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18 ตุลาคม 2018

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Heavy shelling in Donetsk this night
At the Dept. of Justice in DC, #Ferguson protesters discussing injustice of Michael Brown's death: #DCFerguson
Canadian citizen feared kidnapped by ISIS says she is safe
#Ferguson protesters in New York marching in the middle of the street
#Ukraine and Russian invaders agree on #ceasefire around #Donetsk #airport
The rector of the Dnipropetrovsk national University of the Ministry of interior was fired for separatism
Iranian plane attacks targets in Iraq
Substation exploded in Kursk, Russia
Russian troops fire Grad missiles at #Donetsk airport from a residential area, buildings hit by return fire. #Ukraine.
Hong Kong student protest leader Joshua Wong, two others announce immediate hunger strike for democratic reform.
Protestors have shut down the 14th Street Bridge this morning. #DCFerguson
Black crates inside "Humanitarian" trucks
"Egypt has destroyed nearly all the smuggling tunnels"
#Donetsk People’s Republic starts paying pensions - official
#Raqqa city is suffering from a huge lack of medical supplies, devices and medicines
Russian banks began to impose restrictions on the purchase of currency
#Meshkov: #NATO is deploying nuclear capable bombers in Baltic countries.
The Ukrainian army shot down a brand new #Russian_army #Granat-4 tactical UAV.
#Donetsk, the queue for tickets for the humanitarian aid from Akhmetov
#Torez. column of GRAD and trucks up to 20 units passed #Shakhtarsk
Scene by the stabbing at Gush Etzion intersection.
IS video from #Kobane shows fighters with a T-55 tank & filming military aircraft above them. #Syria
Tamar Park is abandoned. 4 tents, patches of withered grass all that remains of #OccupyHK here
Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy was offered first deputy prime minister's post
There were 18 tankers in Russian "humanitarian convoy" - OSCE
Ukrainian army blew up the old terminal at Donetsk airport
ATO press say that #Russia|n special forces took part in attack on #Donetsk airport yesterday. They suffered heavy losses.
In Borispol airport staff had paint obscene inscription about Putin on the Aeroflot plane
Students and @Automaidan organized #Maidan Memory March in #Kyiv today @krymrealii #Ukraine
Cops make arrests after #dcFerguson protesters block I-395. Traffic is now moving
Police cheer a colleague being loaded into ambulance. Crowd boos back.
Head of Palestinian Football Federation calls on FIFA to issue sanctions against Israel
Standoff at Lung Wo road
Police retreat & some hold protesters back from charging
Rally "March of #Ukraine patriots" near Russian embassy in Kharkiv; police were singing UA anthem together w/ people.
#OccupyHK protesters reinforce barricades on escalator leading to gov HQ. There are several other entrances though.
A Russian #MLRS column just passed the #RT cam towards northern #Donetsk city
Images from the police action to clear Lung Wo rd and Tamar park #OccupyHK
In Brussels now, remembering Holodomor and Maidan victims #Ukraine
A policeman carries a bunch of umbrellas
Demonstrators blocking off 395 in DC
Police cleaning up the aftermath on Lung Wo Road, while a solid police line blocks access
#Kharkiv on Freedom square was conducted auction. This lot is the remains of the rocket GRAD. The money went to help the fighters.
The crowd outside legco at Lung Wo Rd. Police (and media) control Lung Wo Rd
Police dismantle Lung Wo barricades
Protesters are angry. They are calling ppl to come back up. Reinforcements coming in to resist
Police have now cordoned off #OccupyHK protesters at Tamar Park. Clashes, shouting, red flags, umbrellas. #HongKong
Fights breaking out in Tamar. Lots of protesters hurt #occupyhk
#Staromykhailivka and #Abakumov west of #Donetsk are under heavy #MLRS attack
Staromykhailivka and Abakumov west of Donetsk are under heavy MLRS attack
Police padding back hard. Bearing protesters #occupyhk
Bomb threat reported aboard plane at JFK airport, per @FDNY
Donetsk: RU actor Okhlobystyn and terroriat Motorola and his wife
Almost December, glorious #Rams tailgate, headed for temps in 70's in StL! #Rockthedome
Terrorist Okhlobystin
Latest protester line around my location #OccupyHK
Police use pepper spray to disperse protesters in Hong Kong near the Financial District.
Police still have these south stairs held despite Lung Wo taken; yellow helmets standing ready #OccupyHK
Another frontline at Citic tower. #OccupyHK
Police retreat #OccupyCentral
Standoff between protesters and the police on the east end of Lung Wo Road.
First aid station near east Lung Wo frontline. About 5 injured, 1 of them lying down on the ground. #occupyhk
#ISIS claims to have taken hostage Gil Rosenberg, an Israeli-Canadian who joined the Kurdish troops.
Now three sides surrounded on Lung Wo Road in Hong Kong
Police surrounded both sides
Red flag issued on Lung Wo Road. Standoff continues outside Chief Executives Office.
After shootout b/t sparring rebel militias, Ataman Nikolai Kozitsyn said sent back to #Russia
Mayhem, pepper spray return to Admiralty protest.
Thai PM says @HRW website blocked for national security (ie due to criticizing his crackdown).
Crowds poured onto Lung Wo Road while police stood guard on pedestrian lane.
Crowd started moving south on SYC Street, frequent scuffles, lots of tension. Police motorcade opening street.
Kharkiv. Marsh moves to the Consulate of the Russian Federation
Lung Wo Rd eastbound traffic stopped with hundreds of #OccupyHK protestors rushed onto road
#Election in #Moldova. Btw there won't be exit polls, don't expect data today. NGO Promo-Lex will count votes as well
Queuing for food aid in #Donetsk, reportedly provided by Akhmetov
Maidan demanded to dismiss General Prosecutor Yarema
#Russian "humanitarian" aid convoy arrived to #Lugansk today at 11:40 am. 10 tented trucks and 10 trucks with fuel.
What sounded like a huge volley of GRAD rockets just hit #Donetsk airport
Gathering at Maidan
Police are already all over the Gov entrance & are scoping out protesters. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaMovement
Yet another Convoy of "War Aid" enters Donetsk
Singing the Umbrella Song, Admiralty
Medical doctors rally in Moscow. Up to 2 thousand people
Something is burning at #Donetsk airport now, smoke is rising since a few minutes, shelling continues without a pause
Makiivka now. A convoy of 50 trucks of Russian army
In the state Duma of Russia claim that the accession of Ukraine will destroy EU
Terrorists attacked 45 times in last 24 hours, shelled cities: killed 2 civils
2 #Ukraine soldiers killed in ongoing attack on #Donetsk airport this morning. Intense fighting is ongoing
In Kazakhstan, seven people were killed in gas explosion in a residential building
Three vehicles set ablaze in East #Jerusalem.
Journalist and his wife were killed near Slavyansk
Heavy storm of Donets'k airport
One more Russian "Humanitarian convoy" enters Ukraine
Donets'k militants promise a new ceasefire agreement in the coming days
56 y/o attacked with iron bar by Arab on Highway 65 near Hadera Friday, has lost 1 eye completely, remains hospitalized.
Ruslana: Belarusians must be ready to defend their country
After the checks on #Tahrir
Gravois & Itaska (S. #STL) - @SLMPD says 1 man dead after a suspected hammer attack.
Roadway blocks were removed from checkpoint in #Makiivka
#Iran #hospital manager attacked with acid
It’s #election day in #Moldova
In the Anthracite during shootouts militants and "Cossacks" shot about 20 militants
A dozen protesters in the road in front of #Ferguson PD.
Talking to the crowd from the top of a #Portland Police car.
If your wear a yellow banner, you get special treatment
As of yesterday, there are 2,235 tents at Admiralty #OccupyHK main
Riot police blocking the Broadway Bridge at #Portland march in solidarity with #Ferguson #JusticeForMikeBrown
We want to emphasize that we are here because #BlackLivesMatter. - Utah Against Brutality leader
Police backed by the National Guard. #Ferguson
The crowd at the #Ferguson solidarity action in #Portland
There are roughly 100 protesters outside the Ferguson PD tonight. Quiet now, but wasn't earlier. Police hang back.
Burned down building of a Foreign NGO, attacked last night by a group of Suicide bombers in Kabul
#Ferguson protesters light an American flag on fire outside the police station
Crowd growing outside Ferguson PD.
At least 2 dead, nine injured in clashes in #Tahrir Square - Ministry of Health official
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