Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 October 2017
"Agile Spirit 2017": Participation of troops from Georgia, the USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine and Armenia.
SBU Hrytsak to FSB Bortnikov "as officer to officer": "even in war, there are rules for special services, red lines. You crossed them all"
Ukraine step up border control cause of joint Russia-Belarus drill
Military exhibition for the public in Rostov-On-Don, Russia
Ukraine's SBU head Hritsak attacks FSB Chair Bortnikov for many terrorist acts in Ukraine killing tens of people.
Explosion at firing range in Luhansk region this morning(possible ammunition utilization)
Tanks at firing range in Ternove
26 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
Border guards seized almost 60kgs of hashish in a smuggle attempt in L'viv region
Femen protest against Erdogan is discussed on Turkish TV. The hosts say Turkey has to take action against this "immorality"
Lawyer: Activist of Femen Diash was detained by SBU, now at police station
MLRS Uragan driving in Lepiel city, Belarus
FEMEN broke into a football field during a football match protesting against the Turkish president Erdogan.
Loading of cruise missiles "Caliber" to the submarine "Novorossiysk" in Sevastopol.
Military deployment to Krakovets border point where Saakashvilli promised to return to Ukraine
Ukraine security service head wants to ban MPs, politicians and public figures from traveling to Russia; "criminal responsibility" for doing so
Ex-Odesa governor Mikheil Saakashvili claims his brother David, a Kyiv resident, has been detained by Ukraine police
20 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. No casualties
Ukrainian authorities thwart attempt to illegally export firearms to Europe and North America
Military echelon at Razvil'naya station in Rostov region
Russian military echelon unloading in Slonim
Ukraine introduces new border crossing rules for citizens of states which pose threat to our country
Military echelon unloading today in Voronezh region
The Russian Federation transferred to the border with Ukraine the division of OTRK "Tochka-U" with additional. ammunition, communication and support:
The Russian Federation transferred to the border with Ukraine the division of OTRK
Lavrov: the initiators of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria want war of Russia with Ukraine and Moldova
Joint Russia-Belarus drill "Zapad-2017" could pose threat to Ukraine - Poroshenko
OSCE’s Hug: For re-commitment to be more than words, actions are needed - withdrawal of weapons and disengagement must take place
Hug: re-commitment to ceasefire - encouraging political signal from signatories of Minsk. Instead of pausing violence, sides must stop it
Hug: Disengagement process remains stalled. W/ cameras and monitors SMM observes situation in 3 disengagement areas 24-7, around-the-clock
Hug: On 26/08, 2nd day following re-commitment to ceasefire, SMM saw 7 MLRS near govt-ctrl Poltavka and 18 MLRS near non-govt-ctrl Miusynsk