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20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russian self-propelled artillery firing now from the area of Donetsk Cemetery 29
VIDEO #Russia forces firing mortars at #Ukraine troops (in #Pisky) near #Donetsk Airport
VIDEO Russia forces firing mortars at Ukraine troops (in Pisky) near Donetsk Airport
APC with "USSR" caption in Luhansk
More photos from #Donetsk airport. Russians are checking everything Ukrainian forces have
US Concerned About Russian Submarines with Nuclear Armed Cruise Missiles Near Washington
Medvedev, with his children
Putin in Voronezh
Volleys from #Makiivka towards #Donetsk
Statistics: Most of the foreigners who violated the residence laws in Moldova are Russian citizens
GRAD and artillery fire can be heard in #Makiivka in the last minutes
#Ukraine President fires new Fort 221 made under license from Israel
Ukraine President fires new Fort 221  made under license from Israel
Fourth Russian General [Anatoly Kudryavtsev] Commits Suicide in Less Than a Year
NATO's Priority in 2015: Setting Up Reaction Force in Europe
Volunteer of @ARMY_SOS was wounded by shrapnel in Piski
Militants wounded the commander of the ”Carpathian Sich" in Piski
Kadyrov's terrorists have sold into slavery eight Ukrainian military, - human rights activist
France & Germany now liaising with #Russia & #Ukraine to see if conditions are met for a lasting agreement
Rally at Manezhna square. Better Maidan than Tahrir
The word "cyborg" is called the Word 2014
Citizens of Crimea cooperate by social networks to drive to the border with mainland Ukraine
Ukrainian human rights activists appealed to the Hague
Ukrainian SA-8 Gecko
Putin won the role of King Herod in nativity scene in Lviv
Three waves of mobilization were planned this year. 200 thousand citizens will be drafted for army
Partisans quickly move military weapons in Donetsk including MLRS "Grad"
Details of #robbery of exchanger by a man with explosives in #Kherson became known
Russian militant told about drug trafficking in "LNR" and the details of the murder of "Batman"
Russian militant told about drug trafficking in LNR and the details of the murder of Batman
Four volunteers, among them journalist Evgeny Shibalov, were released from the captivity of the militants in Donetsk
Cars near #Mariupol were blew up the staff of the Russian security services
Cars near Mariupol were blew up the staff of the Russian security services
Kharkiv armored vehicles plant released APC that can withstand a direct hit from a rocket launcher
Russian self-propelled howitzers in Starobeshevo
The militants, who seized the government of Donbass, began to penetrate in #Mariupol
In the center of Artemivsk the godfather of "gambling business king" in Donbass was shot
Another revealing intercept by SBU
Another revealing intercept by SBU
Preparing for the new wave of mobilization in Ternopil'
The bus passengers transportation in the area of the ATO is terminated
#Car from zone #ATO was detained with the arsenal of weapons in #Kharkiv
Conductor, who was throw from the train things of fighters of #ATO, was fired
The passage to controlled by the militants territory of Donbass will limit seven points
Sniper wounded Ukrainian military in the zone of #ATO
Militants killed civilians from mortars in Zolote, - SBU
The Crimea: Feodosia, Sudak, Staryi Krym - no bread. Alcohol only in ATB-market
Militants stealed 800 kg of explosive from warehouses in #Amvrosiyivka
Infographic by @openrussia_org: Map of Russian regions where Russians hail from who were Killed in Action in #Ukraine
Map on 6th January: Fire in the Donbass continues
Sprouts of liberation movement rise In #Donbass, - #Semenchenko
Militants were left without money, try out to sell gasoline for civil
Agreed with the authority picket in support of prisoners of Bolotnaya will be today in Moscow
Sevral members of #Donetsk aid volunteer group were detained yesterday by unknown separatist unit.
Antigovernment protest in #Togliatti
#Biryukov told what equipment was sent by #Canada to Ukrainian army
Labelling “Colorado potato beetle” was appeared in the Lithuanian shops
Law enforcers arrested the partisan who carried out reconnaissance and sabotage in the rear of the ATO forces
Five Ukrainians settlers died in accident in #Russia
Militants from the Caucasus stated that they fight for "DNR" against the United States
Accident with the National Guard soldiers: 4 military cars have clashed, - media
Accident near Artemivsk. Broken cars scattered along the roadside.
In the ATO area happend a road incident
Position of the regiment "Azov" near the Granite are shelling by 120 mm mine-thrower right now.
Journalist Tymchyk reports that Russian tanks fired on Ukrainian positions near Donetsk airport and Russia are deploying new artillery batteries in the city
MFAs of Ukraine, Germany, France, Russia will discuss the Ukr situation on 9 Jan via phone
Ukrainian S-300(SA-20 Gargoyle) on combat positions.
Kraz truck crashed into bus of National Guard In ATO zone. 12 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. 18 wounded
The SBU opened a criminal case on the fact of spreading false reports about Ukrainian military
New Romanian leader chooses Moldova for first foreign visit
Pioneer of volunteer movement was appointed chief of procurement of Ministry of Defense
The accident occurred in the in the area of Antiterrorist operations
Interesting: for Russians, #borsch is Ukrainian, for tourists it's Russian. #GUM #Moscow
Chile's Amb. to UN says UK and Lithuania have asked for #Ukraine to be discussed in UNSC this month
There's absolutely no way to buy alcohol in #Simferopol, #Crimea tonight. "Nobody has a license" they say.
Savchenko shouted "Glory to Ukraine!" while entering the courtroom in Moscow
Battalion after shelling.
Battalion after shelling.
Alcohol prohibition in Slavyansk. Owners of cafes and shops were forbidden to sell liquor for military.
Russian Kashtan class buoy tender KIL-158 transited southbound Bosphorus
Ruban gets a report about partisans in Donetsk who captured seven Ukrainian soldiers.
In the town in Lviv Region man died from the explosion of an unknown object.
An agreement to exchange prisoners in the Donetsk Republic till the end of this week.
#Donetsk: Man in #Belarus police uniform fought for #Russian militants in #Ukraine
Project 1171 Russian Navy's Tapir/Alligator class landing ship Saratov 150 transits southbound Bosphorus
#Donetsk Night club "Chicago".
The President awarded Ukrainian fighters.
In the Rivne region, volunteers tried experimental drone
Armed Forces of Ukraine received more than 150 units of military vehicles, including 4 planes
Ukraine will consult with the EU about additional duties on imports.
Convoy of Ukrainian tanks
Property of Azarov Junior in #Ukraine was not arested, - MP
Somebody tried to burn down the volunteers offiice in Kherson.
Beer will be considered an alcoholic drink in Ukraine since 1 of July
Donetsk Republic wants to start synchronizing laws LNR at the meeting in Lugansk
Poroshenko gave the Ukrainian army such fighter machines as MiG-29 and SU-27
Russian flags fly over Alchevsk✌
Lugansk journalist was released from captivity
In zone #ATO fighters of the Azov regiment and officers in Kyiv went for the rotation
Ukrainian partisans reportedly started fighting in Russia's Rostov
Russian man has established the Ukrainian flag in New year's eve at the highest point of the Crimea
Izvestiya:Russian film authorities are no longer cooperating over new Eisenstein film due to script references to his rumoured homosexuality
A third of Ukraine now believes that corruption should be fought with executions. 16% totally agree. 19% mostly agree.
The conflict in #Donbass can be solved with diplomacy, -#Poroshenko.
The Ministry of justice of Russia introduced one more organization in the register as "foreign agents"
Navalny refused to comply with the regime of house arrest
U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine @GeoffPyatt joined Twitter storm to support the release of #Savchenko
Ukrainian cyber troops had a hacking operation and received personal data abour nearly1025 separatists
Railway Station in Horlivka was evacuated due to bomb threat
The explosion in #Odessa was qualified as a terrorist act
12 Russian MLRS GRAD passed Petrovskogo street in Donetsk
Speaker of ATO Lysenko get a report about the militants near Tel'manovo, dressed in Ukrainian form
In Kharkiv began to strengthen the police stations with concrete blocks
Shooting and explosions heard in Donetsk
Near Mariypol fighters in the ATO arrested a woman suspected of spying
Spy of militants was detained near Mariupol
Per day in the area of the ATO wounded one Ukrainian soldier, -the national security Council
#Luhansk. Rus. soldiers on military Ural truck came to shop for food
Fighters fired on the positions of Ukrainian soldiers near Mariupol 3 times per day
This morning positions of the Azov regiment near Hranite village were fired from mortars.
The car rammed an ambulance in Kiev
The car rammed an ambulance in Kiev
Poroshenko and Poltorak arrived at a military airfield near Zhitomir to transfer military equipment
The price of OPEC oil fell below $52
Northern fleet warship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" completed the longest (265 days) trip and returned in #Severomorsk
The attempted arson of office of the Fund for assistance to army was stopped in Kherson
Girkin hinted mercenaries about the need to leave the Donbass
In the New Year militants beat the visitors of the restaurant in Alchevsk, because they did not want to fight
In the New Year militants beat the visitors of the restaurant in Alchevsk, because they did not want to fight
A bank branch was burning this night in Odessa
Ukrainian MP Savchenko continues her hunger strike, illegally captive inside Russian prison: #freeSavchenko
Two explosions have thundered in the Dnipropetrovsk region
Protest in Odessa, Ukraine for Nadezhda Savchenko who is unlawfully imprisoned in Moscow.
120 Kadyrov militants have arrived near Zugres
Destroyed and abandoned #mcdonalds in Yalta
Unknown location
Militants are not hiding anymore - APC with Russian Army insignia
Militants are not hiding anymore - APC with Russian Army insignia
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