Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 November 2017
Restoration work completed on the monument to the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin repainted gold in Ceadar-Lunga, Gagauzia
Massive fire burning in #Donetsk after #Russia forces shelling today #Ukraine
Massive fire burning in #Donetsk after #Russia forces shelling today #Ukraine
President @poroshenko says 946 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in fighting in East #Ukraine since April.
DNR: There are Polish, American and other foreign fighters in Donets'k airport
Zoo in Lugansk: animals running somewhere in town or sitting in the cells under debris
Lavrov urged Kerry to stop shelling Donetsk
Russians shelling Donets'k airport
#Donetsk airport view right now:
Yatseniuk: government is ready to allocate additional $70M for army
Fight near appeal court in Kyiv
Donetsk. Explosion in Lidiivka
Poroshenko fired the head of the state border service Litvin
The 100th Intelligence Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in North Ossetia crossed from Rostov into #Novoazovsk
Poroshenko signed lustration bill
The office of Gazprom in Moscow was evacuated due to bomb threat
Russian militant and MP of Zlatoust city(Russia) tells about large casualties of militants in Donets'k airport
LNR fighters become... Rusian peacekeepers
Militants broke the cease-fire on #Donbass more than 1000 times - Ukrainian Parliament speaker #Turchynov.
Sappers blew up a bomb In the Zaporozhia region
Rivne regional Council is asking the state's 10 million for the reactivation of a huge military equipment warehouse
Lukashenko pledged to send Belarusian peacekeepers to Ukraine
Units of the regular army of the Russian Federation concentrated In Shakhtarsk - Tymchuk
Fresh graves of "lost" paratroopers in Ukraine were found In Kostroma
Russian Defense Ministry on #Ukraine's defense minister's statements: Time to stop scaring global community with non-existent Russian threat
Black smoke in Khabarovsk this morning
US tanks in Riga
Report: Donets'k' airport is under full Ukrainian control, at least 200 Russians dead
#Sweden's radioelectronic security plane have encountered #Russia's Su-27 jet fighter... at 27 m distance
Russian forces shell Ukrainian-held territory with #Grad
Russian forces shell Ukrainian-held territory with #Grad
Militants shelled school in Shchastya
Poland resumed gas supplies to Ukraine
Klaipeda, Lithuania - Bradley Fighting Vehicles en route to Estonia for joint exercises in Operation Atlantic Resolve
Poroshenko blok campaign advertising on Institutskaya street in Kyiv
An employee of the red cross, citizen of Switzerland was killed in Donetsk
Flames clearly visible from the fire at #Donetsk airport.
Black smoke over Donetsk center. Shelling was very strong. 3 series of explosions
Column of #Russian MiG-29s on M4 highway fr #Rostov to #Krasnodar
The Romanian authorities have raided LUKOIL Petrotel refinery
Muscovite has published photo evidence of participation of the armed forces of RF in the destruction of Donetsk
#Donetsk militants happily firing artillery from residential areas
Mykolaiv' school students and teachers visited the army unit
Column of #Russia BTR-82s on the move in #Rostov
“DPR's" PM Alexander Zaharchenko arrived at #Dontesk bus scene w/ #novorossiya fighters (after attacking themselves!)
"Glory to Ukraine" in #HongKong
Putin: I Hope that the elections in Ukraine will be worthy of and stability will come to country
"Azov" on maneuvers near #Mariupol
Reports about Ukrainian jets in the air
Vladimir Putin speaks at VTB Capital forum
The consequences of yesterday's mortar attack of DNR in Avdiivka
Rechtse Sector demonstreert bij de centrale kiescommissie
Donetsk, now
Statue of Lenin was toppled in Kryvyi Rih last night
Donetsk airport is on fire again