Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 November 2017
Kyiv Ocean Plaza owned by friends of Putin could be nationalized
In the Crimea talk about the imminent invasion of the troops of the Russian Federation in Ukraine - Dzhemilev
Police protecting construction of scaffolds in Kharkiv
Donetsk airport is under the control of the Ukrainian army, - the national security Council
#Russia Expects #Mistral Warships to Be Delivered on Schedule
A truck with workers began to do something near ex-Lenin monument in Kharkiv
Russian fatalities go back to Russia after another assault on #Donetsk
Russian fatalities go back to Russia after another assault on #Donetsk
Arsenalna station now. Priest against Putin
WTI Oil drops to 90.47, lowest since April 2013
Snipers of #LNR shell Ukrainian positions with armor piercing incendiary bullets in Shchastya
"Naftogaz of Ukraine" has redeemed Eurobonds for $1.6 billion
Ukrainian fellow, who helped others at Maidan was killed in Donetsk
LDPR: Kolomoisky and Yarosh preparing a revolt in Russia
Putin says Russia 'not considering' censoring Internet, blames CIA for misinformation
The train from #Odessa to #Lugansk is back since October 1. Takes 20 hours.
Shelling in Shchastya
The number of wounded civilians in Donetsk increased to 30 - city Council
Near court building where is "Berkut" hearing - mass fight
#Arctic drills: #Russia’s Northern fleet pilots polish deck takeoff & landing skills
Russia to develop cyberspace 'security' without 'total control'
Shelling in Donetsk
Sumy frontier guards returned from Donbas.
Anna News agency reports that Marat Musin is free
Jewish festival in Kyiv
In Moscow at power station in the area of Khoroshevo-Mnevniki heavy explosion
Today Ukraine disclosed all its military secrets to NATO
In #Zaporozhia, 54 unidentified soldiers killed in Ilovaisk are buried.
SSU captured members of saboteurs group in Kramators'k
Monument of hetman Sahaydachnii moved from occupied Sebastopol' to Harkiv
#Russia terrorists tanks on Russian #TNK gas station in occupied part of #Ukraine
Russia plans to increase number of its observers in OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine
OSCE observers unable to approach militant positions, monitor only Ukrainian
"Yes to Polish coal, no to imported coal," say miners protesting in Warsaw today. Main culprit: cheaper Russian coal.
SBU captured 4 Russian "journalists" including Marat Musin near Luhansk
One more Ukrainian MPs was put in garbage container
#Donetsk is in hechtenis. De terroristenleider Zaharchenko is verdwenen. Werkbezoek aan Rusland?
Lavrov: Russia will achieve the objective investigation of mass graves near Donetsk
Donetsk. Bus route number 17 after being hit by a shell from Russian militants.
Donetsk Scheglovka
Shelling at the bus stop
Governor confirms negotiating surrender of Donetsk airport
Russian army special forces, storming the domestic flights terminal of #Donetsk #airport
Smoke over Donetsk
Russian forces shelling #Donetsk airposrt w/a Ural-mounted ZSU-23-2
Smoke in the area of Kyiv district Executive Committee #Donetsk
Massive #Russian army reinforcements arrived in Crimea- APCs, troops on trucks, munition
Militants attacked checkpoint near Popasna
A bus stop was attacked by militants in Donetsk, 8 killed
Kostin said that there are no reasons for strengthening of Rubble
The end of @OSCE_SMM
The #Donetsk #airport tower takes another direct Russian artillery hit
About 30 Russian tanks appeared near Debaltseve
‘No One in Baltic Countries Can Sleep Peacefully,’ - Ex-Putin advisor Illarionov Says
Russian tank near Donetsk airport
#Slovyansk activists block separatist backers from deputy mayor position
Tymchuk: the Russians place the battery of tactical missiles "Tochka U"(SS-21) near the border
Poland marks Ukrainian goods with ribbon
Police detained car with ammunition in Zaporizhia region
New Ukrainian armored vehicles
Battle in Nikishyne. 1 wounded
Oil price down
Trains from the occupied Crimea to Moscow were cancelled for 4 days
Yatseniuk: the Government has purchased winter clothing for army
Google Maps Updated aerial photography of Donetsk on 23 July 2014. Now there is visible damage from fighting
Donetsk airport is surrounded by militants on tanks - Seleznev
Pro-russian MP Schufrich was beaten in Odessa
#Luhansk oblast admin: @OSCE_SMM refuses to assume its responsibilities. Ukr. intel tells them where Rus. artillery is and they don't go.
MLRS Grad of Russian militants in the Popasnaya damaged the School,near a kindergarten and a hospital. There are wounded and dead.
Moscow official proposes to prohibit "the Simpsons", Spanchbob, Disney
The armored vehicle was given to Soldiers of special forces company "Kremenchuk"
In 10 years #Estonia will be completely disconnected from power systems of Russia
1/3 of Poland within the Russian air defense system
Lenin was toppled in Svatove, Luhansk region
In St. Petersburg opened a case against the seller of t-shirts with emblems of 'Azov' battalion
Mercenary from China join Russian militants in Donetsk