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19 สิงหาคม 2018

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Russian mainstream TV now reporting airborne soldier KIA in #Ukraine "on vacation" & commenters question vacation
Near the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Kharkiv Putin was put in the coffin: "Tactical retreat in hell."
Ukrainian paratroopers take seven Russian military men prisoner in the blocked Donetsk airport
Empty shop shelves in Makiivka
@SenJohnMcCain: Conflict in #Ukraine today is about far more than #Ukraine itself
Grad missile attack by Russian forces near Mariupol
#Lavrov: We have done, are doing and will do everything we can in support of dialogue and a ceasefire #Ukraine @OSCE
#Poroshenko & #Cameron in chat during #NATOSummitUK
Shelling in Olenivka
Burning Shyrokyne
President of #Ukraine Petro #Poroshenko had a meeting with President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski @NATOWales
@SenJohnMcCain Landed in #Kyiv - headed to meetings with the PM and other officials
Finland and Sweden signing the HNS MoU with NATO at @NATOWales #NATOsummitUK
Holande says "ceasefire and a political settlement" in Ukraine are France's conditions for delivering Mistral warships to Russia
Donetsk after shelling
Ukrainian air-borne troops from Luhansk airport came back home
Natalka Gumenyuk, @HromadskeTV: positions of Ukrainian army near Mariupol are completely destroyed, there are wounded and killed
Mariupol now
Distance cement structures to stop tanks outside of #Mariupol
Picket against the war with Ukraine in Moscow
Wounded pro-#Ukrainian fighter in Dnipropetrovsk told that #Russian soldiers in Ilovaysk were astonished to find she spoke Russian
Ukraine militants leaders say they are to issue a ceasefire order Friday
A criminal case about MiG-31 crash was opened of in Krasnodar region
#Russian army URAGAN MRLS
Taruta says: Mariupol is well protected
#Obama is scheduled to make a statement on the situation in eastern #Ukraine later today
NATO leaders and Poroshenko
#Poroshenko to declare #Ukraine 1100 GMT ceasefire if #Minsk talks resume Friday
Smoke rising and sounds of shelling from what we think is the village of Kominternove
Shelling on the outskirts of Mariupol
Ivan Rusnak appointed acting Minister of Defence at a nonpublic session of the Ukrainian parliament."
NATO military officer says Russia has several thousand combat troops, hundreds of tanks & armored vehicles inside Ukraine. Reuters
Ukrainian troops in Mariupol
#Heletey is no more the #Ukrainian MoD. The Verhovna Rada dismissed him
Persecuted Russian Parliamentarian Ponomarev, Sole Voter Against Crimea Annexation, Decides to Remain Abroad
Poroshenko discussed with Obama aggression against Ukraine
Photo: @PavloKlimkin , @JohnKerry and @AndersFoghR talk about the situation in #Ukraine
#Ukrainian military vehicles abandoning camp near Starobilsk, in face of what they say are rockets fired fm #Russia.
Mi-8 helicopter crashed In Gelendzhik
Another vehicle hit in that Berezove ambush. DNR checkpoint on highway hit by Grad rockets nearby
About 20 Russian tanks are storming Ukrainian positions in Shyrokyne
Blown up the bridge in Trekhizbenka
NSDC: since the beginning of the ATO 837 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, injured - 3044
@Yatsenyuk_AP: We expect from the @NATO and the European Union their decisions to stop the aggressor. #NATOforUkraine
Russian army could launch an offensive in the North of Luhansk and the South of Donetsk regions - NSDC
Poroshenko meeting with Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Renzi and Hollande at @NATOWales #NATOforUkraine
Dutch investigators to issue initial report on MH17 crash
Big news for Russian media: Vedomosti newspaper has been sold "to unknown buyers". Has been an important independent voice at times.
Heavy fight in Shyrokyne
Tymoshenko and Tyahnybok insist on Martial law in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. request to President in Rada
At OSCE Ukraine calls for more vigorous international measures to punish Russian violations of intl law
Russia conducts full-scale exercises on the border with Kazakhstan
@PMBreedlove: NATO Response Force now tailored to Russian capabilities & threat #FutureNATO
Today Russian forces, special forces, Russian-backed forces & Russian finances r very very active inside Ukraine- @PMBreedlove
Per @AndersFoghR's arrival stmt, doesn't sound like #Poroshenko getting any arms today at @NATOWales, no surprise; more political support
Estonia PM @TaaviRoivas: Russia wages undeclared war in Ukraine, occupies territory of 3 neighbors, identifies NATO/EU as threat #FutureNATO
The Russian FM asks its subscribers to make list of lands lost by Russia in XIX century
Russia accuses #google in spying for #Ukraine
Ukrainian forces left Debal'tseve
Rally at Bankova
#Ukraine The road to the south from Ilovaisk is paved with 68 vehicles completly destroeyd by the Russian artillery
Two tanks. T-64 (with flag of LNR) and T-72 passed Makiivka In the direction of Donetsk
Rally near Rada move to President Administration
#USS #Ross to Enter #BlackSea
Deputy PM @DRogozin about NATO summit: "Wont be held as a masquerade but rather as in "good old" cold times
World leaders due to meet #Ukraine president ahead of Nato summit
OSCE finally reports that Russia is shelling Ukraine by the Donetsk checkpoint:
There is no water supply in Donetsk
Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk Rejects Putin's Proposal for Ceasefire Plan
Russian artillery shelled #Pervomaisk and #Popasnaya
The Georgian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution accusing Russia of aggression against Ukraine
Militants say the bridge & petrol station on road between #Donetsk & #Luhansk was blown up yesterday
#Germany fails to keep #Merkel on treatment of wounded #Ukraine soldiers
France says conditions 'not in place' to allow delivery of two warships to Russia.
Mariupol is preparing for guerrilla warfare against Russia
People enforcing Berdyans'k
Several hundreds at the embassy of russian federation rally against war
The @EU_Commission says it has approved new sanctions against #Russia. Legislation to be sent to national capitals
Russia's strategic nuclear forces set to hold major exercise this month with 4000 soldiers
#Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO
4 MLRS GRAD passed Makiivka in the direction of Khartsyzsk
#POTUS: "We must continue to stand united against Russia's aggression in #Ukraine."
Obama: We will not accept Russia's occupation/illegal annexation of Crimea, or any part of Ukraine
Obama says #NATO summit this week must send unmistakable message of support to #Ukraine
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports that Ukrainian positions were shelled with MLRS Grad in Kherson region
87 bodies of soldiers who was killed in Ilovaisk moved to Zaporizhye
Crimean Tatar HQ Vandalised: Mejlis building attacked in Russian-occupied Crimea
Crimean Tatar HQ Vandalised: Mejlis building attacked in Russian-occupied Crimea
7 tons of humanitarian aid depart from Lithuania to Ukraine today
Putin hopes for 'final agreement' between Kyiv, militants on Friday
Putin urges militants "to stop active offensive in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions"
Kremlin updating military doctrine to ID NATO as #1 security threat. Ominous, since it's true only if RU commits aggression against alliance
Ukrainian flag on top of #Volnovakha admin and lonely army APC
Fight for Donetsk airport.
#Donetsk, view from the side of the railway terminal
British and French warships arriving in Cardiff Bay for #NATOSummitUK
Russian troops in Heorhiivka near Lutuhyne
Shells hit a residential house in Schastye
Ukraine starts the project "the Wall" on the border with Russia - Yatsenyuk
Russian forces in Ukraine
#Obama says no settlement possible as long as #Russia is sending troops disguised as separatists in #Ukraine via @LBCI_News_EN
Poroshenko did not agree ceasefire with Donetsk Republic in East Ukraine - "PM" Purgin
Kremlin spokesman says Putin and Ukrainian president did not agree ceasefire as Russia not party to Ukraine conflict
President @poroshenko has announced the ceasefire on his Twitter, just after a tweet about his wife doing the ice bucket challenge.
@okeanelzy in Odessa
President Obama visits Estonia today
Spain has delivered on Monday (military equipment) 300 helmets and 500 bulletproof vests to Kyiv
EU considering banning Russian state firms borrowing
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