Map. History of Ukraine conflict

16 January 2018


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Clashes reported to the south of Avdiivka
Heavy artillery is active this night in Donetsk. Western and Northern districts
Lavrov admits Russia is a combatant in Eastern Ukraine, despite years of pretending otherwise
2 evacuation mission today from Donbas to Dnipro
Ukraine says Russian security services involved in recent cyber attack
Avdiyivka is without water cause of shellings again
Damage in Verkhnotoretse after shelling
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 9 wounded in 35 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
It's propaganda
DNR group via Russian Media: Ukraine is pushing tanks to near Donetsk
Heavy clashes in Western districts of Donetsk this evening
It is reported that the individual extinguishing the smoldering fire continues
Donetsk: Series of outgoing rounds from Mine 29-Petrovskyi forestry direction
Reports of shelling with something "reactive" in Maryinka
ESET: Early indications point to Sandworm/Telebots hacking group for global ransomware attack
Chornobyl wood wildfire is contained
Latest from OSCE monitors in Ukraine: Armed men threatened to shoot @OSCE_SMM monitors in Vesela Hora
"DNR" group shotdown 2 Ukrainian UAVs
Ukrainian troops mentored by American Battle Company, 1st Battalion, 179th Infantry governmentnt undergoes live-firing training in Yavoriv, UA.
Hug: Yesterday within 3 hours SMM monitors in Yasynuvata observed 500 explosions and number of explosions in Popasna was impossible to count
Russian border guards sent a letter stating that their military lost during a training exercise
Ukrainian border guards have detained 2 FSB servicemen(Russian border guards) in Kherson region
Colonel Lysenko: Over the previous day, 1 UA serviceman was KIA, 6 were injured
Chiefs of LNR and DNR groups are in Rostov-on-Don today for meeting with students of Rostov university
President Poroshenko paid last farewell to Colonel Maxim Shapoval
Poroshenko arrived to the funeral of Colonel Shapoval
OSCE has evacuated it' office from Popasna cause of clashes nearby
Meeting of Ukrainian Mindef @iStepanPoltorak with @jensstoltenberg
Sounds of war yesterday near Dokuchaevsk
Sounds of war yesterday near Dokuchaevsk
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 6 wounded in 22 attacks yesterday
DNR group announces opening of a "mission" in France with Gérald-Hubert Fayard as a "representative"
DNR group announces opening of a mission in France with Gérald-Hubert Fayard as a representative