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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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British BP refuses to cooperate with Rosneft before lifting of sanctions
Russian Unmarked Military vehicles leave Rostov by rail towards #Ukraine
Russian Unmarked Military vehicles leave Rostov by rail towards Ukraine
Novak: gas talks Russia-EU-Ukraine will be held after June 20
Shelling in Horlivka
Shelled the outskirts of Artemivsk. There are wounded
EU Parliament suspends cooperation with Russia and closes entrance for their Ambassador
Prime Minister of Japan to make an official visit to Ukraine on June 5-6
Verkhovna Rada has not supported the establishment of military police
Militants tried to break through on Mariupol direction, - press officer of ATO
#Baltic states exploring joint air defense system
Poroshenko: Blatter Resignation as a result of corruption scandals in FIFA gives hope for the abolition of corruption motivated decisions
Activists of "Euromaidan SOS" has begun sale of t-shirts with portraits of Ukrainian "prisoners of Kremlin"
In the Black Sea today- USS Ross, front, with the Ukrainian navy frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy during underway exercise
Romania - Demolition training at Cincu Training Center
Minister of economy held meeting with the new Governor of Odessa
If debate about arms for Ukraine already started, we need to delivery it, - State Secretary of Latvian MFA
Ukrainian army in Opytne
Air Policing jets in international airspace above Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF An-72 and Il-76
Russia is struggling to delay punishment for crash of Boeing in Donbass, - Turchynov
Russian SA-13 Gopher in Donetsk
National Bank of Ukraine has legitimized the work of WebMoney in Ukraine
In the Black Sea - USS Ross, left, transits with the Ukranian navy frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy
Unknown knocked the memorial plaque to the Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Chernyavsky in Artemovsk
In Kyiv spotted group of 7 guys in t-shirts "I'm Russian. Death Squad"
Heavy fire at Saltivka district in Kharkiv
Kharkiv. According to preliminary information of the press service of the emergencies Ministry, the fire happened garages
Kharkiv. A strong fire in Saltovka.
In the occupied Horlivka cut copper wire over the railway
Station "Derzhprom" and "University" closed for entry and exit.
#SBU has blocked illegal export of locomotives in Russia
A policeman from Kramatorsk was sentenced to eight years for his cooperation with the "DNR"
Disguised military equipment of Russia were found at the border of the Kherson region
French students bought and donated two ambulances to hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk and Volnovakha
Ukraine has received a billion dollars under the guarantees of the United States
The jury recognized Jamilov guilty on charges of possession of weapons and ammunition, as well as causing death by negligence
At least 50 military units going in direction of Ukrainian border in Matveev Kurgan
Bomb threat in #Kharkiv. Traffic on the square from Lenin's ave. blocked.
The USS Ross welcomes officers from the Ukrainian Navy Frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy
Ukrainian airborne forces has conducted large-scale exercises on the basis of combat experience of #ATO
Russian air-force drills in Voronezh
Deputies said about the readiness to bail partisan group #Ravlik
Fire in Makiivka
Klyuev wants to sue Groisman
#Russia disrupted a meeting of the working group on economy
#Czech and #Slovakia accused #Russia in attempts to rewrite history
A huge lake of boiling water formed in Vydubychi in Kyiv
A huge lake of boiling water formed in Vydubychi in Kyiv
Aksenov offers Crimeans to collect rainwater
The new Prosecutor of Odessa region will be #Georgians, the former attorney General of Georgia #Zurab #Adeishvili
Girkin said that Putin's aide asked Zakharchenko "forget DNR"
SBU detained in Kharkiv commando group trained in a special camp of #GRU
Militants hit civil house while firing from its yard in Horlivka
Kyiv city guards detained journalists of Russia 24 and handed them to the SBU
Service, showing how the deputies works, earned on the website of the Council
Ukraine resumed supplies of new tanks #Oplot to Thailand
Traces of BUK missile at #MH17 indicate no links to Russian army, different missile type - BUK manufacturer
16 physicians died, more 60 were injured In the ATO - Advisor to the President
Access to file sharing was blocked for Crimeans
Almaz-Antey says analyzed this image, concluded damage to #MH17 not consistent with missile path from Snizhne launch
The parliamentary opposition in Ukraine demands to legislate the Minsk agreements
Build-up of Russian military vehicles at warehouses in Luhansk
Lots of graphs and graphics going on here. Basic claim so far seems to be that it was from a Ukrainian BUK M-1
MH17 analysis by BUK missile maker showing BUK could not possibly have been responsible: media conference now
'We used our experience including 2001 Ukraine shootdown of Russian airliner to analyze MH17 cirumstances': BUK missile maker
#Rada freed University professors and researchers from the mobilization
Almaz-Antey, Buk rocket system maker, to explain why EU sanctions against unjustified, present new MH17 evidence
Residents of #Borislav blocked the road demanding to resolve the issue of water supply
In the region of Donetsk – rotation, militants don't even cover armored vehicles
Activists in Kharkiv painted Lenin
Moskal threatened to close the last checkpoint in the occupied territory
In Koncha-Zaspa an accident happened, which caused 15 km traffic jam
Ukraine wants the seizure of property of Russia for the annexation of Crimea
The Prime Minister of Japan will visit Ukraine for the first time in history on the eve of the G7 summit
Lutsenko showed in Parliament video from the phone of one of the saboteurs of the Russian Federation
Lutsenko showed in Parliament video from the phone of one of the saboteurs of the Russian Federation
A portrait of Lesia Ukrainka appeared on the banks of the Dnieper river
Sanctions against Russia have caused damage to both sides, -Prime Minister of Slovakia
Activists near Rada demand to deprive Klyuev immunity
The interior Ministry confirmed the involvement of "Aidar" to capture the bakery – Moskal (document)
The removal of immunity of Melnychuk and Klyuev will be discussed at the coalition Council
Relative of Medvedev bought the Bank Yanukovych, - MP
#Ukraine joins #Syria #Iraq #Somalia among 6 states from which most #asylumseekers arrive in #EU
Slovenia - NATO Allies training
Battle with saboteur group near Vesela Dolyna near Artemivsk
Prime Minister of Canada will visit Ukraine on June 6-7
Peskov: We never asked #EU to cancel #sanctions. And will not ask
#Russia Military Vehicles spotted near #Ukraine border
Russia Military Vehicles spotted near Ukraine border
Military observers reported about fight in Donetsk aiport
Horlivka. Houses burning after shelling
1 soldier killed, 4 wounded, - "Azov"
US troops launch an RQ-7 Recon drone in #Ukraine as part of Operation Fearless Guardian
US troops launch an RQ-7 Recon drone in Ukraine as part of Operation Fearless Guardian
Russian MP #Zheleznyak: "We will declare war on Ukraine in case of attack on Russian troops in Transnistria"
Ukraine may demand foreign assets of Russia as compensation for occupation of Crimea, - Deputy of Ministry of justice of Ukraine
Slovakia MFA outraged about Russian film, which justified Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia in 1968
Russia push heavy flamethrower system Tos-1 Buration to Shirokino - reconnaissance
European Commission says about #FIFA: Football fans deserve better
Shelling close to civil area in Avdiivka
#Ukraine sailors board US Destroyer USS Ross in Black Sea for joint two day exercise
Ukraine sailors board US Destroyer USS Ross in Black Sea for joint two day exercise
#Obama declared his readiness to assist in investigation of crash of #MH17
Intense battle in #Novhorodske
#Donetsk railway station Again heavy volleys
Outgoing shelling from North Donetsk.
Shelling, smoke and explosions in Donetsk
Shelling, smoke and explosions in Donetsk
#Donetsk. Tank battle in #Spartak-#Opytne area, intense shelling in #Pisky direction, outgoing vollyes can be heard in the centre of city
Shelling in Horlivka
PM Harper travelling to Europe from June 6-11 for G7 in Germany and other stops in Ukraine, Poland and Vatican City
Heavy shelling in Opytne
Shell hit house in Donetsk
Russian "black list" confirms that I'm doing a good deed – MEP
Czech Republic calls Russian Ambassador for explanations about the "black list"
Instense battle in airport-Pisky direction: explosions, small arms
France may cancel an official visit to Moscow because of Russian "black list"
Russian army T-72B1 in occupied Donbas
Russian army T-72B1 in occupied Donbas
76-yo man died in crash of handmade plane near Artemivsk
Lifting of EU sanctions against Russia will not rise by Putin during his many overseas meetings, - Peskov
Destruction in Vuhlehirsk
Poroshenko requires progress in the release of captured soldiers
Shelling in Avdiivka, - reports
In "black list", those people who contributed to "persecution of Russians", - Lavrov
U.N. finds growing signs of Russian involvement in #Ukraine war
3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 7 were wounded and 2 captured in the last 24 hours - NSDC
In the Black Sea -USS Ross begins underway exercise with Ukrainian Navy
[email protected] held a meeting with Chairman of Odesa regional state administration @SaakashviliM
Ukrainian soldiers repelled several tank attacks on Shyrokyne - headquarters of ATO
Belgian F-16s at Malbork in NATO s Baltic Air Policing Mission
Russian Consul on radiation checking
Germany demands explanations from Russia about "black list" of Europeans
#Ukraine marks Children's Day on June 1
Video of USS Ross interaction with Russian aircraft in the Black Sea
Video of USS Ross interaction with Russian aircraft in the Black Sea
NF’s Severomorsk based Ropucha I Aleksandr Otrakovski 031 transited southbound Bosphorus
Sanctions against Tabachnyk & Lukash prolonged 1 year, Serhii Kliuiev 4 months. Viktor Yanukovych Jr removed
Pisky-#Avdiivka heard explosions. Shoot at them like from Ekonomicheskiy, Putilovka, Yasinovataya
#Mariupol once again can hear heavy rumble in the city center. Direction north-east. Outgoing from #Novoazovsk reported.
Putin talked to children in Moscow hospital, wounded at Donbas
Death toll in Ukraine conflict tops 6,400 - UN
In Uzhgorod at charity auction children sold their toys and shoes to support military
Moscow says Latvia turns a blind eye to nationalists stirring up ethnic hatred
The Russian Consul will not be able to attend captured SOF of RF for at least another month, - SBU
#Lavrov on EU blacklist: sanctions were imposed against persons, actively supporting the coup in #Ukraine
#Lavrov: EU opened the way to the coup in Ukraine, where the driving force is played by the Nazis
#Lavrov: EU has fully failed the agreement of 21.02.2014
Air patrol identified Russian Tu-154 near Latvian territorial waters
Train connection Kyiv-Mariupol is resumed
Train connection Kyiv-Mariupol is resumed
Festival "World of childhood" in Luhans'k park
In Shirokino, militants blown up a fence for fun
In Shirokino, militants blown up a fence for fun
Estonian consul not permitted to attend Eston Kohver trial
In last 24 hours in the area of ATO killed three Ukrainian soldiers, and another four were injured - Lysenko
In Estonian waters - SNMG2 and SNMCMG1 units in formation at Operation Open Spirit
Lavrov: Leak of Russian blacklist in the media violates ethical norms
#Russia imposed travel ban on ‘hostile’ EU citizens. 89 total. Most of them are from #Poland.
Militants continue to use Grads - statement of JCCC
Floods in Crimea
Putin will go to Milano for the exhibition EXPO-2015 on June 10
Unknown location
Ukrainian SAM SA-19 Grison in ATO zone
Car accident in Makiivka
Dmitry @Rogozin promised that Russia "will always be with Transnistria"
The Russian foreign Ministry: "black list" of European diplomats is not a political step
Russian troops in Rostov region
Fighter of "Azov" died in hospital from severe shrapnel wounds
Marathon in Kyiv
MoD: Russia will hold more than 1 000 military drills this summer
Russian military holds UAVs drills in occupied South Osetia
The Russian MFA: Russia has right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea
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