Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 November 2017
#Russia's @roskomnadzor_rf has threatened to ban @BuzzFeed over a report @maxseddon wrote about the #Grozny attack
Flight Moscow-Zaporizhia has made emergency landing in Kharkiv
Russia holds war games near border with Ukraine
Ukrainian council on TV and Radio to audit Espresso TV after it showed clips from Putin's address.
"Naftogaz" transferred "Gazprom" advance payment for 1 billion cubic meters of gas
President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State
Zaporizhia nuclear power plant resumed operation of the third unit
Train burnt in Moscow region
In Lviv: rally in support of the people of Chechnya
Kadyrov ordered to deliver to Chechnya commanders "Azov" and Dnipro
EU Eases Sanctions on Russian Bank Subsidiaries
Today Donetsk airport. Huge Explosion announces an attack.
Today Donetsk airport. Huge Explosion announces an attack.
Kadyrov's battalion Smert (Death) in #Ukraine just got new fighters to hunt pro-UA chechens.
Lunch in LNR.
Convoy with Christmas Humanitarian aid leaves Poland to Ukraine on Monday
Terrorist of the "LNR" detained at Chisinau international airport
"Yesterday Kyiv - Tomorrow Moscow". 7 protesters were detained in Moscow
#Putin orders to cut budget expenditures by 5% in 2015-2017
In 2014 #Ukraine army will get 20 British APCs Saxon, in 2015 - more 55 these vehicles - repr. UkrOboronProm company.
#Russian human rights activist: Our soldiers are refusing to go to #Ukraine -
Russian @tvrain getting evicted again, likely to continue broadcasting from a private flat
British researchers have analyzed eating habits of dictators
SBU Detained General who organized crimes against Maidan
#SBU hopes that #Interpol in near future will be pursued an international arrest warrant of former President #Ukraine #Yanukovych
Unique edition with illustrations will be published for the anniversary of "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka"
The priest casts out demons of the server of the Central Bank, responsible for maintaining the ruble.
Inflation in Ukraine in November slowed to 1.9%/month. Since the beginning of the year prices rose by 21.2%
The monument to Karl Marx was toppled in #Odessa
In Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions are building housing for temporarily displaced persons
Оne more "volunteer" from Russia, who had fought in Donbas, was identified
After the latest #Russian_Army convoys,3/4 "DNR" men, attacking #Donetsk #airport, wear white again.
Poroshenko issued the passport of Ukraine to Belarusian Sergey Short
Poroshenko: The words "cyborg", "ukrop" have become symbols of the Ukrainian spirit's invincibility and combat capability.
Under the guise of the OSCE mission in Ukraine has not just an employee of the Russian Embassy and the Russian special services agent?
EU gives strong statement rejecting Putin's revisionism on Molotov-Ribbentrop pact at @OSCE ministerial.
[email protected] : Putin will not go to Kiev with tanks. He will attack the new 5th column
A scandalous biography of Stalin was published in USA
A Russian soldier in #Donetsk to the @OuestFrance reporter: "I prefer being here than parading on squares in Russia"
Three Russian columns with military equipment enter Ukraine
Militants of "DNR" have decided to declare Ilovaysk hero-city
Director of "Ukrinterenergo" was detained for African coal - GPU
18-year-old crimean tatar lost In the Crimea
On Zmіiv TPP staff were evacuated because of the "bomb threat"
Reports of Unstoppable shelling of Donetsk airport
Putin's militants shelling Stanitsa Luhanska, Shchastya - NSDC
#Russia Planning Aid Convoy of Christmas Trees for Eastern Ukraine
Smoke over Donetsk
Customs officers found the sights and cameras on the train from Moscow to Kharkov
Gold and currency reserves of the NBU has reached a 10-year low
Minister of defence of Germany laugh on Putin's comparison of the Crimea with the Temple Mount
Lviv met the heroes of the battalion "Volya"
Since the beginning of December in Donetsk airport killed 299 soldiers of RF - NSDC
In Donetsk while handing out "humanitarian aid" pensioners attacked with sticks on Russian journalists
Separatist lost an arm and a legs, but continues to wear a T-shirt with Putin
Traditional Soviet humiliation ritual: ukrainian POWs forced to sing USSR anthem
Traditional Soviet humiliation ritual: ukrainian POWs forced to sing USSR anthem
Pisky and the old terminal of the airport under fire now. There are casualties
Fierce fighting in Petrovky district of Donetsk
@VP phone call with @poroshenko. discussed Ukraine’s energy security, and @VP pledged continued US technical support
#Kirovsk under fire. Shells hit civil houses
Mayor, Jamin Imamović, of Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina met with a delegation from Ukraine
79 airborne brigade of Ukraine
Car hit horse in Kharkiv
Reports of explosion in Kharkiv
House of Representatives passes H.Res.758 resolution against #Russia
Kharkiv hunters asked the Council to return lands for hunting
The first fight in the Parliament
#Ukraine will halt fire in east on December 9: #Poroshenko
For the first time in the entire history of Rada woman in the Presidium of the Parliament
[email protected]: We stand in solidarity with Crimean Tatars today against a new threat to their community.
Orlivka was a hard-shelled Yesterday
Meanwhile in #Donetsk: Smoke rising from airport
"It was in ancient Greek city of Chersonesus that Viking Prince Valdemar of Kiev was baptised. Thin basis for Moscow claims on Crimea".
One civilian was killed in Makiivka in artillery strike
#MOD received from Motor Sich first batch of Mi-8MSB
UA troops entered fight with the RF diversion group at state border. UA arm. vehicle blew on mine but saved soldiers
NSDC: Record amount of rocket system GRAD shelling intensity on #Ukraine positions registered yesterday - 71 attacks in all directions
The MiG-29 crashed in the suburbs of Moscow, pilots wounded
Putin says Crimea is Russia's 'Temple Mount'
Putin online
The Central Bank of Russia acknowledged the dollar as threat to the stability