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18 กันยายน 2018

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Donetsk: Outgoing MLRS GRAD salvo
Emergency services working on the site of explosion in Donetsk
Wounded Ukrainian rescuer Dmitry Triteykin died in hospital
JMTG-U Lviv starts training UAF with instructors #USArmy #BritishArmy #CanadaDefence Danish LT and Polish Army
Damage at Motel, Donetsk as severe explosion hit district
Churkin: Kyiv is using the situation in Avdeevka for a waiver of the Minsk agreements
MLRS GRAD attack in Volnovakha area
US Amb. to UN Haley: "I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia" in eastern Ukraine.
Crimea: an illegal annexation which we do not and will not recognise. Sanctions against Russia cannot be lifted - @MatthewRycroft1
U.S Haley says sanctions imposed on Russia on Crimea annexation to remain in place until return of peninsula
The U.K. will continue to stand by Ukraine in full support of its sovereignty and territorial integrity - @MatthewRycroft1
PM Groysman: Right now Avdiivka is being shelled. The world must react to stop the aggressor who has no moral limits
UK rep on UN Security Council debate on Donbas war escalation 'this is what happens when Russia disregards UA right to determine its future'
New US Amb to the UN @nikkihaley. Strong position on Ukraine, names Russia outright. Not wavering.
US condemns Russia's "aggressive actions" in Ukraine
Damage after explosion at Donetsk Motel area
Avdiyivka - Russian forces shelled a school with humanitarian point, tent camp. One rescuer killed, another wounded
Severe damage at Motel, Donetsk
Due to Russia assault on Avdiivka, 16K people ended up without water, electricity and heating, including 2K kids. At minus 18°C - @YelchenkoUN
Wounded woman was found near school, but from injuries died in hospital. One foreign journalist were wounded on his face
Ambassador @YelchenkoUN speaks on the situation in Eastern Ukraine at a UNSC briefing
Donetsk: heavy fire and explosions
Donetsk: heavy fire and explosions
Russian forces shelling with MLRS "Grad" humanitarian staff in Avdiivka, 2 rescuers are dead
Avdiivka: Russian artillery hit Ukrainian emergency service truck
Russian forces shelling in Avdiivka, 1 killed, 1 wounded
Avdiivka: 4 houses damaged at Druzhby street and Hrushevskogo, another house hit at Molodizhna street
Heavy explosion in Donetsk at Motel, likely explosion of ammunition depot. Russian accounts say "Tochka" missile hit
Police: as of 21.30, the number of protesters reached 200 000 people. Bucharest
Abroskin: Militants strengthened shelling in Avdeevka, Krasnogorovka and Marinka, there is destruction
Avdiivka: Russian artillery pounding civil blocks
Reports of Clashes near Popasna
Fire in the area of Railway station in Donetsk
McCain says Russia testing U.S. in Ukraine, urges Trump to hit back
Heavy clashes at Maryinka west to Donetsk
USS Porter DDG78 transited Bosphorus & entered Black Sea
USS Porter DDG78 transited Bosphorus & entered Black Sea
Video: Petrovsky district of Donetsk - 6pm today
Hostilities renewed near Dokuchaevsk: Styla, Starohnativka. Artillery and MLRS
US Treasury amended Obama's sanctions order to "authorize certain transactions" with Russian FSB
USS Porter DDG78, Arleigh Burke-class destroyer transited Bosphorus and entered Black Sea 16:00GMT
Putin said that the war came to Donbass again, because Clinton lost the election
Putin says Ukraine escalating in order to get money, help from West and distract from domestic issues
Makiivka: gas pipeline was hit at Batman district
Military convoy in Kyivskiy district of Donetsk
Military convoy near Simferopol
Poroshenko: Russian militants shelling Avdiyivka, not allowing to restore electricity. The world must do more to put pressure on Russia to cease fire.
Salvos today all the day in Makiivka
Salvos today all the day in Makiivka
Video of some kind of military activity in Makiivka last night
Activists blocked railway near Bakhmut
Security service of Ukraine captured militant of "DNR" who prepared an attack in Kharkiv region
German foreign minister to visit U.S., meet Tillerson with “friendship offer.”
Ukrainian FM @PavloKlimkin: "It is Russia and not Ukraine that is responsible for the most recent illegal and inhumane escalation...”
Abroskin: during the day in Avdeyevka damaged 52 buildings, 1 civilian dead, 3 wounded. This morning Russians shelled Marinka, there is a fire
Avdiivka, Grad missile landed 5 meters to the house of this 76 y.o woman. No injures, house damaged
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions 67 times. 2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 14 wounded/injured
SMM was prevented by so-called “DPR” from accessing Yasynuvata/DFS. Civilians suffer. SMM can’t enter station to do its job
A.Hug agreed with JCCC to work together today at DFS to assist in ensuring local ceasefire so repair works could start
Satellite imagery from yesterday, just southeast of the Yasynuvata Coke Plant
Mariupol: GRADS opened up a little after midnight to the east of the city, landings in Talakivka.
Almost midnight, several reports are coming from Mariupol that likely MLRS GRAD hit something near
Russian forces pounding Eastern Mariupol suburbs with 120mm mortars and MLRS GRAD
Klimkin: Welcome Rex Tillerson's confirmation as Secretary of State. Looking forward to working together and strengthening UA-US Strategic Partnership.
On the road in Avdiivka today
Avdiivka: 5-storey building was hit
Avdiivka: 5-storey building was hit
List of todays hits in Avdiivka
CITeam geolocation: Kremlin-backed separatists fire Grad MLRS from Donetsk, same dangerous position as yesterday
CITeam geolocation: Kremlin-backed separatists fire Grad MLRS from Donetsk, same dangerous position as yesterday
36 attacks on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm. 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 6 wounded
OSCE SMM: Contrary to claims in certain media outlets, none of OSCE SMM UAVs have been targeted recently.
President @Poroshenko and Prime Minister of Israel @netanyahu agreed to intensify intergovernmental contacts
Turchynov: we are ready to any provocation
Turchynov: we are ready to any provocation
Verkhovna Rada Deputy Savchenko called the President of Ukraine Poroshenko an enemy of the people
Russian defense Ministry denied reports about the shooting on Ukrainian An-26
Russian Black Sea Fleet: Ukrainian An-26 made 2 provocation flights near oil rigs
Guards of the drilling rig fired signal missiles to show Ukrainian An-26 that the it could collide with rig mast - Russian Black Sea Fleet
Escalation of Hostilities near Avdiivka
132 people were evacuated from Avdiivka
BBC: We met Ukrainian troops and tanks in Avdiivka who seemed ready for action - and we could hear that there is no ceasefire here
Crystal clear imagery for Jan 20, 2017 of the Yasynuvata coke plant, where the Buk launch *may* have happened last night.
Photo : Russian Navy ship fired shots at Ukrainian An-26 military transport
NATO calls on Russia to help stop spike in violence in east Ukraine
Escalation in Donbas reason for soonest launch of Russia-U.S. dialogue, in particular, on Ukraine, says Putin's spox Peskov
Severe damage in Trokhizbenka yesterday after village was shelled with 120mm mortars
[email protected]: Serious spike in violence in eastern Ukraine. Dire situation in Avdiivka. NATO calls for an immediate return to the ceasefire
In the Black Sea, NATO holds large-scale navy exercises on 1-10 February, involving 7 NATO allies and Ukraine
Video from the ground of crashed Buk missile
Video from the ground of crashed Buk missile
NORAD says it is shifting its operational focus to deal with a significant "air threat" from Russia.
Russian Federation military shot(with small arms) on Ukrainian Navy AN-26 near Odesa, plane was "locked-on" with some SAM. No wounded
UNHCR: As temperatures dropping and Aviivka remaining without heating, locals come to a tent camp for heating and hot meals
Shoigu: Defence Ministry is monitoring situation with NATO exercises in the Black Sea.
Reports: Russian forces used MLRS GRAD just now from Dokuchaevsk
Avdeevka. Russian troops opened fire on a team of electricians
Reports Buk missile was launched from YaKKhZ plant
After a few hours pause hostilities resumed in Donetsk and area. MLRS and tube artillery
Grad rocket destroyed this home and punctured the gas pipe near front line in Avdiivka, Ukraine. Nobody wounded here, but some down road.
A. Hug: still at Donetsk water filtration station with other SMM monitors. Ceasefire is very fragile. It should be made stable now
Captured militant: Russian instructors are working with us
Captured militant: Russian instructors are working with us
Minister Avakov: Maintenance brigade in Avdiivka under shelling
Captured Russian militant: I have an order to seize Industrial area of Avdiivka
OSCE convoy at Donbas
Gas explosion in house in Luhansk
2pm in Ukraine: 2 soldiers killed, 2 wounded in clashes today
More screenshots from DNR group video with Buk. Original video was removed
Video: Russian forces shelling with MLRS GRAD from Donetsk
Avdiivka: Zavodska street. Woman killed in attack this morning
Trilateral meeting of Minsk contact group just started
Buk 9M38 missile landed in Makiivka yesterday at 11:38pm
A lot of Kamaz trucks near Zaharchenko house in Donetsk. Reason not clear
Recent provocations in the Donbass shows that Kyiv gets in a deadlock situation - Lavrov
SBU detained in Dnipro city the administrator of separatist groups in social networks
SBU detained in Dnipro city the administrator of separatist groups in social networks
Sounds of war today in Donetsk
Report by @TomBurridgebbc from Avdiivka last night, where heavy shelling and gunfire can be heard
Funeral of soldiers who were killed in Avdiivka in Kyiv
Parting with the deceased UA servicemen in Avdiivka on Kyiv`s Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Damage in Makiivka: Ferganskaya street 54
OSCE's Hug: Verkhniokalmiuska filtration station without electricity. Donetsk, Yasynuvata and part of Makiivka could be left without water & heating
Russian forces attempted to storm Ukrainian positions one time at night, and another in the morning. Clashes ongoing, Russian forces using heavy artillery and MLRS
Many of outgoing GRADs already this morning. Constant heavy outgoing from artillery. Donetsk
86 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 9 wounded, 9 lightly wounded
Makiivka, Donetsk - non-stop outgoing MLRS GRAD shelling since early morning
The police of Minsk right in the hotel room arrested journalist @donbaspublictv Sizov
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