Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 November 2017
People wait for rescue on a ledge during a fire at Odessa trade union. 40 killed
Police in Odessa, Ukraine, say 38 people are dead in a fire connected to unrest
Russia has called for an emergency meeting of UNSC on Ukraine today
Ukraine soldiers in stand off with pro Russia locals at Andreevka near Slovyansk
Clashes in Ukraine's Odessa between anti-Kyiv protesters, football fans
Mike Giglio: Released and safe in Donetsk. My deep gratitude for all the outreach and concern.
Journalists @ErinELyall & @clarissaward freed aftr being held hostage by Ukraine insurgents
Russia says Ukraine military operation kills "last hope" for Geneva deal on de-escalating the crisis
Crowd chanting Russia in front of UKR special forces in Sloviansk
The shot down pilot Sloviansk
Battle in Slovyansk
Battle in Slovyansk
Putin and Medvedev will visit Crimea on May 9,
At the entrance to the Crimea - large traffic jam
Around 5am armed men in camo & masks seized Horlivka city council building
Kharkiv Euromaidan has canceled a rally on May 1 because of possible provocations of separatists
Akhmetov: I won't sell my business and will continue to invest in my country.
Report that SWAT again arrived to Slavyansk. The separatists retreated, setting fire to the barricade.
Report that SWAT again arrived to Slavyansk. The separatists retreated, setting fire to the barricade.
MIA Spox Stanislav Rechynskyi: separatists intend to use inspectors of OSCE as a human shield
Sevastopol city TV channel replaced by Rossia-1
Kerry: U.S. Intelligence recorded the talks of Russian agents in Eastern Ukraine
US mission to OSCE: The abduction of the Vienna document inspectors by Pro–Russian militants “alarming escalation”
Moscow will not bargain with Kyiv over Crimea's water supply – Russian resources minister
Fighters of Internal Troops guarding the Luhansk regional state administration: "We were told not to resist"
France:in the East of Ukraine professionally capturing the buildings like it was in Crimea. Russian military is not masked
UN Security Council on Ukraine
Interior Ministry opens hotline for an additional recruit of Ukrainian patriots to the police
Flare march in Kyiv
Dzhemilev: Crimea got back in the Soviet Union
MIA: in the Donetsk region deblocked two checkpoints
Putin: "the U.S. position on Ukraine shows that they manage the crisis"