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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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Egypt's Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis militant group has sworn allegiance to Islamic State
Heavy explosions in Donetsk
F-35C completes first carrier landing. MTF
#SBU detained the administrator of "DNR" group (D is for Dnipropetrovsk)
#China's military showed state media reporters their new UAV/drone killer & the damage it does.
Republicans currently have a 70% chance of taking the Senate according to the @NYTLeo model
Funeral ceremony in Samundri and Lahore of killed in yesterday's attack
#Donetsk: sounds of heavy shelling almost nonstop
Dnipropetrovsk shooter at large. Police operation ongoing
[email protected]: Putin is now openly preparing for a new offensive in his Ukraine war. Obama & Co are preparing to be shocked
#Raqqa the 3 people Who were executed By #ISIS In Time Square #Syria in 01/11/2014
Luhansk region will be cut off electricity because of the shortage of coal for TPP
MoD of Albania: Balkans have "always been seen as appendix of Russia’s expansionism towards the Mediterranean basin"
U.S. crude oil futures drop below $80 a barrel
Possible serious clashes tomorrow in Odessa due to Russian nationalists every year march
Sixth Russia’s humanitarian convoy loading in Rostov region, to deliver medicines, fuel – Emergencies Ministry
Echelon of military vehicles formed in Vladivostok
#Lattakia Baath Brigade
The Salmani Building was hit by an indiscriminate shell reportedly fired by Ansar Sharia forces. #Benghazi #Libya
Something burning hard near Panfilova mine in Donetsk
In #Dnipropetrovsk the man on the street began to shoot with AK Now he had barricaded himself in the apartment, negotiations
Poroshenko convene the NSDC to analyze the the Minsk Protocol
#Poroshenko wants to cancel the law about “special status” of Donbass
Saudi Arabia increases December crude prices to Asia
Tire plant on fire in southwest Louisville #Kentucky.
Russian saboteur in Kharkiv was killed in Kharkiv
Flares now over #Donetsk airport next to heavy shelling
Smoke rises from #Donetsk following resumption of heavy shellfire #Ukraine
Shelling heard at Biryuzova streets in Donetsk
Shelling near airport
Smoke rises from a shelled ship docked in the port of #Benghazi. due to clashes between AAS militias & army #Libya
Residents of Makiivka blocked the road in protest against DNR
The entire road between #Rovenky and #Debaltseve is full of #Russian_Army troops. Around 2000 w/tanks
@OSCE_SMM head Amb Apakan announces @OSCE UAVs hit by jammers as Russia-backed fighters attacked Ukrainian ckpt on Oct 29.
Lygin: Zakharchenko was elected head of #DNR. For him voted more than 765 thousand voters
Putin's militants shelled Krymske this night and in the morning
#Moscow, at the construction site in Tsaritsyno
Federica Mogherini statement on elections in Donetsk/Luhansk:"Vote's illegal & illegitimate,EU will not recognize it"
Tymchuk: Russian forces have 4 strike groups in #Ukraine with at least 24000 men, 110 tanks, 250 APCs, 500 trucks, and 80 artillery pieces
Canadian fighter jets made their first combat strike since joining campaign against Islamic State fighters in Iraq
Ukrainian Cyborgs did it again: 2nd floor of Donetsk Airport Terminal cleared of Russians.
"Work will set you free" sign stolen from Dachau
Igor Plotnitsky leads in LNR with 63,17% after 27.8% of the protocols
"Elections" is over but, queues not. Alchevsk now
#Russia respects people's will in Southeastern #Ukraine: Foreign Ministry
In Donetsk Hungarian far-right Jobbik rep says questions about Minsk treaty aren't imp b/c locals lost trust in Kyiv
The head of the DNR elections comission Roman Lygin: processed >50% of the ballots. Zakharchenko - 70%
Ukrainian patriots urged Russian nationalists not to hold rally on 4 of Nov("Russian march") in Odessa
Military situation in #Hama and #Idlib Governorates.
UK and Qatar sign pact to combat jihadis
Rally in Dnipro after FC Dnipro- FC Dynamo match
Dances in Donetsk
Avdiivka. Ukrainian artillery return fire.
More mortar-like booms in Baghdad. Every 5-10 minutes.
#Ukraine provide Kraz Cougar armored vehicles to #OSC
#Russia electronic warfare convoy arrived #Donetsk today some w Camo netting #Ukraine
Russia electronic warfare convoy arrived Donetsk today some w Camo netting Ukraine
#Donetsk: series of explosions airport direction. Sounds like artillery is at work again right after election is over
Exit poll: Ukraine main militants leader, Zakharchenko, wins separatist vote in Donetsk with 81% (AFP)
"The rule of law needs to prevail in the country" - Shymkyv, Head of Pres. Administration
According to the results of the exit poll for the head of the Republic voted 100,1% of the population
Seemingly armed #Predator drone over Kafar Takharim in #Idlib
Recent photo shows KFC takeout under a Gaza/Egypt tunnel.
In Kyiv arrested 6 members of subversive groups - SBU
With world's attention focused on ISIS, #Syria reportedly drops 401 barrel bombs in two weeks.
ISIS leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi orders bodies of all Kurdish fighters to be burned
50 people came to the concert in Donetsk
Explosion rocks Baghdad - Reuters witness
[email protected]: Ukraine and the entire civilized world do not recognize this farce. Hope that pseudo-election does not recognize and Russia!
#Kobane: Reporters inside the town indicate defenders are trying to take 'Security Zone' from #IS today.
One of the tanks seized in Homs by IS
Sarajevo. Numerous fans from both sides injured. #SarajevoDerby today
2 Security forces wounded of fire bombs, 1 at Kever Rachel and 2nd at Qualndiya during clashes, reports of riots ongoing in Atrot
Moment car exploded this morning in Mariupol.
Moment car exploded this morning in Mariupol.
14 killed and 29 wounded in Baghdad by a suicide attack
Sudden announced strike reported at Ben Gurion Airport, outgoing flights have been canceled so far.
Militants in Donetsk staged concert
40 dead, 70+ wounded in Wagah bombing. Jundallah takes responsibility for attack claiming it is reaction to Operation Zarb e Azb.
China may order HK Gov to use "violent force" to end #OccupyCentral protests after APEC Nov -Ex-NPC member
Fountain in center of Kyiv
#IQAF Mi-28 hovering over baghdad yesterday.
Explosions in the center of Horlivka
Kamaz with shells overturned at the intersection of Mira & Shakhtostroiteley in Donetsk
DNR already reference to RF law
Small clashes with police in Kharkiv
Rally of doctors in Moscow
Militants shelled several positions of Ukrainian army in Luhansk region, including CP near Kryms'ke
IDPs protesting in the center of Dnepropetrovsk against "elections"
#Makiivka. Something is burning
Mariupol now. The rally in Liberty square. Despite the cold, gathered about a hundred of Mariupol.
Donbass is Ukraine . Rally of IDPs from Donbass in Kyiv
Queue in Antratsyt
List of "observers" at "DNR" "election"
Yet another military convoy of 40+ trucks passing #Khartsyzk toward #Donetsk. With anti-aircraft guns, fighters.
USSR strikes back
Voting in Ilovaysk
The ballot papers for the "elections" in DNR
Hungry pensioners came to vote for the cabbage
Russian "humanitarian aid" as bait for the participants of the so-called. "Elections" in the so-called. LNR/DNR
#Lugansk queue at a polling station in 48 school
Voting for the future of DNR and LNR
Protest in Minsk "Long live Belarus" Belarusian flags again on Central Avenue
Militants shelled Girske with GRAD MLRS
A dozen white trucks outside Ilovaisk emblazoned with "Humanitarian aid from Russia" and Russian flags. Military plates.
Self-proclaimed Zaharchenko and his gang
Heavy explosion at checkpoint in Mariupol
Leader of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko voted at polling station
8 trucks with boxes of weapons/ammo head toward Donetsk on Election Day
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