Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 มิถุนายน 2018

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Group of Ukr servicemen tripped a mine in Luhansk region. 5 KIA - 2 of Aidar, 3 of 24th brigade - Aidar serviceman
In Luhansk heard explosions from Stanitsa Luhanska
Heavy smoke over Donetsk
Heavy smoke over Donetsk
In the area of ATO killed one soldier, two wounded - Lysenko
Fire in military registration and enlistment office of Ordzhonikidzevsky district in Kharkiv
Oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people of Patrol police
The staff of the Kharkiv aviation plant picketed the Bank "Finance and credit" by requiring the payment of their salaries
How roads are being repaired in Crimea
How roads are being repaired in Crimea
Ukrainian vessel was arrested for entering ports of annexed Crimea
Poroshenko has cancelled the lustration of the former head of Kyiv police
SBU detained mercenaries of "DNR"
Dzhemilev offers to Poroshenko strip the special status of Sevastopol
The militants of "LNR" told how he had captured Savchenko
The Artemivsk city Council authorized the dismantling of the monuments of the epoch of communism
There was a road accident involving 5 vehicles In Mariupol
Monument of Lenin was dismantled In Kostyantynivka
Poroshenko congratulated Lukashenko on independence Day
The court returned to the state land of Klyuev near Odessa
The monument of Lenin was dismantled In Konstantinovka, Donetsk region
In the Parliament registered the abolition of the police act and restructuring
New Bicycle police patrol In Khmelnytsky
A picket in support of Rafis Kashapov near Russian Ambassy in Kyiv
Illegal floors above the House of trade unions will be carried
An electronic system of pass one of the checkpoints was begun testing In zone of anti-terrorist operation
Shtepa was extended the period of detention without the possibility of bail until September 2
DNR stated that it will not transfer the date of elections
6 MPs refused to vote for the law on restructuring of foreign currency loans
MPs go on vacations until 14 July
Today, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov held a meeting on the completion of construction of defensive lines in the area of ATO
Shtepa again wants to be mayor of Slavyansk
The speaker of the foreign Ministry of Poland can be an Ambassador in Ukraine
Chernihiv volunteers gave drone to the ATO area
The state Duma postponed the election of MPs in 2016
Kostenko is forced to write daily reports in jail – lawyer
A March of the volunteers under the protection of 1,000 policemen will be held In Kyiv
Day of the reunification of Crimea with Russia" was included in the school curriculum In Russia
200 demobilized troopers returned in lviv
Four soldiers were wounded in zone of ATO in the Donbas, - the headquarters
9% were volunteers during the fifth wave of mobilization
Day in ATO has passed without losses
Malaysia is asking the UN to establish the international Tribunal for the downed Boeing MH17
Nuland: sanctions – the choice of the Russian Federation, and it will be increased, if Russia will not observe Minsk-2
Popasna remained without TV and mobile communications after shelling
The court postponed the trial of Kernes on 15 July
The General staff: the sixth stage of partial mobilization will last until 17 August
The son of the controversial judges Chernushenko was detained
Kharkiv. Rymarska street closed because of bomb threat
SBU seized 120 tons of food that were sent to the occupied territories
Operation AtlanticResolve - US Army soldiers conduct airborne operation in Adazi, Latvia.
Schultz from Rada tribune urged to negotiate with Russia
Ukraine has decided to export in the EU all electrical power from the second unit of Khmelnitsky NPP
Poltava. Kharkiv activists outside the courtroom over Kernes, picketed the court.
Meeting of Poroshenko and EP President @MartinSchulz
MPs asked Poroshenko to veto the law on the restructuring of foreign currency loans
Stanitsa Luhanska and Trohizbenka were shelled at night
The court of Kernes: Kernes and Dobkin, Pisarenko and two of the accused guards Kernes were at the meeting
A grenade exploded in the yard of a local Deputy of the Kyiv region
Lutsenko wrote the application for addition of powers of the Chairman of the faction of Block of Poroshenko
The Association Ukraine-EU fully was ratified by 21 countries of the EU - Poroshenko
Facebook has deleted a post of the Deputy head of Roskomnadzor of the word "khokhol"
Heavy downpour stopped traffic in Kremenchug
The Chernobyl fire forest in the exclusion zone. SSES reports of four fire areas
Poroshenko told U.S. congressmen about the need for new sanctions against Russia
Jaresko: the law on the restructuring of foreign currency loans is populism and the challenge of justice
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