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23 กันยายน 2018

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In Crimea detained 35 Crimean Tatars. All detainees were taken to the Center on counteraction to extremism.
Protest against corruption continues near Odessa region prosecutor office
Odessa earlier: Darth Vader and Chewbacca came to govern. Saakashivili to give a BBQ
Ongoing battle at Yasinuvata-Avdiivka
Poroshenko invited Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine
Ukrainian Mi-24
Explosion in Odessa: Someone throw grenade/IED into parked cars
[email protected] at Nuclear Security Summit
Russian forces deployed MLRS GRAD in the North of Horlivka
Moldova summons Russian ambassador after reports Moldovans being recruited to Russian army
Avdiivka. Combat in Industrial area
Avdiivka. Combat in Industrial area
World Nuclear summit in Washington DC
Skirmish in Sakhanka, Kominternove area. Mariupol
Horlivka:Battle at Zaitsevo, incl. 120-mm mortars. Battle also near Verkhnotoretske, tank, SPG, mortars, AA-gun.
#NSS2016 group photo
Poroshenko and Rutte have called for immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko #FreeSavchenko
Consequences of attack East to Mariupol last night
Consequences of attack East to Mariupol last night
Heavy clashes between National Guard and amber diggers in Rivne region
Poroshenko meeting with Prime Minister of the Netherlands
[email protected] and Sec. @JohnKerry held a working lunch with Ukrainian President @Poroshenko #NSS2016
Police seized a grenade and drugs in Kyiv
In Donetsk killed the Director of the Centre of Slavic culture
Explosion in the direction of Pisky, possible mortar mines
Judge Chaus canceled arrest warrant of Yuri Ivaniushenko, crony of ousted president Yanukovich. Judge is famous as loyal to Ukr. leadership
Russian forces used D-30 and MSTA-B howitzers against Ukrainian positions yesterday
Pro-democracy activists are holding a protest outside Belarus embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine
One Ukrainian serviceman killed, 8 wounded in military hositilies over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
In Mariupol sector, enemy opened fire at UA positions in Maryinka, Novotroitske, area Hnutove-Shyrokyne – ATO Spokesperson
Odessa. Rally near prosecutor's office
In Rivne a grenade was found at children playground
In Rivne a grenade was found at children playground
New improvised armoured fighting vehicle 'Azovets' built by the Azov Regiment
Shoutout in Kremenchuk overnight. 3 wounded
Clashes between National Guard and amber diggers in Rivne region
Military Echelon in Rubizhne, Luhansk region
77 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday
During the nuclear security Summit in Washington Poroshenko met @POTUS Obama
Makiivka 6:50AM "Very loud, sounds like at Butovka mine."
Horlivka, Zaytseve: small arms fire started
Meeting between Poroshenko and U.S. Seс of Commerce:Ukraine is open for American investments
Fighting in Pisky intensified, small arms, flashes. Possible tank
Russian forces attacking Ukrainian positions near Shyrokyne with 82, 120mm mortars
Russian militants now urging to take shelter in Donetsk, cause "coming artillery shelling"
Yasinuvata, March 30: Russian military equipment on the street. Presumably new MLRS Uragan
Red flares over Donetsk airport, incoming shelling north to airport
Poroshenko: @VP told me that U.S. will allocate another $335M for Ukrainian security
Poroshenko: agreed with @VP the need to extend sanctions against Russia until full implementation of Minsk agreements by Moscow
"Reactive" launches from Azotny, Donetsk. 20 missiles
Fighting in the area of Hranitne
Reportedly 122mm artillery attack from Spartak on Avdiivka
Incoming shelling in Avdiivka
Attack in the area of Kyrylivka checkpoint
On the South of Donetsk region heavy shelling
Another 4 hits in Pavlopil
Artillery attack in area Hnutove-Talakivka
Avdiivka: South side makes serious noise. Shooting, grenade launchers and smth heavy(incomings). Most probably at Butovka shaft
Fighting in the are of Pisky, Opytne
Incoming shelling in Makiivka at Vostochny
Incoming shelling in Makiivka at Vostochny
In Vodyane near Mariupol 1 house was hit by shelling
Explosions in the area of Shyrokyne
Russian air-borne troops arrived to Brest for drills, 400 personnel, 100 vehicles
Yakovlevka-Mineralne more landings
Small shops demolition in Kyiv
Latest from OSCE SMM: sharp increase in the number of ceasefire violations in Donetsk reg.
In Debaltseve heard fighting from direction of Kalynivka(N-W)
Avdiivka-Yasinuvata: heavy fighting with artillery
Makiivka: Something burning in the area of Vostochny
Donetsk. Reports of "Pyons" and MLRS shelling
Heavy shelling: Yasinuvata, Makiivka, North of Donetsk, Avdiivka
MLRS launches heard in Hartsyz'k
Avdiivka: several powerful landings, probably at Industrial area
Donetsk, Schetynina street: booms and launches
Poroshenko in DC: Slams Russia, justifies its embassy in Kyiv
Poroshenko in DC: Slams Russia, justifies its embassy in Kyiv
37 ceasefire violations today before 6 pm. by Russian forces. Over 300 projectiles were fired on Ukrainian positions
Consequences of morning attack in Zaitseve
Russian militant with MANPADS in Horlivka
In Parliament was arrested judge who had shot at NABU
Of the 6 wealthiest Ukrainians only President @poroshenko increased his fortune last year according to "Forbes"
Zakharova: Poroshenko reiterates the preconditions of the organization of the elections in the Donbass. This is contrary to the Minsk agreements
Falcon Flames hackers changed content on website of "DNR MFA"
Checkpoint in Zolote closed hours after official opening due to security threats
Horlivka, Besarabka shelling aftermath. So, several provocative mortar rounds
Ukrainian Intel: Russian officer Marshin was wounded in friendlyfire incident near Novoazovs'k
NATO and Ukraine agreed Partnership Goals in the framework of Alliance Planning and Review Process
SBU has confirmed the detention of it's employee by FSB
Ukraine lost 20% of its economy over conflict in Donbas. - Poroshenko.
At least 200 mortar mines hit Ukrainian positions near Horlivka this morning. There are casualties - ATO HQ
Horlivka, block5, truck w/troops
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Military exercises of UA servicemen “Spring Thunder” continue all over Ukraine
Odessa. Rally near prosecutor's office
ATO HQ: Militants pushed 152mm howitzers to front-line and shelling Yasinuvata and Ukrainian positions in Avdiivka
Russia’s FSB says it has detained and will deport a Ukrainian spy who CIA and SBU sent to Russia in attempt to get him recruited by the FSB.
Russian militant and anti-personnel mine PMN-2 at Donbass
Zolote checkpoint opened in Luhansk region
At least 1 Ukrainian soldier killed in shelling in Zaitseve this morning
Grenade exploded in Chernyhiv shop last night
ATO Press Center today reports Ru forces are shelling with 82 and 120 mortars civilian areas in Mayorska & Zaitseve
12 US F-15C Eagles deploy to Europe in support of Operation #AtlanticResolve
Zaitseve, Mayorsk auto market, Nikitovka. All under heavy shelling since morning
4 saboteurs were captured in attempt to infiltrate Ukrainian army unit in Chernyhiv region
Horlivka, Hol'mivsky after morning shelling
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions 49 times yesterday
The current political crisis solution is likely to be found this week. - The President in Washington
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