Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 October 2017
ATO HQ: Russian forces hit a school in Pavlopil' with weapons prohibited by Minsk agreements
ATO HQ: 31 attacks on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm, 3 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
Russian militants shelled residential neighborhoods of Krasnohorivka
Russian Mindef: 1st stage of battle readiness check in South Military district is over. Troops redeployed from Dagestan, Chechnya, Rostov Regions to Astrakhan, Volgograd, Krasnodar regions and Occupied Crimea
Artillery is active near Avdiivka
Clashes near Starohnativka
Militants shell school, houses in Krasnohorivka, East Ukraine - civilian woman injured – JCCC
Cardinal Lubomyr Husar was buried today In Kyiv
Russia's conviction of Ukrainian librarian Natalya Sharina demonstrates "utter contempt for rule of law", says @amnesty
Severe clashes at Donetsk-Pivnichny station area. Clearly heard from Kyivsky district of Donetsk
Fire at oil depot in Brovary, Kyiv region
OCCRP: Ukraine’s top bank Privatbank lent owner’s lieutenants $1 billion before nationalization
300 Russian paratroopers arrived in Brest for drill "Slavic brotherhood 2017"(With Serbia, Russia and Belarus)
Vyshgorod, Kyiv region: man was killed in grenade explosion
Two new @bellingcat reports on MH17, 1st a new photograph reconfirming the exact Russian Buk used to shoot it down
60 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
6,5 thousand military personnel and about 1.5 thousand units of military and special equipment of the infantry, tank, artillery units, and the units of naval infantry of Black Sea fleet are taking part in massive battle readiness check drill of Russian Southern Military district
58 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 2 soldiers were killed, 5 wounded
Clashes in Donetsk, already reports of MLRS GRAD used
Police detained 42 men in attempt to seize enterprise in Vinnitsa, all arrested by court for 2 month
Video: FSB drills in Occupied Crimea with boats and helicopter
Video: FSB drills in Occupied Crimea with boats and helicopter
FSB SOF drills in Yalta, Occupied Crimea
FSB SOF drills in Yalta, Occupied Crimea
Avdiivka: Shells partially destroyed a house last night
FM @sigmargabriel met Putin: Important discussion. Open exchange on political topics, incl. Syria, Ukraine.
2 Ukrainian soldiers were KIA, 5 wounded in 53 attacks on Ukrainian positions on June 2
"Techincal" of Russian forces in Novoazovs'k district
Russian forces convoy in Novoazovs'k district
Ukraine: We must not allow DPRK to continue destabilizing the situation on Korean peninsula and discrediting the role of UNSC
1 wounded in shooting in Kyiv, alleged robbery
Another shooting in Kyiv. Many police on the site near "Mega City" mall