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17 สิงหาคม 2018

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Police Close down Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan due to protesters. #EricGarner
Crowd has slowed down now but still chanting. Near the entrance to the Brooklyn bridge
Demonstrators in Boston are starting to gather outside the Loews Theatre
#DCFerguson just blocked police car on Constitution Ave #EricGarner
The march passes City Hall #ericgarner
#Baltimore:#EricGarner protest & horseback cops a block from Washington Monument lighting
Protesters head south on State St. in Chicago shouting, "don't shoot, hands up"
Die in on Elmwood in Buffalo
Marchers on the move in lower Manhattan. Traffic at a standstill
Students at Columbia #EricGarner
#EricGarner march starting to move from Foley Square. West on Duane Street
Crowd in Foley Sq. Preparing to march very soon #ericgarner #ICantBreathe
Bowery: solid line of police vans. Sound of protests from Broadway. Helicopters overhead. #EricGarner #ICantBreathe
DC protesters blocking 14th St bridge. Major artery. Chanting No Justice No Peace No Racist Police
At Atlanta’s protest over no police indictment of #ericgarner killing. #BlackLivesMatter
Houston mounted patrol keeps watch over group of protestors
Happening now in Harrisonburg! Protest for #EricGarner
Crowd gathering at Jackson/state in #Chicago
Police choppers over Foley Square
Protestors in front of HPD HQ
#Louisville group protests #EricGarner and #Ferguson race cases
Protest starting on #MooreSquare for #EricGarner
The CPD out here protecting Starbucks #EricGarner
At the spot where Garner was killed, more reflective than raucous. Heavy-hearted not fiery. Here, they stand vigil.
Now: small group of protesters outside @slmpd
#BlackStudentUnion shuts down busy #GoldenBear Cafe for #Ferguson & #EricGarner
UTPA student-activists. March in solidarity with #Ferguson and #EricGarner
Protesters gathering in New York's Foley Square in Lower Manhattan for a #EricGarner demonstration
President Obama, family light the National Christmas Tree during 92nd annual lighting
Texas Woman's University
Multiple helicopters above Foley Sq. #EricGarner
Roughly 30 ppl have gathered in front of Christ Church Cathedral on Monument Circle, Indianapolis demanding justice for #EricGarner
Russia CDS spreads at widest level since April 2009.
Protestors beginning to gather on 6th and 42nd #EricGarner #nycprotest
Rochester shut down
#EricGarner protests commence at Foley Square. Crowd of hundreds chant what have become common refrains
Record rain in the west is giving way to mudslides and flooding
#Syria | #IS fighters stoning a man near the old church in Albokamal on the borders with #Iraq
Die-in protest outside @NCRMuseum in #Memphis
#ISIS creates one BIG "sniping rifle" almost 10 ft long
Hundreds of protesters gathered at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan right now to demonstrate for #EricGarner.
Pisky and the old terminal of the airport under fire now. There are casualties
Students from @IPN_MX marching to prison to demand release of 3 arrested #1DMX
Several hundred students & faculty outside of board of trustees meeting in St Louis
35W in Minneapolis shut down by protest #EricGarner
First protesters of the night, arriving from over the Brooklyn bridge #EricGarner
#EricGarner protests in downtown #Orlando
City police commish Anthony Batts meets with protestors at McKeldin square
Scene just a block from the White House right now #Ferguson #EricGarner
People starting to gather at county seat in Newark, NJ
Baltimore gathers at Mckeldin Square for #EricGarner
Plenty of people holding signs for a justice rally that kicks off in an hour #ericgarner
Washington DC. Penn Ave and 17th, chanting. Die in.
Protesters stage a die in at Union Square #EricGarner
A white couple interrupted a NYC newscast to mock the chokehold that killed Eric Garner
Ithaca protesters block N Aurora as @ithacapolice divert traffic
Die-In at The University of Chicago this morning #EricGarner
Fierce fighting in Petrovky district of Donetsk
Protest at Prospect and Emmanuel Cleaver II intersection in Kansas
Boston protesters marching toward Boston Common to rally against NYC chokehold case.
Rebels are massively losing territory in Al-Shaykh Maskin. Regime air strikes+troops from the N-E
China now accounts for 16.5% of the global economy in real purchasing-power, surpassing the US
Dem Rep. Recites 'I Can't Breathe' Poem for #EricGarner on House Floor
About 100 protesters walking down Boylston near Hynes. Definitely a traffic issue
#Russia says attack on #Grozny #Chechnya was work of #ISIS
Students @UTAustin holding a die-in at Speedway and 21st
Already a good sized crowd at Albany police HQ
So now the 2nd stage of the counter-terrorist operation begins in Grozny & this time it's going to be the security services on the offense
Protest at US Dept of Justice #EricGarner
Lay-in happening Minneapolis, MN City Hall
U.S. stocks ended with modest losses, having faded after jumping to intraday records Thursday.
Media getting ready #FoleySquare protest 5PM #EricGarner
#HANDSUP chant &moment of silence for #MikeBrown #EzellFord #EricGarner
#Raqqa #Tabqah #ISIS Executed Abdul Razak Mohammed Charges Cursing Prophet Muhammad Today on " AL-Kanesa" roundabout #Syria
More #EricGarner protests planned for tonight. Organizers are asking people to meet at Foley Square, in lower Manhattan, at 5:30 p.m.
#Russia attack helicopters (poss Mil-24 Hind) near #Grozny #Chechnya
Russia attack helicopters (poss Mil-24 Hind) near Grozny Chechnya
100s marching down streets of DTLA to #RaiseTheWage
@VP phone call with @poroshenko. discussed Ukraine’s energy security, and @VP pledged continued US technical support
4 schools on lockdown in Manatee County, Fla., after deadly shooting nearby
Police fire in air & arrest terrorist approaching Kalandiya Checkpoint w/knife in attempt to murder Jews.
#Iraq: 180,000+ #IDPs in #Kirkuk urgently need food, shelter&medical care, says @MSF
Downtown #Pittsburgh protestors hold die-in after no indictment in #EricGarner case
#Kirovsk under fire. Shells hit civil houses
Show me $15 protesters cross Market on 10th Street
"By showing the respect for the democratic process," it keeps protests peaceful, says de Blasio on NYPD reaction
Mayor, Jamin Imamović, of Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina met with a delegation from Ukraine
Man Beaten To Death With Baseball Bat In St Louis
79 airborne brigade of Ukraine
Car hit horse in Kharkiv
2 car bombs (with small interval between each) in Shurjah East of #Kirkuk. 9 killed and 21 wounded (first count). #Iraq.
Richard Branson gets into the cruise business
US probe finds excessive use of force by Cleveland police, Attorney General Eric Holder says
Launch of European Ariane-5 space rocket from Kourou postponed - Arianespace
Reports of explosion in Kharkiv
House of Representatives passes H.Res.758 resolution against #Russia
US$ rises above JPY 120 for first time in seven years
#NYPD Arrested More Than 83 Protesters Last Night #EricGarner
White Ex-Police Chief Indicted In Killing Of Unarmed Black Man
Kharkiv hunters asked the Council to return lands for hunting
At least 2 killed in Sadr City car bomb, 30mins ago in #Baghdad #Iraq
The first fight in the Parliament
#Ukraine will halt fire in east on December 9: #Poroshenko
#Benghazi university established 1955 by a royal decree as the 1st university N #Libya is set ablaze by rocket fire
For the first time in the entire history of Rada woman in the Presidium of the Parliament
[email protected]: We stand in solidarity with Crimean Tatars today against a new threat to their community.
Draghi says ECB to be 'particularly vigilant' on oil prices
U.S. initial jobless claims fell 17,000 last week to 297,000
As of Tuesday, there are 2,091 tents at #Occupyhk Admiralty camp
Orlivka was a hard-shelled Yesterday
20th School, Grozny: Rebels seized the school. Russians from the fright defeated the school as a whole.
Update on @NASA_Orion launch: New liftoff time approved for 7:55 a.m. ET.
ECB leaves benchmark interest rate unchanged at 0.050%
What remains of Grozny's Berkat market today.
Head #Chechnya parliament blames #NATO and #USA for recent agitation and attacks in #Grozny
The Bank of England held its benchmark interest rate at 0.5% and asset buying at £375 billion.
Freedom of the Net report 2014: India 3rd largest internet consumer after China, US
Meanwhile in #Donetsk: Smoke rising from airport
"It was in ancient Greek city of Chersonesus that Viking Prince Valdemar of Kiev was baptised. Thin basis for Moscow claims on Crimea".
One civilian was killed in Makiivka in artillery strike
#MOD received from Motor Sich first batch of Mi-8MSB
UA troops entered fight with the RF diversion group at state border. UA arm. vehicle blew on mine but saved soldiers
NSDC: Record amount of rocket system GRAD shelling intensity on #Ukraine positions registered yesterday - 71 attacks in all directions
The MiG-29 crashed in the suburbs of Moscow, pilots wounded
Fire in Grozny
Countdown and fueling going well for the Delta 4-Heavy and Orion. Weather remains 70% GO
Fire in barracks in Grozny
Russian President Putin says he is confident Chechen forces will deal with attack in Grozny
Putin says Crimea is Russia's 'Temple Mount'
Moments of the shootout photos released, after the massive synagogue terror attack in Jerusalem.
Putin online
Five men are arrested under the Terrorism Act following raids in Cardiff and Barry
The Russian air force is moving into #Grozny. Two Mil Mi-8 seen
The Russian air force is moving into Grozny. Two Mil Mi-8 seen
The Central Bank of Russia acknowledged the dollar as threat to the stability
Soldiers patrolling Grozny
The building of the Russian troops near the market of Grozny smashed to pieces
Burning "Press House" in Grozny
Motorist stuck some protesters with is car in the CWE in #STL
Grozny is burning after night fights
Counter-terrorism operation was declared in Grozny
Press House in Grozny is burning now
Protesters have completely blocked Broadway @ 42. #EricGarner
Helicopters flying over. #EricGarner
Reported that tanks shelling "Press House" in the center of Grozny
Mujahidi Of Caucasus Emirate takes responsibility on recent attack, the operation under the leadership of Amir Khamzat
Fighter jets and helicopters fly over Moscow and Kremlin Russia as fighting in Grozny continues.
#EricGarner lies down in #ColumbusCircle roadway
Roads blocked in Grozny
AG Eric Holder: "The Justice Dept will proceed with a federal civil rights investigation into Mr. Garners death"
This is 50th street right now
Some automakers are better at reporting driver deaths than others
Live stream of Grozny now shows armoured vehicles and troop trucks on the streets.
Police making snatch and grab arrests of protesters #EricGarner
Arrests on 6 avenue
Second group of rebels operates in Chervlennaya
Arrests going down at 47th and 6th Avenue. Massive standoff between police and protesters.
Things getting tense between NYPD and #EricGarner protesters at 47th and 6th. At least 5 arrested people are saying
Demonstrators at NYC's Radio City Music Hall protest grand jury decision in Eric Garner case
Protesters now on 5th opposite Rockefeller Xmas tree
Barricades at 5th and 46th slowing things down
Protestors in DC marching down 15th street chanting #EricGarner
Few hundred cops out here near Rockerfeller Center. #EricGarner
Record rain in Southern California is shutting down highways
Explosion in the center of Djohar(Grozny). Reports about 3 killed police officers
Explosion in the center of Djohar(Grozny). Reports about 3 killed police officers
Shelling of Stanitsa Luhanskaya
And now helicopters flew from the Kremlin
Car was burnt in the center of Grozny
Car was burnt in the center of Grozny
Protesters blocked with police tape. Peaceful demonstration in #STL
First wave of protesters have arrived at Rockefeller Center #EricGarner
NYPD keeps putting up barricades on 6th Ave ahead of protesters, preventing them from reaching Rockefeller Center.
Penn Ave in front of the White House blocked off right now in advance of Twitter chatter to go protest #EricGarner
Burning car of police in Grozny.
USMS and police forming allowing some cars to leave courthouse. Until crowd shuts it down. One arrest. #ferguson
The protesters from Grand Central just merged with a bigger crowd at Times Square. 1 person chanted: "Take the tree."
Protesters at Union Square have started marching. #EricGarner
#EricGarner demonstrators in NYC now on move up Broadway from Time Square
Rally near St. Louis courthouse
Putin came to Kremlin in the middle of the night
For police buses on the side of the street, several police vehicles across the street One block from Union Square.
Moment of silence for the dead. Times Square goes quiet all of the sudden #ericgarner
Hundreds of peaceful protestors in Times Square now heading to Rockefeller center #EricGarner
Philadelphia #Ferguson Protesters Crashing Tree Lighting Ceremony.
Reports about heavy fight in Djohar(Grozny). "Print house" was captured by rebels. There are casualties
Pressure on #ECB rises as 84% of banks expect QE by Q1 acc to Reuters poll. Inaction tommorow may spark bond rout and Euro rally.
Kansas protest for #EricGarner
Protesters gather in Clayton to rally against the Eric Garner decision.
Hundreds of people rally in Times Square as #EricGarner headlines flash in the background.
Andrew Cuomo statement on Eric Garner
Protesters marching west on 42nd street blocking traffic. #EricGarner "I can't breathe."
Reports about heavy shelling in Donetsk now
Protesters, clergy gathering in front of St. Louis County Library #Ferguson #EricGarner
Equifax debt report says Canadians now owe $1.5 trillion
AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says 'HuffPo' brings in "hundreds of millions" of dollars.
Oil is already selling for $50 a barrel in North Dakota
#NYC Protest at Times Square
The crowd is forming #Ferguson
#Iraq-i army start its attacks on #ISIS militants at #Ramadi from 3 fronts with #coalition aircrafts co-ordinating
Earthquake that rattled Melbourne’s east was largest tremor to hit area in 50 yrs
Protester Stage 'Die-In' At Grand Central Terminal In #NYC -#EricGarner
#China, #Japan block #Antarctic fisheries regulation as illegal fishing rises
Australian parliament debates recognition of #Palestine
#Ferguson #protests happening now on Market Street in #Philadelphia
Times Square is barricaded #EricGarner
Karel Doorman class frigate from Belgian Naval Forces F-930 BNS Leopold 1 arrived in Istanbul for a port visit.
Heavy police presence in Times Square in anticipation of #EricGarner protests.
President Obama speaks on #EricGarner Grand Jury Decision
Die-in at #GrandCentral #EricGarner
NYPD Mobilizing units in response to Staten Island #EricGarner Grand Jury decision -CNN
[email protected] in #Switzerland. Met with President #Burkhalter re @OSCE Ministerial & events in #Ukraine.
Happening now in 30th Street Station, Philadelphia
#ISIS reportedly seized armored vehicles, tanks and ammunition from SAA defense sites surrounding #DeirEzzor airport
Local media report a primary school in China forced some girl students to prostitute; Police investigating
March in Philadelphia just diverted. Now headed towards interstate.
Today, @AmericanU marched for justice
MTA spokesman says as long as #EricGarner protestors don't block access to trains, they can do what they want at GCT
Roughly 20 protesters outside the Staten Island convenience store where Eric Garner was killed
Silent sit in protest at 30th station grows #philly #ferguson
The police are all over Union Square. Here's a photo of an "armored services" vehicle. #EricGarner #ShutItDown
Two more #BC poultry farms placed under quarantine, according to #CFIA briefing on avian flu. All birds at quarantined farms will be killed.
Activists: #Daesh (#IS) announced their full control of Mari'yah area near #DeirEzzor Airbase, heavy clashes ongoing in #Jafrah area.n#Syria
Lots of NYPD and state police at Grand Central Terminal, expecting to allow protestors to do a sit-in and move along.
Poroshenko had a telephone consultation with the President of the European Council
Moldova: socialist party leader goes to Moscow 3 days after his party came first in the elections
Wooden windows in Donetsk
The world’s largest solar plant Topaz is now running
Protest in #Santiago #Chile
Today 1000 students of East High School in #Denver walked out #Ferguson solidarity
Today 1000 students of East High School in Denver walked out Ferguson solidarity
Head of VTB: Excluding Russia from SWIFT is a declaration of war
Kim Jong Un announces that anyone sharing his name has to change it
NYC mayor cancels appearance at Rockefeller Center tree lighting following Garner grand jury decision. #EricGarner
NYC Mayor de Blasio to go to Staten Island following grand jury decision in #EricGarner chokehold case.
Nuclear reactor unexpectedly shuts down in Callaway County
#EricGarner protest planned for 4:30 at grand central station
#Italy Rome: Three protesters injured after police charge at #NoJobsAct Demo
Kerry Says Any Iran Strikes Against IS is Positive
Clashes continue in #Gazi of #Istanbul, 3 arrests.
Reports indicate Islamic State launched a counterattack at Deir ez-Zur Airport and captured some nearby houses.Clashes also in Ind. Centre.
Grand jury decided not to indict NYPD officer in chokehold death of Eric Garner, lawyer tells @AP
Outgoing GRAD fire visible (and audible) in NE Donetsk on the RT live cam 5 mins ago
Medic wounded in stabbing attack at Mishor Adumim supermarket, guided surrounding citizens how to treat his wounds, before help arrived.
Vehicle strikes officer at Denver high school walkout for Ferguson
UTI Worldwide said in advanced talks to sell itself to DSV
Large sinkhole opens up in streets of San Francisco as storm brings heavy rain
#NoAmnesty rally in DC
Iraq: Major fire in Baiji.
[email protected]: Russian military forces still operate in eastern Ukraine, where they provide command-and-control support for the separatists.
School bus accident in Brooklyn. At least 6 children injured. Mass casualty incident declared.
Goldman's forecasts for France - GDP growth to double next year and virtually double again in 2016:
"Ministry of truth" must ensure compliance with freedom of speech
The College of Pharmacy at the University of Tikrit after clashes.
Russian Embassy in Berlin, some good people demanded release of Nadiya
The incident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP poses no threat
Knesset as MKs vote to disband, elections on March 17
Russia says ‘gross violations’ in Moldova election
Something is burning, in area of Donetsk
In Donetsk kidnapped a young family
In Donetsk kidnapped a young family
"Victims" of Russian TV-series came to building of "State television and radio"
UK chancellor @George_Osborne says will eliminate the budget deficit by 2018/19. So, 4 years later than originally promised.
"Polytechnic Institute" station is closed cause of bomb threat too
"Maidan Nezalezhnosti" station is closed cause of bomb threat
Grenade wounded 4 people in Zaporizhia region
A T-64 main battle tank, modernised by the Kharkiv plant, gets shipped off to a frontline unit in east #Ukraine today
A car bomb exploded in Yemen near home of Iranian ambassador Wednesday morning
Official #Ukraine minenergo statement: There is no problem with NPP Zaporizhye reactor. Plant will work again on Friday
"Separatists" in eastern #Ukraine with a KSVK 12.7 rifle, a weapon only in service in the Russian army.
Russian Mi-8 violated the airspace of Ukraine
#Ukraine PM reports accident at nuclear power plant in Enerhodar
Diversion group, that was collecting info for attacks on Mariupol detained. Terrorists were trained at RF base
In Russia prostitutes have raised prices because of the devaluation of the ruble
Russia sent a "humanitarian convoy" to Transnistria. 7 trucks have already arrived.
In Crimea the Russian military has drill "annexed" Ukraine combat dolphins
Drunk Depardieu disrupted performance dedicated to the centennial of the First World War
5 civilians were wounded in the zone of ATO in last 24 hours
Police responding to a bar shooting on Virginia. Multiple victims. #KSDK
Liftoff of asteroid explorer #Hayabusa2
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