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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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#ISIS driving away with US-made APC's captured from #Iraq army 30th brigade at Saqlawiya camp last week
Apparently drunk woman creates disturbance; many ppl shout at her
Офіцер поліції робить заяви, але дуже погано чути. Він закликає громадян зберігати спокій.
Riot Police pull out Pringles-size pepper spray
Facebook status of a #Libya-n Jihadist in #Syria reads, “Traveling to the #US to carry out a suicide attack”.
Alleged photo of a surface-to-air missile launched in the direction of Quneitra, Syria.
Empty shelves in Sevastopol
Riot police taking positions
"the turtles (ie police) are coming"
Clashes with police in #Madrid on against demo against monarchy
Поліцейські з щитами і кийками оточили протестувальників у Монгкоці.
Putin has ordered to capture Donetsk airport this weekend - to set base there, - Malomuzh
Колишній топ-чиновник каже, що в Північній Кореї розпал громадянської війни, а новий лідер країни - лише маріонетка.
Чутні постріли - паніка, натовп побіг!
Частина протестуючих йде з Монгкоку - за ними йде поліція.
На Шанхайській вулиці велике скупчення поліції. Частина наділа шоломи.
Injured policeman
Mong Kok remains tense at 3:20 am, after a police officer was injured and sent away on an ambulance.
Red Cross halts activities in #Ukraine after worker's death
WhiteHouse confirms Vice-President #Biden apologized to #Turkish President #Erdogan for #IslamicState remarks
A sick passenger is being investigated for #Ebola at Newark airport
Boy pepper sprayed. Police batons out
Russian paratrooper and Muslims going to Eid al-Adha celebration in Moscow
The only Ukrainian political advertising campaign running in Donetsk - "Opposition block", reincarnation of Party of Regions
MK Warning signs out. Police & ppl yelling. Some arrested.
#Germany sends more than 100 trucks with aid to #Ukraine
Strange explosion in Donetsk. Some kind of fireworks possible
United jet quarantined at Newark after man from Liberia vomiting on plane
MK pandemonium at langham. Police press ppl & others in detention against barricaded. Loud chants.
If these young HKers sleep here at all on Sunday, it will be with gas masks and umbrellas.
BBC finds #Donetsk militants set up base in residential apartment block, plan war #Ukraine
Russian neo-nazi, who fight for DNR posted picture from Kyiv
#SNA and #AMISOM forces have captured Ababay, only 14 km away from the southern #AlShabaab stronghold Barawe
2motor boats of Ukr border guards came under fire from mortars set betw Shyrokyne / Bezimenne - ATO news center
Police just arrested two men onto police car. Identify unknown. #Mongkok #hongkong
Poroshenko urged workers Zhytomyr armored plant to work in three shifts
Police build up in in streets surrounding Mong Kok #Occupycentral
#Slavyansk today
Police coming #HongKong
#Suruç, Kurdish town in #Turkey on Syrian border, 1000s marched n solidarity with #Kobane today
Due to report - number of nuclear warheads deployed in North Europe significantly increased
Security Service of #Ukraine found weapon hidden by terrorists near #Lysychansk
Tense in #Hongkong Mongkok now as police turned up n pushed crowd in. Unfurled 'stop charging or we use force' flag
#OccupyHK demonstrators put their hands up after police raise "Stop charging or we will use force" signs in Mongkok.
More APCs and tanks captured by #ISIS after completely controlled #Iraq|i army Brigade 30th in #Fallujah..
Former Haiti dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, "Baby Doc", is dead
Poroshenko checked the readiness of the army for the winter
China test fires 10,000-km range nuclear missile, can reach most of US and European
Warsaw has no plans to supply weapons to Kyiv - MFA of Poland
#UK air-forces struck targets south to #Kirkuk a while ago..
This guy's T-shirt says Not Made in China. "I'm really not made in China. I'm from #HK"
Yulia #Tymoshenko to visit #Moscow on Oct 13 to attend POW Nadia #Savchenko trial. Savchenko tops #Batkivshchyna party list.
Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to Islamic State and global jihad
Benny Tai at rally: "This is not a color revolution. This is a movement of Hong Kong people to get the political rights they should enjoy."
An effigy of Kivalov was burned in Odessa
Mistral warship with second Russian crew completes sea trials in France
Two fighters of Right Sector were killed in Donets'k airport today
Buses with cops came to Mong Kok
The scene at Admiralty tonight. #OccupyCentral
#Russian MSTA-S self propelled howitzer drives around in #Donetsk
At #OccupyHK anti-violence rally, shimmering lights sway with tens of thousands singing "海闊天空" in unison. #HongKong
Scheme how police interact with HK titushkas
These Isis IEDs were found around the twin villages of Hilawa - in just 48 hours - 120 discovered.
Army helicopter downed in #Baiji yesterday. #ISIS & tribes claim they used Igla-S purchased from #Iraq|i army officer
Paris supports #Kobane today 4000-5000 demonstrating
Mufti of Donbass region, Said Ismagilov - in a traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka
Kurdish protestors wistfully observe obviously well-meaning Stop the War Coalition marchers pass #10 Downing Street
Hong Kong 20:55. Atmosphere is electric, defiant
F-16 flying over Hit (Anbar).
Russian armored vehicles and tanks move in northern occupied #Crimea only meters from Ukr mainland
"We are not afraid of violence," a protester who was attacked at CWB says
Donetsk, shelling again
#Kyiv mayor @Vitaliy_Klychko & fmr Polish Pres. #Walesa lay flowers on #Maidan to commemorate killed protestors
#Kharkiv changed idol on Orthodox cross
CNN: At least 35 ISIS militants were killed in airstrikes conducted by the US-led coalition in northern Syria today
Today international mission will begin to define the boundaries of the buffer zone in Mariupol today
US 1st armored division n the Estonian town of Valga
Snapshot of propaganda photo in progress. Turkish media'll use it to show how Turkish army's cautoius @ SYR-TR border
Russia tank near Donetsk airport
Highway near Cotton Tree Drive is completely blanketed now. Less and less space for picnickers #OccupyCentral
First day of Eid al-Adha in #IslamicState's capital, ar-Raqqa. Shops and streets are crowded.
Eid Salaah, Kyiv
Blown away by creativity+enthusiasm so many of the students exhibit like this girl in admiralty after so many days.
Expats demonstrate for #Ukraine against #Russia aggression
All 50 "Novorossiya" fans in #Donetsk. #Ukraine
2 children were killed, 5 were injured in Zugres in attempt to move the projectile
Crowds gathering for 8pm anti-violence rally in Admiralty
Man caught carrying scissors and cutting plastic security strips on barricades is taken away by police in #Mongkok
#Chicago hosted the final of Miss Ukrainian Diaspora 2014
Images of detained activists spread in Cairo to remind ppl they'll spend Eid in prison
Turkish troops now lined up; protest was similar to previous. Military not shy of using gas.
Military helicopter Mi-35, was shot down by the air defense forces of ISIS
Military helicopter Mi-35, was shot down by the air defense forces of ISIS
HK CE #CYLeung: #OccupyCentral protesters must clear way for govt workers by Monday.
Women shop for trinkets as thousands continue standoff in #MongKok; #OccupyHK called for anti-violence rally tonight
Battle in Kobane
"Support Hong Kong's fight for freedom!" Democracy advocates in Guangzhou taken away after posting this
Police escort one man away. Lots of curious onlookers #hongkong
Yanna Ling from Jiangsu is pro-Beijing. She says without the communists, China would have split up long ago. #Mongkok
#Syria Heavy shelling on #Kobane & clashes at city outskirts continues
One of the protesters' outfit
The antiOC woman is arguing with protesters.
#Donetsk airport today.
Russian soldiers are officially inside #Ukraine under the #Minsk memorandum, Coordinating attack on Ukrainian army
In Zaporozhie, #Lenin gets some fancy new threads: a Ukrainian vyshyvanka
Still the early hours of the first day of eid in #Syria and already over 10 regime airstrikes in Ghouta. #Damascus
Police said tens-of-thousands of officers would be deployed for #OccupyCentral. Even today,just dozens in view in MongKok @Carmen_NgKaMan
Donetsk. View from the area of the plant "Topaz".
President Poroshenko proposes to give English language special status in Ukraine.
#EidAlAdha prayer at Sidi Bishr Mosque in #Alexandria, #egypt
Mercenaries from #Brazil
Police managed to split the group up but things looking heated again -the anti-occupy taunted the hat away #OccupyHK
New day - new battles for the Donets'k airport
Eid al-Adha in Moscow .
German convoy with aid for Ukraine is passing through Poland
Protesters ask foreigner to move nearer to the centre tent in case he us attacked. #Occupycentral
Senior #DPRK offical #HwangPyongSo arrive in #Incheon for #Asiad closing ceremony.
#HK @appledaily_hk @SCMP_News, sold out. Oriental Daily untouched after reporting fake news *pic via @singsingarsing
A man hit a journalist's camera and face. Crowd and police move him away. #OccupyHK #Mongkok
Thugs trying to tear down barricades at Argyle St #OccupyCentral
UK troops may join US plan to train Syrian rebels
Just a street away from Mongkok protest site, dealers still trading iPhone 6
Protesters face to face with people trying to push them away from Mong kok, right now #Hongkokprotests #umhk
France supports #UmbrellaRevolution
Germany is possibly going to send UAVs to Ukraine to assist OSCE
HK democracy protesters in Mong Kok step on banner of pro-Beijing DAB party as sun rises over city
A US Predator Drone operates over Kafar Takharim in #Syria's
A US Predator Drone operates over Kafar Takharim in Syria's
Students are running to retrieve barricades that an unmarked truck is loading near Langham Place.
Restoration work completed on the monument to the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin repainted gold in Ceadar-Lunga, Gagauzia
ISIS Emir Abu Hanifa Ozbakstani killed in clashes at Kobani's eastern front
Ongoing fierce fights on all three Kobane fronts after ISIS resumed attacks with heavy weapons
12 citizens, 6 policemen hurt in #HongKong clashes. 19 arrested, 8 w/ suspected triad backgrounds, Senior Superintendent of Police says
UK Foreign Office: "If true, this is a further disgusting murder. We are offering the (#Henning) family every support possible"
Mong Kok protesters have fully retaken their positions; police have gone; peaceful again
Video apparently showing beheading of British hostage Alan Henning, kidnapped by IS militants, released on the internet.
People sleep outside h&m Langham place
The police van is free, but police on foot are now being surrounded. Not a well planned mission.
Massive fire burning in #Donetsk after #Russia forces shelling today #Ukraine
Massive fire burning in Donetsk after Russia forces shelling today Ukraine
Protesters rush in as police reportedly threaten to hit others with batons
Police in Mong Kok asked protesters to either leave or shrink their occupied area #OccupyCentral #OccupyHK
'HK police failed to protect peaceful protestor' in 'shameful inaction'-Amnesty International
CITIC overpass civilian-disguise cops threaten w/ battons
Some of the kids who got assaulted by these demented goons.
Building a barricade junction of argyle and shanghai
#OccupyCentral supporter who sustained head injuries in Mong Kok arrested for fighting in a public place.
On Lung Wo road near chief executive's office. an attempt to create a new roadblock by rogue protesters thwarted
#OccupyAdmiralty. Crowds growing here & chanting "Oppose violence! We need to hold our heads up high!" #HK
#UmbrellaRevolution protester surrounding the Mong Kok police station for the favoritism toward triads.
President @poroshenko says 946 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in fighting in East #Ukraine since April.
Police negotiating with protesters in Portland St in MK, the crowd is yelling.
DNR: There are Polish, American and other foreign fighters in Donets'k airport
Zoo in Lugansk: animals running somewhere in town or sitting in the cells under debris
Lavrov urged Kerry to stop shelling Donetsk
Radio tower outside of #Kobane is on fire
First bus load of detained anti-protesters loaded up to much applause and cheers of students in mongkok
#Hannover demonstration - police start to wear full riot gear
Damascus says Turkish intervention in Syria would be 'aggression'
Russians shelling Donets'k airport
Cheque allegedly dropped by paid thug in Mongkok #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution
#Donetsk airport view right now:
Yatseniuk: government is ready to allocate additional $70M for army
Fight near appeal court in Kyiv
Donetsk. Explosion in Lidiivka
Poroshenko fired the head of the state border service Litvin
The 100th Intelligence Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in North Ossetia crossed from Rostov into #Novoazovsk
Poroshenko signed lustration bill
Student demonstrators have pushed the anti-protest men off Nathan road onto argyle street. Occasional shoves now
Very difficult situation. Tension between police and protesters
"I was threatened by thugs today, I ask children to leave if you are not ready"
Abt 20 men in masks tear apart and toss barricades #OccupyCentral #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution #UmbrellaMovement
The office of Gazprom in Moscow was evacuated due to bomb threat
Anti crowd has loudspeaker and its #loud
Canada to send CF-18s, join air strikes in Iraq, PM to announce
Students running up to Tamar bridge: "cops dismantling our barrier!"
Russian militant and MP of Zlatoust city(Russia) tells about large casualties of militants in Donets'k airport
LNR fighters become... Rusian peacekeepers
The occupation in mongkok is momentarily broken. Buses coming through. Loud cheers #OccupyCentral
Militants broke the cease-fire on #Donbass more than 1000 times - Ukrainian Parliament speaker #Turchynov.
Sappers blew up a bomb In the Zaporozhia region
Police trying to separate angry protesters
Someone injured in Mong Kok as anti-occupiers stormed the #OccupyHK camp in Mong Kok
Street fights between Occupiers and anti-occupiers
Police originally attacked peaceful demonstrators, now ignoring violent ones.
Massive explosion in Kobane
Anti-#OccupyCentral crowds decide to use disruption agst the disruption they condemn
Destroyed IS tank in Kobane.
Unknown guys crossing gov entrance barricades to deliver things #UmbrellaRevolution
Besieged #Syrian town near #Turkish border under heavy fire
Police keeping new Occupy protesters from joining at Mongkok, saying "it's too dangerous. We cannot protect you."
Rivne regional Council is asking the state's 10 million for the reactivation of a huge military equipment warehouse
Lukashenko pledged to send Belarusian peacekeepers to Ukraine
Units of the regular army of the Russian Federation concentrated In Shakhtarsk - Tymchuk
Clashes reported in #HongKong's Mong Kok as tens of people (?) try to dismantle pro-democracy camp
Al-Tabqa the Alliance Aircrafts leaved Al-Tabqa after eight Airstrikes on Al-Tabqa Military Airport
Fresh graves of "lost" paratroopers in Ukraine were found In Kostroma
Russian Defense Ministry on #Ukraine's defense minister's statements: Time to stop scaring global community with non-existent Russian threat
Black smoke in Khabarovsk this morning
@OCLPHK protestors cruel wish to old lady. Refuses permission to go work at govt. office #OccupyCentral
Police filming crowd of protesters outside govt HQ #OccupyCentral
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