Map. History of Ukraine conflict

19 สิงหาคม 2018

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Rally in St. Petersburg, Russia
Echelon with T-72 tanks. Lihaya station
First day of school in Kharkiv
President Poroshenko discussed prospects of the assistance from the United States to Ukraine with Senator Menendez
Militants in ambulance pick up ammo salvaged from Ukr convoy destroyed near Komsomolske. Ukrainian troops have left town
Russian troops in Slavianoserbsk
Starobesheve.Ukr convoy agreed w/rebels to take wounded.Then firefight broke out in nearby village
The militants took Novotroitskoye close to Volnovakha
Poroshenko is thinking about introduction of martial law in Ukraine
There's a fight going on between vasylivka and rozdolne. Lots of gunfire and grenade explosions right next to the houses
Yenakievo now. The terrorist attacks private houses on the outskirts with mortars
Meeting of the contact group Ukraine-Russia-OSCE ended in Minsk
#Merkel about the battle on #Donbass: This is not an internal crisis, it is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia
Lamberto Zannier of @OSCE says monitors are not allowed into rebel-controlled areas, can't monitor #Russia presence in East #Ukraine
Ukrainian forces retreat from Kurahove
"If I Want, I Will Take Kyiv in Two Weeks," Vladimir Putin Warns EU's Barroso
Ukrainian MoD Geletey: Russia threatens us to use nukes.
NSDC: Ukrainian forces left Heorhiivka
Yatsenyuk visited wounded soldiers in Dnepropetrovsk
DND and LNR declared readiness to save a Ukrainian integrity
The commander of the battalion "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko took off his Balaclava
Terrorist "Motorola" threatens Poland to take revenge for "Shoigu" plane
Terrorist Motorola  threatens Poland to take revenge for Shoigu plane
"Ukrainians should take decisions without outside interference. Ukraine is a sovereign nation," #Nato Sec Gen says
Kuchma, Zurabov and two of the leaders of the militants began negotiations in Minsk
Burning vehicles of Russian army
Yatsenyuk in Dnipropetrovs'k
MoD Geletey will report about Ilovaisk
@AndersFoghR "also means more visible #NATO presence in East for as long as required & it will make NATO fitter, faster & more flexible"
Ukrainian forces were ordered to leave Luhansk airport
Putin launches construction of Russia-China gas pipeline
Ukrainian army - first day of study
Power companies inform the population about the possible shutdowns, due to lack of coal
There are large number of Russian military near Lutuhyne and Schastye
Fire in Nizhnya Krynka
Ukraine not informed about Russia's second 'humanitarian convoy'- Ukraine spokesperson
Lavrov: Moscow was not expelled from the G8, just partners "missed" the summit
A car with weapons and ammunition In Kherson region was detained
"DNR": Ukrainian troops lost the Su-25 and two Mi-8 near Mariupol
The Russians are preparing for the first "sea test" of Mistral
Russia uses cluster bombs against Ukrainian forces
Timothy Ash: Russia wins a major battle in EU diplomacy war
Kyiv' Subway Station "Petrivka" closed after bomb threat
#Lavrov: We discussed the initiative of our President about creating space from Lisbon to Vladivostok
Sechin: sanctions similar to the Declaration of war against Russia
Russia shelled Vesela Hora near Shchastya with MLRS Hurricane
Aksenov claims that Crimea will use backup power supply.
Marines repell the attack of the Russian soldiers in Luhansk airport
Ukrainian language replaced by Russian, as 6 schools out of 60 open today in #Luhansk
Russian Neo-Nazis Fighting for Moscow in Ukraine, Ukrainian Jewish Leader Says
#Ukrainians rally at White House: "Stop Putins terror"
#Crimea: power cut in #Simferopol, #Sevastopol, #Yalta, #Koktebel and "other cities"
84 fighters came back from Illovaysk, including 4 girls
#Ukraine defence minister Heletey says #Russia troops are not just in Donetsk but other towns too, heavy fighting over #Luhansk airport
#Russian army in #Schastye, #Ukraine shelling w URAGAN MRLS #Ukraine positions
Russian army in Schastye, Ukraine shelling w URAGAN MRLS Ukraine positions
Anti-war rally in Omsk. "We are not cattle"
Militants from Moscow in Luhansk. As usual boasting in social networks
The Communists in Kharkiv, which hold a rally in support of Russia, attacked journalist of Inter channel
Russian militants at railway station Illovaysk
Column of BTR-80 in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
Emblem of Ukraine of candles in Mykolaiv. The memory of those killed in the Donetsk region
Reports: #Ukraine air force were attacked by #RUS army SA-22 (Pantzir S1) in #Sukhodilsk, planes unharmed
Paratroopers from Ulyanovsk attacked Ukrainian forces in Illovaysk - Commander of Dnipro-1
Battalion "#Aidar" captured soldiers of #Russian army 331st Airborne regiment. 3 of captured prisoners were #GRU operatives
Swiss grenadiers on the Red square. #Moscow
Clashes at pro-russian rally in Kherson
Clashes at pro-russian rally in Kherson
Police arresting people in Moscow lighting 2249 candles to commemorate victims in E #Ukraine
About 5-7 people detained in the Moscow in attempt to light candles in memory of those killed in the Ukraine
The #German airforce will fly wounded #Ukrainian soldiers to #Germany for treatment
#Makiivka. 2 APCs drove into the direction of Donetsk
Protest near Russia embassy in Lithuania
Explosion in Donetsk
Explosion in Donetsk
Six-reactor nuclear plant in Zaporizhye insufficiently protected against direct bombardment
Burning fields near Mariupol
Rally in #Kharkiv on Freedom square
Russia killed dozens of own soldiers captured by Ukrainians while shelling "green corridor"
Russian regular troops capturing Ukrainian tanks and burning Ukrainian flag near Starobesheve
Russian regular troops capturing Ukrainian tanks and burning Ukrainian flag near Starobesheve
Lots of "oneman-demos" in Moskva against war with Ukraine
Russian propaganda on streets of Washington DC.
Reports: Russia using jets to strike Ukrainian positions near Shchastya
Hero of Maidan Volodymyr Parasyuk is alive but was wounded near Illovaysk, on the way to Dnipropetrovs'k now
Militants tortured military Commissioner to death in Snizhne
Moscow, Russia anti-war protest today
Zhdanivka was shelled from Yenakijeve
Interesting fact: 62 meters WW2 monument "Motherland" - woman with sword and shield looks in direction of Moscow
Russian army shelling #Ukranian villages near Krasndon No Ukr army nearby #RussiaInvadedUkraine #StopPutin
Ship was shelled near Mariupol
#Iran's SL adviser Velayati: Signing contracts w Russia, China & India shows that we can neutralize effects of US sanctions thru other ways
Makiivka after morning shelling
Wounded from Illovaysk were delivered to Dnipropetrovsk hospital
Enemies of Russia - Police in Vladimir looking for peoples with "Ukrainian accent"
Toronto. Near Consulate of the Russian Federation
We have agreement with Poroshenko on peaceful resolution in E.#Ukraine - Putin
Queue for humanitarian aid in Luhansk was shelled with mortars
"Shelter there". Mariupol.
Gubarev: the experience of negotiations with Ukraine is not good
#HMCSRegina greeted in Shanghai as "an old friend"
Food ban's a boon for the Belarus fish industry: Moscow shelves full of it (hang on, Belarus doesn't have a sea..!)
Russian journalist: Our soldiers in Donetsk. We are occupants
Meanwhile in Vladivostok airport
Ukraine returned captured Russian paratroopers and Russia returned 63 Ukrainian prisoners, Russia news sources say
The commander of the battalion "Dnipro-1" came out of the encirclement near the Ilovaisk
New images confirming the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine
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