #DNR and #LNR terrorist organizations
Yatsenyuk to visit Germany April 1-2
The guards who carrying the service in Slavyansk joined spring cleanup
Ceremony in Tapa, Estonia with US & Estonian Forces #AtlanticResolve.
6 F-15's from #USAF #Florida Air National Guard just landed at #Leeuwarden Airbase
Yatsenyuk offers to equalize the symbols of communism and Nazism
Drone took off position of terrorists near Schastya
Drone took off position of terrorists near Schastya
Terrorists shelling Shyrokyne and Berdyanske with heavy artillery
Anti air battery command vehicle 9S737 Ranzhir in Luhansk
#Poroshenko promised not to call students to the army
Rostov region, Russian military column near Shahty
Poroshenko promises to arrest accounts and assets of Russians linked to the events in the Crimea and the Donbas
Remains of garages near Donetsk airport
Remains of garages near Donetsk airport
#Poroshenko has approved the support of the state Bank of #Kolomoisky
Prosecutor General #Shokin fired his Deputy Bahanets
Road accident in Voznesensk
Putin spokesman Peskov: there are no Russian military in Ukraine
#Italian & #Polish troops contributing to #BalticStates airspace and Alliance security in Lithuania
Poroshenko awarded the military, who excelled in the area of the ATO
Klitschko came to the landfill, where training in tactical medicine. Teach the heads of the districts of Kyiv and their deputies
Kudrin said nomination of Putin on the fourth term is possible
Explosive was found at railway bridge near Dnipropetrovsk
#Russian special forces try to destabilize situation in #Kharkiv region #Ukraine
Poroshenko has appointed a new head of the Chernihiv region
Officials from #the national guard sold abroad two combat helicopters under the guise of civil - General Prosecutor of Ukraine
Right now, the militants shelled the southern part of Shyrokyne with mortars
The Bessarabska square is cleared of illegal advertising
Occupied Vuhlehirs`k
Kolesnikov headed "opposition government"
The Kremlin ordered the highest award of the military merit price of 1 million rubles
Peskov: Putin knew how to make tough decisions from the very beginning
An international group called the perpetrators of the murders at #Maydan on 20 February
The UN has stopped distributing food to the residents of the occupied Donbass
The trial of Kernes postponed to April 7
Restored bridge between Rubizhne and Severodonetsk was opened in Luhansk region
Savchenko: "If Putin wants to beat Ukraine - let he try to defeat me first!"
City in the area of #ATO ordered landscaping for 10 million UAH
Military convoy in Donetsk
Column of tanks in Donets
#Azarov tried to resell his property in Kyiv
Volunteer was shot in Odessa
#Debaltseve, eastern #Ukraine
Opposition Prime Minister of Ukraine
Work on the restoration on site the night of sabotage on the railway bridge in #Kharkiv
Presentation of "opposition government" takes place in Olympic stadium
Defense Ministry: "LNR" and "DNR" create army
Security forces found ammo at a checkpoint in the area #ATO
Court against Kernes moved to April
Terrorists wounded fighter of #ATO near Tr'okhizbenka
Fighter of DNR spoke about the role of Russian generals in the battle for Debaltseve
#Poland will take over the training of 50 Ukrainian military instructors
The Russian military conducted anti-terrorist exercises in Transnistria
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