Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 February 2018


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Russia’s defence ministry tests long-range missile for S-400 ABM systems
The Deputy commander of air/missile defense troops of Russia: Threat of instant US strike - main for Russia
Moto mortar of national guard of Ukraine
Poroshenko: Our army has power to respond to the violation of the ceasefire regime
"March for justice" was held in Dnipropetrovsk for second time
Donetsk. Armored vehicles repair plant
Donetsk. Armored vehicles repair plant
Russian militants push MLRS and other heavy armor to frontline
The opening of the "French spring" in Kyiv
NATO concerned after Russian ships dock in closed naval base near Norway
Empty shelves in Donetsk store
Big #Russian Army tanks convoy moving through #Lugansk to Donetsk direction today
Big Russian Army tanks convoy moving through Lugansk to Donetsk direction today
Ukrainian mortars near Donetsk aiport
SBU promised to "ensure presence" of Simonenko for questioning
President of Slovakia: Russian Federation shall ensure implementation of peace process in Ukraine
Kharkov. Fighters of 92 brigade sing anthem of Ukraine
Yatsenyuk and Avakov ride on new cars of patrol police
Kharkiv. Solemn sending of fighters 92 brigade in the ATO
Reports of Military convoys in Donetsk direction from Lugansk
Russian militants shelled Avdiivka with tanks and 122mm artillery tonight
Car fire in Kyiv
New Belorussian MLRS "Polonaise"
Snow in Crimea
Today 79th brigade received the ten BTR-80 and two BTR-70, after repair at "Mykolaiv armored plant".
Poroshenko congratulates with Pesach
The government of Ukraine proposed Rada to open the archives of 1917-1991
Rally near the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.
Meeting of Ukrainian, Russian generals and OSCE in Shyrokyne. Discussed the ceasefire
Bomb was found at Bilhorodske Highway in Kharkiv. Police on the site
Poroshenko has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law "On the legal regime of martial law"
Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Jason Dunham transits upper Bosphorus
Three countries of #EU wrote a collective letter Mogherini with safety recommendations
The taxi driver, who supplied rebels with drugs and prostitutes, was arested in Luhansk
Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadiya Savchenko suspends hunger
In the Russian segment @Twitter found 18 thousand Kremlin trolls
Today Vinnitsa said goodbye to two cyborgs
Today volunteers of "Civilian self-defense" gave renovated BTR-70 to army
In St. Michael's Cathedral said goodbye to #cyborg Igor Branowicki
S-300(SA-20 Gargoyle) AA in Sevastopol
Aaircraft manufacturers to demand payment of salary arrears in #Kharkiv
Activists picket city hall, seeking approval of personnel changes with the public in Dnipropetrovsk
Russian Foreign Ministry says 'Cold War Knights' driving US anti-Russia fury
Russia accused the United States of deploying a “rabid anti-Russian campaign”
Soldiers in full uniform, with loaded guns, searches in Yalta today
International organizations will be involved to lifting of landmines in Donbass
Former rector Melnik seeks reinstatement through the court
Turkey plans to send to the Crimea observers for the oppression of the Crimean Tatars
The leaders of the terrorists recognize that humanitarian aid from Russia is plundered
OSCE observers visited the destroyed Donetsk airport first time
The Russian military trained fighters and taking part in important battles - Associated Press
OSCE experts still do not have access to the two regions in the ATO
Russian OSCE envoy say West has to accept there are no Russian troops in east Ukraine
FSB recognized cell of "Right sector" in the Crimea as a terrorist organization
Putin really rooting during the long absence in March, - media
Gate of Rada was decorated with coats of arms of Ukraine instead the Soviet symbols
A memorial plaque of Pavel Kolesnikov,who died at the airport on 7 November, was opened in Nikolaev
Fighters of "Right sector" are moving to contract in the Armed forces, - Birukov
In Slavyansk unsuccessfully tried to overthrow Lenin
Court returned Yanukovych's Forest in Suholuchya to state property
Occupiers "officially" took #Poroshenko marine plant in #Crimea
Russian military near Novocherkassk, Rostov region
Depositors of "Delta Bank" lit tires near Cabinet
Estonia - F-16 Fighting Falcons training in Estonia
Pisky now
Internal troops drills began in Crimea
Investigators searched the house of the former head of Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergiy Bochkovsky
Military trucks of fighters of #LNR go from #Luhansk towards #Donetsk.
Military trucks of fighters of LNR go from Luhansk towards Donetsk.
#Pisky. 600 meters to the enemy position
#Russia banned Ukrainian Toilet bowl cleaner and remedy for cockroaches
The police discovered another cache of arms in Kramatorsk
Terrorists of "DNR" and "LNR" scheduled to provocation on Easter
Fighters of "Azov" joked at Russians posing as Americans
Fighters of Azov joked at Russians posing as Americans
Western Ukraine was covered by snow
NBU allocated to the Bank #Kolomoisky almost 700 million UAH support
Buryat from Donbass back in Siberia, in the hospital. His mother says no help from The Russian Defense Ministry
Shokin appointed a new Prosecutor of the Donetsk region
The OSCE complains that the militants were not allowed observers to Horlivka, and ATO forces in the Krymskoe
#Diploms of "universities" from the occupied territories are invalid - #Ministry of education
Citizens of #Horlivka join the ranks of the army of DNR, contract for 3 years, the Commissar Shalimov, go to Donetsk
A car exploded tonight in Kharkiv on Trinkler street
A car exploded tonight in Kharkiv on Trinkler street