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24 มิถุนายน 2018

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New Russian convoy with 40 tonnes of "humanitarian aid" to be sent in Donetsk
Italian from the city of Lari in the North of Italy,gave ambulance cars for Vinnytsia field hospital
Soldiers of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine part 3 - investigation of Vice News
Soldiers of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine part 3 - investigation of Vice News
Hungary prepares for 'worsening situation' in Western Ukraine
The polygon in Chuguiv,Kharkivska oblast
Ukrainian army pulls back its MLRS "Grad" from the northern Luhansk frontline
Destroyed military tanks from terrorist grouping "Somali"
Bus crash in Zaporizhye
President @Poroshenko had a phone conversation with HR/VP @FedericaMog
The UK supports Ukraine in the protection of the territorial integrity
Convoy of Ukrainian military
A new batch of Yakuts and Buryats in Rostov
Obama received a letter from the leaders of the Congress - "Time to arm Ukraine!"
Police found a package with about 1 kg TNT in Odessa
Militants HQ near #Donetsk airport. Thousands of empty ammo boxes outside
Meeting of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council and the President of Poland
The SBU detained scout from Russia in Luhansk region
#Russia sent more military equipment to Rostov-on-Don near #Ukraine: Grad BM-21, BTR's
Russia sent more military equipment to Rostov-on-Don near Ukraine: Grad BM-21, BTR's
Law enforcers US teach Ukrainian instructors new patrol police
Central #Donetsk
Russian troops are killed in the East of Ukraine in large quantities, - NATO
The self-proclaimed "mayor" of Yalta asks to restore the McDonalds
In Kharkiv on Novozhanove with the rail came off the tram. Eyewitnesses reported that under the wheels were 2 men
Ukrainian-British negotiations chaired @PavloKlimkin and @PHammondMP
In Kiev began the meeting of the Ministers of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the UK
Militants already unloaded wagons with ammunition in Debaltseve
Putin is preparing a response Poroshenko relatively Savchenko
Russian strategic partnership agreement with Abkhazia takes in force — Russian MFA
I hold some documents from the report by Boris Nemtsov, - Yashin
Advocate Feygin confirms partial termination of the hunger strike of Nadiya Savchenko
Russian troops dying in 'large numbers' in eastern Ukraine: NATO
#Komorowski ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the #EU
Crane crashed with the bus in Chernivtsi. There are victims
The Bank of Yanukovych son will change owner
Russia will veto the entry of peacekeepers in Ukraine, - Russian foreign Ministry
Bomb threat at one of Akhmetov offices in Kyiv
Border guards turned 57 Russians for lack of passports
Police checks bomb threat of three consulates in Kyiv
The Guardian: United States at the highest level called the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as invasion for the first time
The Prosecutor's office announced the suspicion judge #Oberemko, who threatened to kill an employee of Traffic police
FSIN: Savchenko agreed to end her hunger strike
#Poroshenko created #Donetsk & #Lugansk regional civil-military administrations
The Voodoo dolls "Maidan" with a set of labels of the faces of the leaders of Ukraine and USA will be released in Perm
The militants have regained strategically important railway node in #Debaltseve
In Spain have arrested ex-Minister of Finance of Ukraine Kolobov
In Spain have arrested ex-Minister of Finance of Ukraine Kolobov
Lenin fell in Toshkivka Luhansk region
#Moscow prepares anti peace-support mission speech on the eve of talks with Kyiv, Berlin and Paris
Kharkiv regional state administration refused to recognize Russia as an aggressor
The world Bank has approved a grant Ukraine 214,73 million
Protest near Verhovna Rada. "Return the land to the community"
The opposition can hold in April a mass rally in Moscow
Explosion in Odessa - a terrorist attack, but not in the office Right sector," - the Ministry of the interior
Rada increased the size of the Armed forces up to 250 thousand
Pro-Ukrainian activist Alexei Semenov was brutally beaten with baseball bats last night in Moscow. He's in the hospital
Activists equip hostel for soldiers of ATO near Ternopil
Tatar activists interrogation were called in for questioning in the Crimea, - the head of the Committee for the protection of the rights
Ex-head of security of Yanukovych was announced suspicion
Steinmeier does not expect long-term isolation of Russia
Two volunteers released from the captivity of the terrorists
Terrorists 40 times shelled position of forces of ATO per day, - the press-service
Police have classified the explosion in Odessa as a terrorist act
The death toll has grown to 32 people on the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk
Azov, Donbass batallions repelled attack in Shyrokyne
British police detained Graham Phillips upon arrival at Heathrow
Office of Right sector was blown in Odessa
Office of Right sector was blown in Odessa
The fight in the center of Odessa: Right sector had a fight with the guard of an underground casino.
Activist of Right Sector: We have wounded. There are titushki and police. Our office is blown up
The second explosion on Koblevs`ka street in Odesa. There were no casualties.
In Odessa explosion again
Czech Republic deserves sanctions, if resells the arms of Russia - Parubiy
Legislators have proposed a state-alternative: if it is not possible to provide Ukraine with a weapon, give money
Russian #EMERCOM Ready to Assist #Ukraine in #Zasyadko Mine Rescue Work
Reports of loud explosion in Mariupol. Presumably bridge
Russian Jets And Bombers Buzz Nato Task Force Ships In The Black Sea
[email protected] "Ukrainians have shown that they're willed to die for the concept of Europe."
Ukrainian armored mask "Cyborg". Keeps the shrapnel mines, grenades, bullets from Makarov and the fraction of smoothbore gun
On March 5 announced national mourning for those killed at the mine Zasyadko - the decree of the President
Russia Holds Surprise Nuclear Strike Drills
Remove Putin help the truth, let the Russians know what is actually happening, how bad the situation is in Russia. Need a strategy and time Stephen Blank
Ani Lorak again in Russia
Don't forget about the Budapest Memorandum. We have a moral and strategic obligation to give weapons to Ukraine - Damon Wilson in Senat
Steven Pifer @steven_pifer in the Senate : Three quarters of Ukrainian weapons from warehouses do not work - said in Kyiv
Chechen volunteer fighters Amine Okueva and Adam Osmayev became husband and wife in #Dnipropetrovsk
The President of Poland: Ukrainians can count on Poles
In Kharkiv oblast will be judged by the head of the village Council, which for a year has discharged itself of 25 thousand UAH prize
Tanya Kucheryava - only woman-tank driver in Ukrainian army
Ukraine mined bridges on the border with Crimea, - FSB
Russian air force starts drills to check maneuverability of Su-35
The hryvnya strengthened on a 1 UAH to USD
Minsk. Explicit message on the car with "novorossiya" flag
Ukraine expects to receive in April $800 million from the World Bank
The indices of the Russian Federation decrease after the opening Wall Street
Russia is categorically against the participation of U.S. in talks on Donbas - Kuchma
Congressman Perry: Obama's response to the Ukraine crisis has been "pathetic & ineffectual"
In the reforms, it is time to move from talk to action,- Poroshenko
The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff US: We must consider the arms of Ukraine
Nuland: the lifting of the sanctions is impossible until the completion of the Minsk agreement
DNR Tanks near Donetsk airport. Weren't withdrawn
The SBU detained members of the radical movement #Revenge in Kyiv
Meeting of the National Council reforms under the chairmanship of the President of Ukraine
The court refused to let Savchenko at the PACE session
The bodies of nine miners were found at the Zasyadko mine
In Dnipropetrovsk lessons servicemen (4th wave partial mobilization)
Savchenko said that she will continue hunger strike
Kernes was officially presented suspicion of kidnapping, torture and death threats
#SBU detained two Internet provocateurs in Dnipropetrovsk
Yatseniuk calls on Putin to affect their satellites in DNR, so they allowed the rescuers to mine of Zasyadko
The synagogue bomb threat at Shota Rustavelli
Procession with the dead sailors passed through the center of Mykolaiv
Basmanny court dismissed the complaint of #Savchenko to refuse to put her on session of #PACE
#Demchyshyn: the leaders of the so-called #DNR rejected help of Ukrainian rescuers at accident at the Zasyadko mine.
In the Black Sea--#NATO Maritime Group to train with navies from Bulgaria, Romania & Turkey
#Savchenko in court
Poroshenko and Rentsi discussed the extension of sanctions against Russia
#MH17 investigators say it was "probably" hit by a Buk missile, working to exclude the SU-25 theory
Authorities cant explain HOW it can be that Moscow emergency reanimation car is moving through #Mariupol today
The OSCE confirms the shelling of civilians in the district of Donetsk airport
Putin demanded to fight extremists to prevent both in Ukraine
Russia simulate weaponry withdrawal - Lysenko
Finland, Sweden and Ukraine will take part in NATO exercises
Prosecutors interrogated the mayor of #Zaporozhye
New sanctions against Russia are in the process of preparation - Mogherini
Four warships of NATO entered Black sea
Hunger strike in solidarity with #Savchenko On #Manezhka
The consequences of fire on Saksaganskogo,38 in Kiev
Poroshenko met with Prime Minister of Italy
The day of entry Crimea into Russia was announced as weekend
1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 1 wounded during the last 24 hours
Soldiers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine part 2 - Vice News
Soldiers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine part 2 - Vice News
The Prime Minister of Italy, arrived in Kiev
In Kharkiv SBU arrested 42-year-old organizer for the recruitment of terrorists, and 4 members
Village Nikishine: houses in ruins, burned technique and studded with shells land
Terrorists of "Novorossia" are prepared in St. Petersburg, - media
#Odesa spent the last way of Storozhenko and senior Lieutenant Streluk
Chairman of the Moscow branch of the party RPR-PARNAS Ilya Yashin has announced the publication of Nemtsov report about Ukraine
Poroshenko requires access of Ukrainian rescuers to the Zasyadko mine
Two firemen wad died during fire fighting at Saksaganskogo street in Kyiv
Donetsk terrorists were ordered to gather in Horlivka, - media
Nadiya Savchenko at the Basmanny court now
"Financial Maidan" are protesting near the building of the NBU
Parliament has authorized the arrest of three judges of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv
Russia and Egypt have agreed on military cooperation
The militants attacked the Ukrainian military near #Mariupol
Militants blocked the supply of gas to Stanitsa Luhanska
The Groisman said that one person was died in the mine of Zasyadko. The destiny of 30 is unknown
The sports complex "Dolphin" in Donetsk after shelling
Entrance of the Zasyadko mine
Emergency services at #Donetsk mine after explosion. Medics, psychiatrists comforting distraught relatives of miners
Fires on Saksaganskogo streets
"Kommersant": Scientists formulated recipe of fighting with "maidan"'s in Russia for Putin
NBU has forbidden to withdraw currency from cards
Trolleybus drivers began to strike in the Crimea
Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Hroysman says 32 people have been killed in Donetsk coal mine blast.
Kerch ferry does not work because of the storm
Policeman shot a volunteer at the roadblock in the Donetsk region
Trains were stopped on the red line metro in Kiev
Explosion at Zasyadko mine in Donetsk killed at least 30 miners
Occasional sound of shelling around Pisky/airport #Donetsk
One woman was killed in shelling of residential areas of #Avdiivka last night
Explosion at the Zasyadko mine - 42 miners possible underground #Donetsk
Another Russian supply convoy has arrived at the border
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