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22 กันยายน 2018

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'Thousands' of Polish soldiers receive mysterious call from Russian number
Reports of 3 heavy explosions in Northern Donetsk
Ukrainian Army will soon be provided with modern missile systems which will replace OTR-21 Tochka - Gen. Horbylev
The OSCE Also Witnessed Shelling In #Shyrokyne On 2 Nov. 2015
According to OSCE #Staromykhailivka was hit by GRADs on 2 Nov. 2015. "The projectile was fired from the north-west."
Nov 3, OSCE UAV recorded tanks and other military equipment close to contact line in "DPR"-controlled territory
Reports of battles in the North and in the West of Donetsk
The national police of Ukraine was headed by Khatia Dekanoidze
Poroshenko address concerning fate of visa-free regime with EU
Poroshenko address concerning  fate of visa-free regime with EU
#Odessa railway station is on lockdown after bomb threat call
3 killed in Cessna small aircraft crash In Crimea
Council of Europe accuses #Ukraine of failing to investigate properly deaths of pro-Russian protesters in Odessa. Fire began inside building in 5 places
Russia does not respect Ukraine peace process, sanctions review to reflect that: EU's Tusk
Sound of artillery shelling reported again in Donetsk
Ukrainian 'plotted terror attack on Russia's London embassy' - @BBCWorld
Head of Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal has resigned
Lenin is gone In Nova Vodolaga today
Head of NSDC Turchynov: if militants will not stop provocations Army will stop withdrawal of weapons
Ukraine's industry and export fall continues to abate, retail more slowly as locals save up to pay for winter gas.
Terror group DNR claims about shelling of the outskirts of Donetsk with MLRS GRAD
CEE and Baltic states say concerned with Russia, back NATO presence
Zakharchenko: DNR ready to resume fighting if Kyiv violates truce
Zakharchenko says that the Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Mariupol will be under control of "DNR"
#SBU - In Shastye exposed a cache of grenades and two kilograms of TNT
Rally for DNR and LNR and the "Russian world". "We are a constructive opposition"
"Russians against war with Ukraine". Russian march in Moscow
61% of Germans and 59% of Italians believe that Ukraine is at civil war
75% of Poles think that Ukraine is at armed conflict, triggered by Russia
In "DNR" a new road sign "Beware of tanks"
Road accident in Mykolaiv: APC hit a car
Biden and Juncker call on Ukraine, Syria
The contact group confirms withdrawal of heavy weapons in the Donbass
In Zhitomir unknown persons threw Molotov cocktails at a passenger bus depot
Machine gun shooting in area of Donetsk airport
Explosions heard in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
MIA #Ukraine searched the home of the #bitcoin community leader in Ukraine
Champions League: Shakhtar 4-0 Malmo (Gladkyy 29’, Srna 48’, Eduardo 55’, Teixeira 73’)
Contact group in Minsk haven't reached a deal on elections at Donbass
Reports that Ukrainian marines East to Mariupol is under attack
Checkpoint "Georgievka" opened near Donetsk
Three Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in a militant attack near Tryokhizbenka Luhansk region
Convoy of Military equipment in Occupied Kerch, Crimea
Convoy of Military equipment in Occupied Kerch, Crimea
Today #Kyiv court sentenced former Gen. Lt. Lantvoyt of #Ukraine's Border Service to 10 yrs in jail for #corruption.
Kyiv police detained a car with weapons and special means in the Pechersk district
[email protected] is visiting Donetsk and meeting with representatives of DNR. Still the aid is blocked
Russian Church Patriarch Kirill wants to visit Ukraine
"DNR" terror group summons to the military enlistment office in Donetsk
Unknown in mask attacked Swedish football fans in L'viv
In Lviv happened several clashes with Shakhtar and Malmo fans tonight
ATO PRESS CENTER: UA commanders on the ground were authorized to open fire in response.
Ukraine will change it's Ambassador to UN Yuriy Sergeev
Canadian instructors in the National guard of Ukraine.
Sergey Lavrov’s article: Russian World: Steering Towards Consolidation
Large convoy of Russian army in Occupied Kerch
Large convoy of Russian army in Occupied Kerch
Sounds of explosions near Donetsk airport
Sounds of explosions near Donetsk airport
DNR terror group claims that Ukraine shelling their positions. "Ukraine is not following Minsk agreements"
DNR terror group claims that Ukraine shelling their positions. Ukraine is not following Minsk agreements
Dmytro Gnap exposed Yanukovitch corruption and live streamed the #maidan - badly beaten up for his reporting
Militants keep firing upon Ukrainian positions. UA troops do not return fire – ATO
Multiple reports of explosions and outgoing shelling from Donetsk
Poroshenko signed a Law allowing foreigners to serve in Ukrainian army
DNR terror group may postpone weaponry withdrawal due to repeated shellings
#Matios on shooting at prosecutor general #Shokin's office: 3 shots,bulletproof glass saved
GRU officer Erofeev at court: "i just passing by"
GRU officer Erofeev at court: i just passing by
1st President of Ukraine #Kravchuk: #Russia can start military action against Poland or the Czech Republic
ATO HQ: Terrorists shelling Ukrainian positions for few days violating Minsk agreements
NATO fighters intercepted five Russian bombers near Baltic States over the last week
Riot police on the way to UKROP rally
Petro Poroshenko bloc refused to comment Geoff Pyatt words on General Prosecutor
Near Odessa there was a chase with shooting
Rally near SBU office
In Dnipropetrovsk launched a campaign to sell votes for Mayor elections. +7 - Russian telephone number
Two explosions in Rivne last night. No one wounded
Another day of court on Savchenko in Donetsk, Rostov Region
UKROP on the way to SBU building
The interior Ministry does not exclude the attempts of provocations in Dnipropetrovsk, Pavlograd, Zaporozhye
Poroshenko: The issue of granting citizenship to foreigners-the defenders of Ukraine will be considered
In Luhansk region SBU found cache of weapons
Shokin: I will not resign until the completion of reforms
Explosions all morning in Donetsk - possible militants drills
Explosions in area between Staromikhailivka and Abakumova mine. Lessons in schools suspended
School lessons are reduced from 45min to 30min due to lack of heating
In Minsk behind closed doors meets the working group on political aspects of settlement in the East of Ukraine
The Russians Alexandrov and Erofeev brought to the court in Kyiv
Rally in support of detained politician Korban near Verkhovna Rada
Lawyers don't know where police/SBU take Korban
The police of Kharkiv arrested the man who was sleeping in car holding a rifle gun
In Odessa the SBU detained on a bribe the head of the regional ecological inspection
Korban took away from the court in the unknown direction
Near the metro station "Arsenal" people gather for a rally of "UKROP"
Explosions in Donetsk since early morning
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