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24 อาจ 2018

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After midnight - still long queue to say goodbye to Kuzma Skryabin in Lviv
CNN's @jimsciutto Heading to Kyiv with @JohnKerry who'll meet Pres. #Poroshenko to discuss #Ukraine crisis
Shells hit Coke Coal plant in Avdiivka. 1 worker killed
Fireworks/flares over Donetsk tonight
Fireworks/flares over Donetsk tonight
LifeNews drives all around #Vuhlehirsk. The city is 99% under Russian control
LifeNews drives all around Vuhlehirsk. The city is 99% under Russian control
Amb @ischinger makes argument for arming #Ukraine if #Russia does not stop arming separatists
Shelling in Donetsk today
#ACUkraine meeting with Holiness Filaret of #Ukraine Orthodox Church. Discussion about good vs evil.
Russian convoy in Makiivka today
Vuhlehirs'k today
#Canadian troops arrive to #Poland #Drawsko Land Forces Training Center
2 Ukr servicemen were KIA in an engagement near Shyrokyne
Fire in Donetsk now
"Zacharchenko of DNR and his chief"
In Kazakhstan arrested two more mercenaries fighting in Ukraine on the side of the Russia
Militant from the Donbass in Moscow
Militant from the Donbass in Moscow
Evacuation of Trehizbenka
Pentagon 2008 study claims Putin has Asperger's syndrome
Convoy of MLRS Smerch in Khartsyzsk
Convoy of MLRS Smerch in Khartsyzsk
"Salut" plant is burning in Moscow - manufacturer of engines for Su jets. Not plant but school near
Journalists have found evidence of shelling of hospital in Donets'k by militants
Igor Kolomoisky plans to become President of the football Federation
#Kyivstar turned off the mobile communications in ATO
The separatists have posted in the social network list of Mariupol' citizens, who is subject to mobilization
Three people, who were under the rubble four days, were rescued in Debal'tseve
#SBU detained traitor in the General staff of the Ukrainian armed forces and terrorist, who organized storm AP
Hungarian radicals threaten to shut off gas to Ukraine because the mobilization of the Hungarians of Transcarpathia
SBU has established the identity of a Russian officer, who was preparing a terrorist attack near the AP
Force of #ATO have destroyed 14 enemy tanks near #Debal'tseve
The Prosecutor's office opened a case on the shelling of the hospital in Donetsk
SBU foiled the plans of terrorists who wanted to organize a terrorist act near Verkhovna Rada, - Nalivaichenko
Force of ATO have killed terrorists, who shelled Mariupol', - Nalyvaychenko
Nikishine after the battles
The centre of resistance to the occupation #Crimea was presented in Kyiv
Russian military vehicle in Donetsk
Report: #Russia forces near Shyrokyne fired GRAD rockets to East #Mariupol
Funeral of Kuzma Skryabin in Lviv
Destroyed vehicles near Debaltseve
Russian soldiers beats militant into his face, not happy w/ the situation in Vuhlehirsk
Russian soldiers beats militant into his face, not happy w/ the situation in  Vuhlehirsk
SBU: 11 Russian military personnel who have committed attack on Mariupol are exterminated
Fire in Kharkiv on Shota Rustaveli street
SBU detained cargo of weapons near Kyiv,which was planned to be used in sabotage near Rada
As Moldova's pro-EU parties bicker, entire 25-member faction of Socialist Party flies to Moscow to strategize
#Debaltseve , Ukraine army continue evacuating civilians, the only road is still under MLRS, mortar fire
Russian TV shows fresh army reinforcements arriving in #Donbas
EU's @FedericaMog calls for temp cease-fire around Debaltseve to allow civilians to flee fighting
Combat in Parliament disown "military", who demanding the impeachment near Presidential Administration
The staff of the Odessa Lermontov sanatorium require to stop the sale of the hospital
#Russian foreign Ministry: Entry with passports will not be for Ukrainians
The plane with the body flies today. A citizen of the Russian Federation, terrorist and musician Arkady Bragin, was killed in war in Donbass
Rada has revoked President title of Yanukovich
One of the leaders of #Azerbaijan Diaspora was shot in #Luhans'k
Three killed in shelling around east Ukraine hospital: AFP
Ukraine cancelled the visa-free regime with Russia
At least 15 killed in #Donetsk hospital shelling reportedly
Shell hit in 27 hospital of Donets'k
#Ukraine says #Russia proxies massing for another assault on strategic rail and road town of #Debaltseve.
#Rada agreed to attract Europeans to reform #MIA and #SBU
Terrorists are shelling Hnutove. Explosions are heard in Mariupol'.
Ordinary citizens do not understand the nature of the reforms, - Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration
Saudi Arabia and Russia conducted secret talks about "expensive oil", - The New York
Grenade exploded at parking in Dnipropetrovsk, 2 wounded
Press-center “North” reports about destroying terrorist tanks near #Shchastya
The wall struck on the car in Yalta
Destruction in #Vuhlehirsk after heavy fighting over night
Rada ratifies agreement on the establishment of the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian military brigade
Police defused an explosive device in #Dnipropetrovs'k
Terrorists hacked the Uglegirs'k city's official website
Crimeans are proposed to build the Kerch bridge at their own expense
While Zaporizhzhya mayor "in ATO", he is wanted by the Prosecutor's office
Bodies of the dead during the previous shelling are found In the Popasna, - Moskal'
Consequences of morning shelling in Donets'k
Lithuania - joint Lithuanian-US training in #AtlanticResolve: #Allies
Russian troops/ "Separatist" tank shelling apt building point blank in Uglegorsk
Stanytsia Luhanska under shelling now
Russian Missile troops hold drills in #Kaliningrad region
Militants in Vuhlehirs'k
Militants in Vuhlehirs'k
Russia evicts Polish consulate over $1 million unpaid rent
Citizens leaving Debaltsevo
Convoys Of Possible Electronics Warfare Equipment Spotted Moving Near Ukraine's Border
Russian T-72 B picture today on @CNN @cnni
#Russia|n 9K35 Strela-10 mobile SAM in #Donetsk, eastern #Ukraine today
Romanian MFA Aurescu condemns the violence in the East #of Ukraine and the shelling of civilians
Zacharchenko: Ukraine is run by "miserable" jews
'NATO shells being used in #Ukraine' - DPR's Basurin
Now, all is quiet near Presidential administration
Moscow Readying a Massive Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Golts Says
The storming of the presidential Administration: "Battalion brotherhood requires martial law"
#Ukraine Tu-143 #UAV crashed near Irmino, #Luhansk - Militants claim shoot down
Ukraine Tu-143 UAV  crashed near Irmino, Luhansk - Militants claim shoot down
#Lavrov: It’s necessary to continue talks instead of pointing fingers at Russia and militiamen
Ukrainian "rebel"
Group "Komu vnyz" dedicated the song to "the Right sector.
More than half of Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Captured Russian tank T-72
Captured Russian tank  T-72
Russia will retain a visa-free regime with Ukraine with the aim to disrupt the mobilization
The building of the Kuibyshev district administration was shelled in Donets'k
Activist of "Antimaidan" are judged for finishing off a wounded activist in Kharkiv
Headquarters of the ATO explained what mean daily reports of militants about downed aircrafts of APU
Svetlana Davydova will be released today.
Plotnisky calling Ukrainians to hide from mobilization in "LNR"
Ukrainian fighters destroyed 2 tanks and mortar of enemy near Mariupol
The militants are ready to negotiate with Kuchma
The Secretary General of NATO will meet with foreign Minister of Russia for the first time
NATO fighters intercepted the Russian aircraft over the Baltic sea
Refugees of Uglegirs'k
The head of the Venice Commission called for the suspension of lustration in Ukraine
"Self-defense of the Crimea" has started capture private property under the guise of a nationalization
Terrorists agreed on humanitarian corridors in the area Debal'tseve
#Russia planned military exercises with North Korea and Cuba
Ukraine closes entry for the Russians with internal passports
Earthquake was in the Poltava region
SBU detained two militants from the gang of "Chechen" In Mariupol
Rallies for and against the mobilization continues in Kramators'k
3 checkpoints on the border with Ukraine were threatened by mining in Poland
#EU has lifted duty on Ukrainian pipes. For the first time in 16 years
The military Prosecutor's office checks the orders that command was given to the commander of the battery "Kyiv Rus"
Azarov, who hiding from the investigation, wrote a book. He will show it to the press
Commander of the National guard will be appointed by the President, - the law
Opponents of mobilization in #Kramators'k are trying to get to the recruiting office. Military and police keep them.
A group of women gathered near the Defense Ministry in Kyiv. They require assistance with weapons and equipment to surrounded, according to them, 25 battalion
Force of ATO repelled the attack near Popasna and destroyed the control center of militants
The police became a cordon between opponents of mobilization and Ukrainian activists
FT: Putin suggested Merkel "Chechen" option settlement to the crisis in Ukraine
Six civilians were killed, 18 wounded for night in Donets'k region
Rally against mobilization in #Kramators'k. Ukrainian activists are meeting too.
Large-scale military training has begin in southern Russia and the Crimea, - Ministry of defence
"LNR" want to use the branch of "The Oschadbank" in its banking system,
Moskal': Terrorists have fired several tens missiles of "Grad" on the village Novotoshkivka
The status of combatants received almost 7 thousand Ukrainian military, - General staff
Hospitals and morgues in Krasnyi Luch, Antratsyt and Snezhnoe are overcrowded by terrorists
Gubarev has promoted "Donbass Rus'" in 2005 yet
#Donetsk, fire near "Empire furniture"
#SBU has covered Russian "information center", that advocated the annexation #Crimea
Heavy smoke over Donetsk
#US decided not to provide #Ukraine weapons in the near future
Kadyrov says that the new commander of "Dudayevites" in ATO killed Isa Munawi on CIA order
28 "cyborgs" were missing in Donets'k airport
Firtash and Levochkin fully acquired the shares of TV channel "Inter"
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