Map. History of Ukraine conflict

19 สิงหาคม 2018

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Destruction in #Luhansk
Water supply is completely restored in Kramatorsk
Enter sign to the city of Popasna
Shelling from Russia. Militant with heavy artillery inside Russia near Mozhaevka
Obama to deliver statement at 2:35 p.m. ET(in 25 minutes). No subject given
If security situation stays the same, Dutch, Australian teams will continue to scout #MH17 site for recovery victims
Barack Obama [@BarackObama] called Putin
SBU are reporting about provocations tomorrow in Odessa
NSC: #Russia have placed anti-aircraft complex "OSA" SA-8 Gecko near Ukrainian border
Special forces of Dnipropetrovsk captured DNR police car
Krasnogorivka is freed by Ukrainian troops
#Lithuania based #NATO #Polish fighter jets Mig-29 escort #Russia(n) aircraft above #Baltics
The second Mig-29 jet from Belbek is restored
Workers in one #Kyiv office stay on target
Putin t-shirts for sale near Kremlin
Bridge "repairing"
Militants Tanks in Makiivka
Tanks and APCs in Donetsk
Moscow have sent Kolomoyskiy case to Interpol
Russia have relocated 17 MRLS Grad to the border of Chernihiv region
Terrorists shelling Donetsk with MRLS Grad from village Mineralne
Security forces had shot down Russian UAV
Terrorists shot down Ukrainian UAV
ATO forces in Stepanivka and Marynivka
The NSDC: decision to withdraw troops from the border
Assistant of Gubarev shot dead by unknown
Moscow declares massive reservist "gathering"/training. Mobilization?
Shell hit a minibus In Donetsk - one person was killed and three wounded
50 wounded soldiers were transfered from ATO zone to Dnipropetrovsk last day
ATO HQ confirms 14 dead in yesterday ambush near Shakhtarsk
Airforces of Russia of Far East on combat training
Another fire in Kyiv. Reports that admin building near bridge Pivdenny
Explosions in Donetsk near Abakumova mine
Ukrainian airplanes over Shakhtarsk
Russian air forces have violated Ukrainian airspace for 7 times last day
Ukrainian Military landscape
Makeshift monument to #Maidan revolution in #kiev just went up in flames
Battalion Donbas stands in the outskirts of Pervomais'k, heavy battles going on with Russian occupiers
#Warsaw, #Poland: anti-#Putin posters Ratusz Arsenal metro station
A terrorist commando shot and killed the mayor of #Dokuchaev and his driver
"Maidan" living statue in Odessa
Heavy fire in the Kyiv
@Poroshenko just signed the law on ratification of the agreement with the Netherlands on the int. protection mission
Marinka: fires near post office, hospital and the old cemetery
Ukrainian tanks in #Yasynuvata. Battle now
Cherkassy city Council ordered to mark all Russian goods in the shops
Russia's deputy PM @DRogozin in twitter: "We have different values and allies"
Groysman: сontact group agreed that militants will support cease-fire
Avdiivka is being shelled from the Donetsk
Terrorists are shelling Luhansk
Terrorists have shelled village near Luhansk airport
Militants attacked Ukrainian forces in Shakhtarsk. Many dead [GRAPHICS!]
#Russia blocks juice imports from #Ukraine over "registration issue"
Food supplies cut to Luhansk
Strelkov says DNR intelligence has discovered a "major provocation": Ukraine is preparing chemical weapons strikes on Donetsk and Lugansk.
New cars for ATO forces
The ATO forces detained 5 militants, who were disguised as the brigade emergency
"PTN FCKFF" paintings In Ocuppied Crimea
Russian helicopters at #Aviadarts pilots competition /
Today two weeks since #MH17 came down. @OSCE , Dutch, Aussie experts observe moment of silence after reaching site
Kyiv millionaire goes to ATO zone and wants to sell his Rolls-Royce to support the army
Luhansk is completely out of power
Ukrainian forces are stroming Kremlin avenue in Donetsk
International Experts Reach MH17 Crash Site
Antiterrorists street art are now all over Donetsk
Something burning in Dnipropetrovsk
Battles on the outskirts of Donetsk
Make Love not War. Flowers in stock again in Slavyansk
The Russian Federation is preparing firing points on the border, for the shelling Ukraine - the NSDC
Russia move multiples sa-11 BUK systems towards Ukraine
Russia move multiples sa-11 BUK systems towards Ukraine
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports of toxic fume after shelling from Russia on Ukrainian border guards. Possible chemical weapons [R]
11 military were killed and 51 wounded on 30 of July
Rada not accepted the resignation of Yatsenyuk
NSC: Russia shelled Marynivka checkpoint with MRLS again
The Nike shop in #Donetsk one of few still open. 70% off so long queues #Ukraine
Fire in Metallist near Luhansk
10 helicopters from Rostov are flying towards Ukraine
Military discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition In Semenovka
Ukraine Rada votes #MH17 Netherlands-Australia investigation 324 in favour
Mortar shelling in the centre of #Luhansk
12 observers #OBSE @OSCE_SMM and experts went from Donetsk in the direction of the area of the crash #MH17
Several helicopters with wounded in ATO zone come to Dnipropetrovsk every day
LUKOIL sells 240 gas stations in Ukraine to Austrian AMIC
Joint Staff: the active phase of the ATO can be completed earlier than in a month
Сafe in honor of Putin was opened in Serbia
Russians have shelled South of Lugansk region with Grad, tanks and howitzers all night long
Ukrainian flag was raised over Avdiivka cityhall
Very large Russian convoy in Suhodol'sk, some trucks seem to cary "MC"(peacekeepers)
Very large Russian convoy in Suhodol'sk, some trucks seem to cary MC(peacekeepers)
NATO is not prepared for the threat of a Russian attack on one of its members, British lawmakers said
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