Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 October 2017
Petro Poroshenko: the silence mode will help Kyiv to return to Donbas
Mig 29 in Ivano-Frankivsk
Mig 29 in Ivano-Frankivsk
One more portrait of Putin in Crimea was spoiled
Ukraine continues to develop own rocket weapons
Russian army column in occup.#Ukraine's #Luhansk oblast
Russian army column in occup.#Ukraine's #Luhansk oblast
Protesters gave one more week for government in Moldova
Basurin: DNR defense Ministry shot down four Ukrainian UAVs
Rally in Chisinau
Protest in Chisinau - office of local oligarch
Protesters tried to storm Parliament in Chisinau, lot of police present
Ukrainian tank exploded
Ukrainian tank exploded
Russian army with "DNR" insignia parades in #Donetsk today.
DNR reporting of "air attack" in Makiivka
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports of mortar attack in Makiivka from Donetsk
Explosion heard in Donetsk
Stopped two power units at Luganskaya TPP in Shastye.
Peskov: Decision on elections in the Donbass must take the LNR and DNR
Russian vehicles near Komsomol'ske
No power in Luhansk after heavy explosion
Luhansk without power
Peskov: the delay with the Minsk agreements demonstrates the lack of interest of Kyiv in implementing them
No power in Severodonetsk
A film crew of Russian NTV channel was arrested and deported from Moldova
"DNR" aren't going to withdraw weapons until October 18
Withdrawal of tanks in Luhansk region
Ukrainian General staff: the removal of equipment begins in the Luhansk region, after 15 days in the Donetsk region
#SBU detained militants who planned to blow up the roadblock in Dzerzhinsk
Protesters in Chisinau at night blocked the main street
Gas station after truck explosion burns, firefighters trying to extinguish
Burning gas truck in Mykolaiv