Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 ตุลาคม 2018
State Duma MPs intend to recalculate the amount of reparations from Germany to USSR
Strelkov asks to mobilize him into "DNR/LNR" army
Russian soldiers at Kruchkova railway station near Debaltseve
Unknown location
Ukrainian SAM SA-13 Gopher going to Donbass
#Russia|n armed forces T-72B tank mingling w/ #Donetsk traffic today
Shells hit Kurakhove today
Fire at bakery in Popasna after shelling
Former Amb John Herbst" "Putin's objectives appear to include the Baltic states"
Adam Osmaev is reportedly the new Commander of Battalion Dudaev
The two former U.S. ambassadors to #Ukraine driving a change in policy on Ukraine: @steven_pifer &JohnHerbst
Transnitrian Authorities Started To Nationalize Private Businesses
[email protected]: #Merkel is a true #Putin versteher- not an apologist, but an understander
Sevastopol' residents have lit candles in memory of Kuz'ma Scriabin surrounded by police and "Titushky"
"‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ ringleaders request negotiations"
"Putin must remove military option withdrawing Rus. forces from Ukraine. We should assist with weapon" @steven_pifer
Revisionism of #Putin is the most dangerous threat in the world today says Amb John Herbst
Kraz Spartan protecting people in Kharkiv
Russian radiation, chemical, and biological defense troops have begun massive drills near Ukraine
Vigil for Kuzma Skryabin in Kharkiv
#Russia|n military column in #Rostov region today, heading towards #Ukraine
Russia|n military column in Rostov region today, heading towards Ukraine
Russian army column in #Donetsk T-72B1, BMP-2, Ural trucks
Russian army column in Donetsk T-72B1, BMP-2,  Ural trucks
Large fire between Donetsk and Makiivka
US officials reconsidering option of sending weapons to help defend Ukraine. #Russia
Several hundred people had already gathered at the Stella on Maidan to commemorate Kuzma Skryabin
'If Ukraine conflict ends, EU might enter trade zone with Russia' - Merkel
SBU arrested two terrorists involved in the bombardment of Mariupol
Ex US Ambassador to NATO:"We could offer Ukraine UAV's, Humvees, radars, electronic warfare devices, comm.devices"
Budapest can only accept a peaceful solution to Ukraine conflict
Russian University said about the fake speech to the youth of Ukraine
Militaries have tested a security module for fighters near Kyiv
Militants have blown up the APC with soldiers of the ATO near Debal'tseve. there are dead and wounded
Zakharchenko called the mobilization of militants "call for volunteers"
Participants of the protest near the Ministry of defense was not detained, - MIA
Belarusian sitizen was detained with live grenade in Kyiv
Zakharchenko requires that all residents passed unregistered weapons
Semenchenko reported that Ichkerian Commander Isa Munaev was killed
Consequences of shelling in Donetsk
Merkel says nein to weapons for #Ukraine
Mi-24 over Artemivsk
The Russian Federation has nominated another accusation to the Director Sentsov
Netherlands safeguards personal belongings, wreckage and maybe human remains victims of #MH17 in #Ukraine
The militants no longer have enough fighters near Debal'tseve - NSDC
AP said Zakharchenko: Kuchma is the Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Mins'k
#Zakharchenko: I will not have peace talks in #Mins'k, while #Kuchma presents Kyiv
Russia preparing a large-scale Amnesty on 9th of May
Terorists opened fire district hospital in Donetsk region, - media
#Germany will not support #Ukraine with weapons; the conflict cannot be solved by military means
#Belarus. Man blows himself up in #Babruisk
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry proposed a ban on the Russians to enter the country with Russian passports
Terrorists have shelled the bus with "Grad" during the evacuation of residents from the Popasna
Lavrov: Obama confirmed the U.S. role in the coup in Kyiv
A farewell ceremony with the fallen hero of the regiment "Azov" has held on Independence square
Smoke near MoD in Kyiv
#MH17 recovery team loads pieces into truck for further examination
Firefighter on the scene near MoD
Zakharchenko wants to change the order of the exchange of prisoners
US cancels some sanctions against Crimea, say media reports
Tyres burning near Ministry of Defense
Some protesters ignite tyres near MoD of Ukraine
Google has blocked Chrome updates for Crimea
Buses and trucks with Russian mercenaries have invaded in Ukraine
#Russia Air Force combat capable transport Il-76MD armed with practice bombs during exercise
Crimean pensioner was issued a Russian passport with someone else's photo
The national guard informed about the release from captivity of three Ukrainian military
Press center of the ATO denied the statement of militants about downed Ukrainian aircraft over Gorlivka
Groundhog day in Kharkiv
"Titushki" had weapons from the warehouses of the Ministry of internal Affairs for attacks on activists of Maidan, - Avakov
Protest near Ministry of Defense
Terrorist from Krasnyi Luch has reconnoitered positions of APU
Terrorist from Krasnyi Luch has reconnoitered positions of APU
Kamaz-63968 «Typhoon» near the border of Ukraine
#Mariupol: the liquidation of the ammunition found in the Eastern district.
DNR plans to mobilize 100 000 people in 10 days.
Kuzma Scriabin crashed into a milk tanker
The scene of the accident with Kuzma Skryabin
2 civilians dead, 2 wounded after shelling of #Krymske & #Novoshtokovka on #Bakhmutka highway, #Luhansk obl. #Ukraine
Funeral of fighters in Kyiv
Militants announced a downed plane above the Gorlivka
The remains of the passengers of the Boeing were found in the Donets'k region
The militants are planning to start a "mobilization" in the Donets'k region
Five soldiers were killed per day in zone of #ATO, - #General staff
The journalist showed on the map the Moscow house of Yanukovich
Navalny and Khodorkovsky has notified the mayor of Moscow about "Anti-Crisis" March. Khodorkovsky is one of the organizers
Son of Pshonka rewrote luxury flat in Kyiv for $1 million on lawyer
Astakhov ready to vouch for the accused in the treason
Regular Russian army are fighting near Debal'tseve, - Shkiriak
The mayor of Odessa got in a car wreck, - media
#Donetsk "Shakhterskaya" square after shelling
Headquarters of ATO: 180 insurgents were killed, 248 - wounded during 1 of February
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions in #Chermalyk, North East of #Mariupol, last night. No Ukr casualties.
Kuz'ma Scriabin died in a road accident, - traffic police
The enemy threw 1200 people and new vehicles in #Debal'tseve
"Hurricanes" were delivered In Russian #Taganrig
Authority of #USA are more inclined to provide #Ukraine weapons, - NYT
Russian conscripts refuse to sign contracts and to fight on the border with Ukraine
Near Mariupol Ukrainian fighters intercepted the militants drone
MIA of Donetsk Region reporting about destroyed Russian tank T-14 "Armata" near Debaltseve
Russian Media begin to remove previous messages that "Putin could destroy NATO with one call"
Flashmob in Florence
A disguised column of #Russia|n armed forces "peacekeepers" in #Makiivka
A disguised column of Russia|n armed forces peacekeepers in Makiivka
Moldovan Parliament Has A New Pro-Russian MP: "i F**k For Food" Is The Message For Her Electors
Today in #Donetsk: Russian T-64B tank with RU-flag and H0200 marker
Donetsk. Shell hit car. 1 killed, 1 wounded
Greek MFA: "EU Is Acting In A "spasmodic" Way Towards Russia And Risks To Destabilize The Entire Continent"
"In summer there were 2-3K Russian troops in East Ukraine, now 9K are there" - @DefenceU's Ordynovych
Ukraine Air Force Down To 61 Fighter Jets Compared To 177 At The Beginning Of 2014
Russia offensive at #Debaltseve
This bus was caught in shelling as volunteers evacuated ppl from #Debaltseve today. Miraculously, no one killed
Dongormash plant is burning in Donetsk
Dongormash plant is burning in Donetsk
Lille : a demonstration for "alert on the situation in #Ukraine".
An ammunition depot has exploded in Kherson region. 12 soldiers are hospitalized, - the state emergency service
Separatists threatened a full-scale war in Minsk,- Kuchma
Rebels Suffer Heavy Losses in Battle 4 Ukraine's #Debaltseve UA Insurgent going back 2 Russia
Intercepted Russian bomber was carrying a nuclear missile over the English Channel
Mariupol was shelled by Russian army - Captured fighter of the battalion "Vostok"
Mariupol was shelled by Russian army - Captured fighter of the battalion Vostok
Ukrainians plant mock graves inscribed with the dead from Mariupol Grad attack outside the Russian embassy in Kyiv
#Donetsk Kievsky avenue 55
OSCE: #Ukraine separs weren't ready to negotiate
#Donetsk. Shells hit trolleybus depot
#Donetsk, shells hit heat system
Tanks in the street
Semenchenko is wounded again
[email protected] said that the Progress Party is ready to participate in the elections in Crimea
"DNR" and "LNR" want to move the line of demarcation (include lands captured from September)
Shells hit "ATB" market in Donetsk last night
Chaly about Minsk: the peace process under threat
"Natasha" and "Olga"
Ukrainian #artillery destroyed enemy convoy of 25 vehicles, - journalist
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