Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 September 2017
Journalist of the First channel (Russia) was already on the scene in 63 school in 10 minutes
Heavy explosions happening now in Donetsk.
#Russia tells US it won't attend 2016 Nuclear Security Summit. Combating nuke terrorism apparently no longer on #Putin's agenda.
Actually there are no truce -Parubiy
Russia send's Grad missiles to Donetsk by railway.
Several large columns of military vehicles passed Today through Luhansk
Russian opposition activist, founder of "Putin must leave" movement, actor Alexej Devotchenko was killed in Moscow
#Russian Delta #submarine TULA fires #Sineva SS-N-23 today while submerged in #Barents Sea
Police closed the channel of of weapons supply from the #ATO zone to Zaporizhia
Zhytomyr met soldiers, returned from the Donbass
Militants shelled Avdiivka. Miko-food plant is burning now
Shell hits school in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, killing two children amid renewed violence, reports say
Romanian Forces & @USArmyEurope open Exercise Phoenix Resolve: 3 weeks, skills training, more than 500 #NATO troops.
The SBU detained terrorists, preparing terrorist attacks in Lviv
Funeral of Russian solider, previously spotted in Ukraine will be hold tomorrow
Ukrainian forces use UAV
Mobile homes for refugees are being prepared near Kharkiv
Kyiv' metro station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" closed after bomb threat
5 Russian UAVs spotted near Mariupol and Trehizbenka last 24 hours
PM Yatsenyuk also said that Kyiv will not cut off gas or electricity to separatist areas, would lead to a humanitarian disaster.
One Ukrainian soldier was killed during shelling near Mariupol
Office block burnt in Kharkiv
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Witnesses count three Russian SS-26 tactical missile systems in #Bezimenne, Novoazovsk district.
The Russian Federation sent fuel tankers to Donbas in last "humanitarian convoy" -OSCE
USS Ross 71 met the Russian Novocherkassk 142 in the middle of the Bosphorus
Mobilized entrepreneurs freed from taxes - the state tax service
Putin сould talk informally with Obama next week
Ukrainian military capture some militants in Donetsk airport
Deputy Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine: the Council decided to introduce Parliament a bill to repeal the law on the special status of Donbass
"Naftogaz of Ukraine" has paid part of the debt to Gazprom. About $1,45 Billion
The meeting of the NSDC has been going on for more than 4 hours.
Echelon of tanks in Rostov
Shelling in Donetsk
Shelling in Donetsk
Heavy MLRS shelling in Donetsk
#Poroshenko will order #NSDC to send humanitarian aid to Donbass
1 soldier killed, 5 injured in Pavlopil
Poland to Buy Armed Drones Amid Ukraine Crisis
Suspects in the murder of police in the Moscow region. Previously were "rebels" at the Donbass
Now a bunch of children are reading poems about Zakharchenko
After six-month service in ATO fighters of Chernyhiv-1 returned home on rotation
"No war" protestors against Russia's intervention in Ukraine at Nationalist March in Moscow @crusoes
Russia move at least 6 "Iskander" (SS-26 Stone) to the border of Ukraine
At 17.00 - meeting of the NSDC under the chairmanship of the President
"No Putin - no war". Russian peace March in #Saratov
Fire on the Russian ship "Kerch" in Sevastopol.
Russian nationalists on the march in Moscow
Preparations underway in Donetsk for rebel leader Zakharchenko's inauguration
Caucasian guerrillas torched Kadyrov airport in Johar (Grozny)
Rostov NPP emergency shut down. South of Russia without electricity