Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 September 2017
Pisky and the old terminal of the airport under fire now. There are casualties
Fierce fighting in Petrovky district of Donetsk
@VP phone call with @poroshenko. discussed Ukraine’s energy security, and @VP pledged continued US technical support
#Kirovsk under fire. Shells hit civil houses
Mayor, Jamin Imamović, of Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina met with a delegation from Ukraine
79 airborne brigade of Ukraine
Car hit horse in Kharkiv
Reports of explosion in Kharkiv
House of Representatives passes H.Res.758 resolution against #Russia
Kharkiv hunters asked the Council to return lands for hunting
The first fight in the Parliament
#Ukraine will halt fire in east on December 9: #Poroshenko
For the first time in the entire history of Rada woman in the Presidium of the Parliament
[email protected]: We stand in solidarity with Crimean Tatars today against a new threat to their community.
Orlivka was a hard-shelled Yesterday
Meanwhile in #Donetsk: Smoke rising from airport
"It was in ancient Greek city of Chersonesus that Viking Prince Valdemar of Kiev was baptised. Thin basis for Moscow claims on Crimea".
One civilian was killed in Makiivka in artillery strike
#MOD received from Motor Sich first batch of Mi-8MSB
UA troops entered fight with the RF diversion group at state border. UA arm. vehicle blew on mine but saved soldiers
NSDC: Record amount of rocket system GRAD shelling intensity on #Ukraine positions registered yesterday - 71 attacks in all directions
The MiG-29 crashed in the suburbs of Moscow, pilots wounded
Putin says Crimea is Russia's 'Temple Mount'
Putin online
The Central Bank of Russia acknowledged the dollar as threat to the stability
Shelling of Stanitsa Luhanskaya
And now helicopters flew from the Kremlin
Putin came to Kremlin in the middle of the night
Reports about heavy shelling in Donetsk now
Karel Doorman class frigate from Belgian Naval Forces F-930 BNS Leopold 1 arrived in Istanbul for a port visit.
[email protected] in #Switzerland. Met with President #Burkhalter re @OSCE Ministerial & events in #Ukraine.
Poroshenko had a telephone consultation with the President of the European Council
Moldova: socialist party leader goes to Moscow 3 days after his party came first in the elections
Wooden windows in Donetsk
Head of VTB: Excluding Russia from SWIFT is a declaration of war
Outgoing GRAD fire visible (and audible) in NE Donetsk on the RT live cam 5 mins ago
[email protected]: Russian military forces still operate in eastern Ukraine, where they provide command-and-control support for the separatists.
"Ministry of truth" must ensure compliance with freedom of speech
Russian Embassy in Berlin, some good people demanded release of Nadiya
The incident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP poses no threat
Russia says ‘gross violations’ in Moldova election
Something is burning, in area of Donetsk
In Donetsk kidnapped a young family
In Donetsk kidnapped a young family
"Victims" of Russian TV-series came to building of "State television and radio"
"Polytechnic Institute" station is closed cause of bomb threat too
"Maidan Nezalezhnosti" station is closed cause of bomb threat
Grenade wounded 4 people in Zaporizhia region
A T-64 main battle tank, modernised by the Kharkiv plant, gets shipped off to a frontline unit in east #Ukraine today
Official #Ukraine minenergo statement: There is no problem with NPP Zaporizhye reactor. Plant will work again on Friday
"Separatists" in eastern #Ukraine with a KSVK 12.7 rifle, a weapon only in service in the Russian army.
Russian Mi-8 violated the airspace of Ukraine
#Ukraine PM reports accident at nuclear power plant in Enerhodar
Diversion group, that was collecting info for attacks on Mariupol detained. Terrorists were trained at RF base
In Russia prostitutes have raised prices because of the devaluation of the ruble
Russia sent a "humanitarian convoy" to Transnistria. 7 trucks have already arrived.
In Crimea the Russian military has drill "annexed" Ukraine combat dolphins
Drunk Depardieu disrupted performance dedicated to the centennial of the First World War
5 civilians were wounded in the zone of ATO in last 24 hours