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26 กันยายน 2018

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#ATO HQ: militants fired at positions of Ukrainian military near the village Pisky
Poroshenko: no one will stop on Korban. In Ukraine no one is immune - neither the new government nor the representatives of the old team.
High-profile arrest of Henadiy Korban, presiden't critic, could be the case of selective justice - @mminakov
Poroshenko: Militants won't dictate us any demands
Ukrainian jets at drills in Mykolaiv
Attack on positions near Spartak for few hours, UAVs near Mariupol
#Horlivka. Zaitsevo - Small arms, AGL
#Donetsk. Booms in airport - #Spartak area.
Basurin of DNR accused Ukrainian forces in violation of ceasefire
Basurin of DNR accused Ukrainian forces in violation of ceasefire
In Kyiv held a rally of solidarity with Israel
#SBU - money. seized during the RAID in Dnipropetrovsk
SBU press-conference. Showing weapons seized in Dnipropetrovsk
Battle in Pisky. Attack with mortars and howitzers, Ukrainian army responding - report
At Maidan staged a mini-exhibition dedicated to ATO
Grenade launcher attacks on #Pisky this morning, black smoke seen from this direction.
Russian militants artillery in Komsomol'ske
Makiivka. Gvardeyka can hear small arms, heavier arms and mortars from #Spartak directionn#donbasreports
Reports of grenade explosion in Volnovakha night club. 2 wounded
FR MP Mariani to Ukraine: "To prove I don't bear a grudge, I'll send you a postcard from my next trip to #Crimea."
Reports of explosions in Donetsk and Makiivka
Drunk driver hit police car in Kyiv. 6 wounded
No ceasefire violations at night. Sappers in Svatove neutralized 215 UXO pieces out of 681 discov - ATO press center
#Alchevsk business school. Barricade boxes in the yard,many Russian military
From Nov 1, Kremlin cancelled spec. regime for #Ukrainians for long stay in Russia
OSCE SMM report on attack on Pisky on 31 Oct
In Gorlovka somewhere in the South heard the shots. It was already about 2 times. Looks like a mortar
Heavy explosion reported in Proletarsky district of Donetsk
#Donetsk. Airport, #Pisky, #Optyne, Butovka mine - battle, small arms, mortars
Poroshenko: Express my condolences to all families of victims of crash of a Russian passenger plane in Egypt
Ukrainians bring flowers to the building of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv
Riot police gathers at Dnipropetrovsk region administration
Lenin monument toppled in #Volnovakha
Militants wounded girl in road accident in Donetsk
Rally in Dnipropetrovsk
Filatov: "Our party will bring people to the streets in Kyiv"
Kyiv residents bring flowers to Russian Embassy
Special operation in Dnipropetrovsk
The Arabs in Kharkiv protested against the policies of Israel yesterday
1 #Ukraine servicemen KIA yesterday at #Pisky confirmed. 2 Ukraine KIAs at #Avdiivka today unconfirmed yet.
SBU searches at MP Filatov office
Prosecutors sabotaging Saakashvili actions to counter elections fraud
Taras Batenko exit Poroshenko bloc in Rada cause of "political repressions"
Yarosh: "we are preparing and cleaning weapons"
3 Ukrainian among dead at #7K9268
Activists demand resignation of gen prosecutor Shokhin, suggest open competition for his replacement
SBU operation in Dnipropetrovsk
SBU operation in Dnipropetrovsk
"Poroshenko covers corruption". Rally at Poroshenko house
Some titushki thug type elements w wooden batons seemingly operating alongside - at least not removed by,- law enforcemnt
SBU: Korban was detained among the other members of the criminal gang
Protest in Dnipropetovsk. Part of road was opened
Protest on the way to Poroshenko house, but stopped by titushki and military
Protest in Dnipropetrovsk shut down the road
Protesters not allowed access to Poroshenko residence, cut off by bus containing military
Titushki blocked a road near President house and not allowing Automaidan rally there
More than 500 officers of the SBU involved in a large-scale special operation in the Dnipropetrovsk
Odessa - Illichivsk road is blocked by unknown men
Auto rally against General prosecutor Shokin
Heavy militants drills heard in Yasinuvata, Makiivka, Horlivka
ATO Press Center: No ceasefire violations recorded yesterday. Military engineers continue demining in Svatove
Special operation of SBU in Dnipropetrovsk
Joint op of General prosecutor's office and SBU is ongoing in Dnipropetrovsk
Yasinovataya listening to explosions
Kolomoysky ally Korban is detained by SBU in Dnipropetrovsk. Searches at UKROP party member
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