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21 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Anthracite. The new commandant Rashid Shakirzyanov called #LNR illegitimate
#PicturesnAll kinds of little brown and green men walking through Graham's interview in #Horlivka.
Fire in #Donetsk getting bigger now, you hear cracking sounds like ammo exploding
#Russia battery Grad ≥ 9 pieces BM-21
#Ukraine partisans in Novoazovsk brought in a "DNR" militant to the Security Services in #Mariupol
[email protected] will increase @OSCE_SMM mission to 500 persons in eastern #Ukraine to monitor #Minsk peace agr implementation
Strelkov urged militants to leave the "new Russia" and back to "old Russia" after the murder of "Batman"
In Donetsk criticized the Turchynov decision to restrict entry into DNR and LNR
Ukrainian troops in Trehizbenka.
Russia militants in #Donetsk Airport with shelling & explosions near New Terminal
Russia militants in Donetsk Airport with shelling & explosions near New Terminal
There is no light, water and heat, the food is prepared from melted snow in Piski
Azov regiment repulsed several attacks near the town of Granite in the past 24 hours.
Families,friends, Kyivans came to Mykhaylivska sq to bid farewell to #Azov regiment guys departing to the front
Cause of explosion there are leakage of toxic liquid at Odessa-Peresyp- MIA
Russia's former PM Kasyanov: "Crimea's not our territory"
Channel #Inter said about the attack on their office
Natonal Guard arrived at Odessa
Head of @NSDC_ua @Turchynov directly at the front in Pisky today
In Zaporizhye in the cinema were looking for explosives
Russian tanks on the move in Luhansk
Russian tanks on the move in  Luhansk
Turchynov works in the area of the ATO today
Russia is preparing to send to the Donbass another supply convoy on 8th of January
Izhevsk. Plant burning
In Odessa captured Russian actor Panin, famous his anti-Ukrainian words
Commander of DRG "Rusich" said that he will fight against LNR & against Ukraine
#Putin replaces mercs in #Ukraine w #Russia Army.Units fr East district now in #Donetsk
Putin replaces mercs in Ukraine w Russia Army.Units fr East district now in Donetsk
Putin allowed foreigners to serve in Russian army
Russian rock singer Yulia Chicherina sang for the residents of Luhansk
Poroshenko with Wife visited St. Sophia square in Kyiv
#Russian BPM-97 Vystrel mod. Dozor-N in Luhansk
Russian BPM-97 Vystrel mod. Dozor-N in Luhansk
Cafe "New Khata" burns now in Kharkiv
Strelkov: the situation with the "Batman" can be sabotage
Turchynov of NSDC asks National committee of TV&Radio to "look closer" at Inter anti-Ukrainian position
US secret outreach to Russia
SBU intercepts telephone call among militants about tanks, rockets and soldiers from Medvedev
Russian Nazi Demushkin to Lifenews: Kyiv encourages anti-Russian hysteria and radicals
Russian Federation army tank and soldiers in #Donetsk
Russian Federation army tank and soldiers in Donetsk
2 citizens were killed & 1 servicemen wounded as result of shelling in #Luhansk oblast
Thugs vandalized the monument to Heavenly Hundred in Rivne
#Russia amb to #EU suggested EU-EEU free trade zone in Eastern Partnership countries. Said sanctions not a hindrance.
The town of #Zolote (Luhansk) after being hit by a heavy Russian Grad missile barrage yesterday.
EU flag RAISED in Sloviansk
#DNR started the "mobilization of the local population between the ages of 16 to 18
Ukrainian Police Arrest Man Who Broke LifeNews Camera During Bandera Procession
On the website of the "Echo of Moscow" new year address of Poroshenko was popular than Putin's one
Russian Investigative Committee launches criminal probe into obstructing activity of Lifenews TV channel in #Kyiv
Foreign ministers of #Ukraine, #Germany, #France, #Russia in phone talk stress need to convene new contact group meeting as soon as possible
#Russia today in one photo
#Avdiivka, dense fog
Putin's troops firing from MLRS BM-21 Grad, Luhansk.
Putin's troops firing from MLRS BM-21 Grad, Luhansk.
Ukrainian forces shot down Russian UAV near Volnovakha
"LNR" press: SOF of LNR kills head of Batman criminal gang
Ukrainian MLRS "Uragan" fire
Ukrainian MLRS Uragan fire
The NSDC: 1 soldier killed, 5 wounded In last 24 hours
"Golden" Lenin was toppled in Odessa region last night
Official newspaper in the Crimea incite hatred and call for war
As a result of shelling in the Zolote two children were wounded - Moskal
Tanker truck exploded in Donetsk. 2 killed. 4 wounded
New #Russia #Navy Borei class #SSBN arrives at Northern Fleet base in Murmansk
4 Russian BSF contract marines killed near Donetsk airport
300 Russian soldiers arrived in Horlivka and took the city under its control
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