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21 กันยายน 2018

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Area of Donetsk railway station: artillery salvos
Toretsk: People are now taking shelter in basements, heavy artillery pounding
Today fighting in Donetsk started later than usually - at 11pm
[email protected]: Taking back Crimea would trigger World War III
@ThierryMariani totally lose it and drop the "merde" word when confronted by Ukrainian question
@ThierryMariani totally lose it and drop the merde word when confronted by Ukrainian question
[email protected]: Just to be clear, the US does not recognize Russia’s forcible takeover of Crimea just as we did not in the Baltic States in 1940.
Donetsk @hyeva_maryinka Aftermath of night shelling, Kuybyshevskyi ds, Lozovskyi settlement
Canonade from Shyrokyno can be heard in Mariupol.
Police detained priest with grenades and grenade launcher in Donetsk region
OSCE: Jul 30, 20 outgoing GRAD missiles from Yasinuvata
Poroshenko met Ambassador of the USA in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine Fabrizio Romano
MP @ThierryMariani to Ukrainian journalist: "I once again express my disdain to you. Looking at your face, I can tell you I will visit Crimea with more pleasure"
Ukrainian journo asks @ThierryMariani if he would apply for RU visa in case RU annexes Corsica and how much he was paid by RU for his position
TASS: "@ThierryMARIANI showed Ukrainian journo his place by telling him "Your question is shit and I despise you and refuse to answer"
Efremov was arrested for two months
The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa May
WikiLeaks cables reveal Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort was secret US embassy source in Ukraine
Trump: "So with all of the Obama tough talk on Russia and the Ukraine, they have already taken Crimea and continue to push. That's what I said!"
Russian Defense Ministry invites NATO experts to Moscow to discuss situation in Europe
NATO: Check these photographs of an amphibious landing operation near Odesa Ukraine
Activists demand to arrest Yefremov near Pechersky court in Kyiv
Ex Ukraine's PM @Yatsenyuk_AP on Trump's Crimea statement: "Breach of moral and civilized principles"
Efremov court: Rally "No revanche!"
Court on ex-head of Party of Regions in Parliament Efremov is about to begin
Col. Lysenko: Donetsk sector: Yesterday, enemy actively shelled UA positions in Avdiyivka: over 100 shells in 2 hours only
Col. Lysenko: UA servicemen repelled back enemy attack near Bohdanivka – enemy assault lasted for 20 minutes, but was in vain
ATO spox: Yesterday, 2 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the Donetsk and Mariupol sector
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Over the previous day, 1 Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action, 6 other soldiers were wounded in action
Acting governor of Sevastopol fires city government
DNR group media: "just today, we received 42 tanks (and much more) from Russia
Construction of Kerch Bridge ongoing
85 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Donetsk: House on fire at Stepnaya 146 last night
Donetsk, Kuybishevski district: night fighting
Donetsk, Kuybishevski district: night fighting
Sounds of war in Kyivski district of Donetsk
Yasinuvata: 103 block, houses damaged by shelling late night 31/07
Video: Fighting in Maryinka
Maryinka is very noisy in the Sovkhoz area. Battle ongoing.
In Komsomolske cellular network is jammed.
Mariupol: fighting near Kominternove, BMPs, heavy machine guns, small arms
Maryinka - intensive shootout at Oleksandrivka, heavy machine guns.
Ukrainian Minister of internal affairs Avakov: Trump words at first is a danger for USA itself
Donetsk: cellular network pillar felt, no one injured
New @OSCE_SMM UAV night operations video - numerous Minsk violations including strikes on Ukraine-held Avdiivka
New @OSCE_SMM UAV night operations video - numerous Minsk violations including strikes on Ukraine-held Avdiivka
Avdiivka outskirts now: combat is on, small arms, tank firing.
"One 'DPR' member made a 'cut throat' sign to the SMM and took photographs of both SMM vehicles and the drivers."
Several cars burnt at checkpoint in Crimea
Trump: "The people of Crimea, from what I've heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were."
Russian Navy day in Sevastopol
On ABC This Week, Trump clearly doesn’t have a familiarity with the Crimea annexation
Rabid pro-Putin journo says French MPs in Crimea have learned phrase "Crimea's ours" and are saying it to passers-by.
Russian Navy Day parade at Sevastopol earlier this morning
It's old informationVideo is old and montaged
[Video is fake - old and montaged] Ex-leader of Party of Regions Efremov on "LNR" tv channel: "i am sponsor of militants"
Moscow church priests at Celebration of Navy day in Sevastopol
Consequences of attacks in Donetsk last night
Moscow gave the Sevastopol six mobile generators
Fighting in Spartak area last night
Fighting in Spartak area last night
Night fighting in Donetsk-Avdiivka
Night fighting in Donetsk-Avdiivka
Military convoy in Sevastopol at night
70 ceasefire violations at Donbas by Russian forces, 152mm artillery used
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