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20 กันยายน 2018

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Abroskin: 16 years old boy killed in shelling of Kurdyumivka
Artillery in Horlivka tonight
Artillery in Horlivka tonight
InformNapalm: geolocation of provocation shelling of house in Donetsk by Russian forces
Reports: Howitzers pounding areas East to Mariupol
#USArmy: American equipment has arrived in Estonia
Signal flares near Ozeryanivka
Toretsk hearing explosions
Explosions are seen north to Horlivka
Thornberry urges Trump to send weapons to Ukraine
Donbas blockade: Suspected Titushki hiding faces, and refuse to answer
Video shows Russian Su-25 and Su-24M aircraft crews flying over Lipetsk Oblast
Tensions between police and participants of Donbas blockade
Tensions between police and participants of Donbas blockade
The Russian Army channel predicts an Ukrainian artillery attack on Ukrainian-held Mariupol
Battle in Mayorsk-Zaytsevo area now.
40 Russian attacks before 6pm in Eastern Ukraine
Reportedly MLRS GRAD launches from area of Yasinuvata Coke Coal plant
Hits in Avdiivka - shelling renewed
Belarus military instead white paint use newspaper as winter camouflage
3rd Humanitarian convoy from Zaporizhye went to Avdiivka
Kaczyński: I told Poroshenko that they won't get into Europe with Bandera. We've shown enormous patience, but there's a limit to everything.
MP Semenchenko, one of organizers of Donbas blockade says "Titushki from Dnipro are going to deblock blockade"
Christopher Nunn: Avdiika apartment and impact crater. Elena died in middle window. I was in room on left. Official report 120mm GRAD
Hug at DFS: Water is running again. Much more to be done. Guns need to remain silent now
Ukrainian MP not excluding introducing of martial law in Ukraine in case of continues escalation
OSCE SMM: DFS pumping station restarted. DFS staff will stay overnight. Stop fighting
In the Crimea detained the man with the poster "Stolen Simferopol"
Supporting the Romanian protests - near the Romanian Consulate in Odessa Ukraine 6 Feb 2017
"the UK will be insisting there is no case for relaxation of sanctions" on Russia. Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson at EU FAC, Brussels
Russian propaganda outlet Zvezda: DNR chief Zaharchenko got under Ukrainian army shelling
Remote operated ATGMs in Ukraine
Col. Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UA Forces incurred NO fatalities, 6 UA servicemen were wounded and injured
ATO spokesperson: Over the past day, 53 enemy attacks, including 19 with heavy weapons, occurred in Mariupol sector
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: The tensest situation is in Maryinka area and on the stretch of the front-line from Pavlopil to Shyrokyne
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: As before, the fighting occurred along the whole front-line. Militants used heavy weapons both at day and night.
Col. Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day of hostilities, 26 enemy attacks occurred in the Donetsk sector, including 17 - with heavy weapons.
ATO spokesperson: Despite some de-escalation, the militants do not abandon their aggressive intentions
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: There is strained situation on the flanks of Avdiyivka - near Kamianka and Butovka mine
ATO spokesperson: 12 residential buildings in Avdiyivka were damaged
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: in Avdiyivka, fighting continued intermittently for about 11 hours. During each attack enemy used heavy weapons.
ATO spox: Over the previous day, enemy attacked our positions in the Luhansk sector 15 times, including 5 with heavy weapons.
Col. Motuzyanyk: Militants fired UA positions with mortars near Bahmut road and Popasna area
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector. Enemy fired our positions in Zhovte, Krymske and along the whole front-line from Katerynivka to Troitske
Zaharchenko near Volvo center in Donetsk yesterday
Krasnohorivka: hits at Parkhomenka street
94 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday
GRAD missile hit Ukrainian 72 brigade positions, but not exploded
How Avdiivka survives in dead of winter without electricity, central heating (PHOTOS)
Trump has discussed with Poroshenko ceasefire in Donbas – US Vice President
Photo from Avdiivka: 82mm mortar mine hit a truck
Avdiivka: Direct 82mm hit in Ukrainian truck
One-person protest in St. Petersburg against Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine
Germany's Gabriel On Ukraine Fighting Says "One Cannot Only Give One Side The Blame"
Russia deploys more troops to border with Ukraine
Russia deploys more troops to border with Ukraine
Internet and electricity is back in Avdiivka
US troops have also arrived in Romania.
"Ukraine's interference in US elections is big enough to be called the New Watergate" - Dmitry Kiselyov's latest statement on Russian TV
1 Ukrainian soldier wounded today in Eastern Ukraine, Tanks shelled Avdiivka, Pisky, Kamyanka. Total 40 attacks
OSCE SMM: Repair works almost completed. Ceasefire must continue
OSCE SMM on Donetsk Filter Station: Sappers are securing access road to the repair site. Ceasefire must be maintained!
Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was released after 10 days of arrest for video from the rally of "Hizb ut-Tahrir" in 2013
The OSCE SMM patrol with Hug arrived at Donetsk water filtration station. Standing ready to facilitate repair process
51 attacks on Ukrainian army yesterday, Novozvanivka and Popasna in Luhansk region were shelled with MLRS GRAD
Readout of call Poroshenko-Trump
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