Map. History of Ukraine conflict

17 October 2017
Russian TV Zvezda: Ukrainian army deployed 120 Polish mercenaries and 30 tanks at Stanytsia Luhanska
Report from Maryinka: Lights are gone after one more explosion
Ushakov: Putin may discuss with the Trump Syria, Ukraine and bilateral relations
President Poroshenko met with U.S congress delegation
Donetsk water filter station is launched
President Trump plans to focus on Syria and Ukraine during his meeting with Russian President Putin, officials say
Russian T-72 tank was destroyed near Butivka with AGS
20 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 2 soldiers were wounded
Clashes with artillery are reported this morning East to Mariupol
Hit on Russian Tank near Avdiivka
NATO could be forced to respond to the Petya attack, says new report
Lavrov: admit that Russian Federation joined the fight in Donbass
Kadiivka, Holubivka: Artillery has started working at 9PM
Heavy shelling heard at the north of Horlivka.
Damage in Maryinka after shelling
SBU detained a "telephone terrorist" who have threated to blow up metro stations in Kyiv
Horlivka-Rostov bus caught on fire in Makiyivka
Maidan Nezalezhnosti and L'va Tolstogo metro stations are closed in Kyiv due to bomb threat calls
2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 3 wounded in 25 attacks yesterday
Clashes reported to the south of Avdiivka
Heavy artillery is active this night in Donetsk. Western and Northern districts
Lavrov admits Russia is a combatant in Eastern Ukraine, despite years of pretending otherwise
2 evacuation mission today from Donbas to Dnipro
Ukraine says Russian security services involved in recent cyber attack
Avdiyivka is without water cause of shellings again
Damage in Verkhnotoretse after shelling
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 9 wounded in 35 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
It's propaganda
DNR group via Russian Media: Ukraine is pushing tanks to near Donetsk
Heavy clashes in Western districts of Donetsk this evening
It is reported that the individual extinguishing the smoldering fire continues