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27 อาจ 2018

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The army of Serbia will take part in the parade on may 9 in Moscow
Nikolaev repairers gave 12 renovated APCS to 79th airmobile airborne brigade
Deputy Head Of Presidential Administration Of Ukraine Valeriy Chaliy visited USA
Ukrainian Marines recruits train with weapons
Two underground stations are closed in Kiev, because of bomb threat
Russian forces in heavy battles in Eastern / central Shyrokyne
Russian forces in heavy battles in Eastern / central Shyrokyne
Military convoy of militants in Luhansk
Military convoy of militants in Luhansk
Motorola stated that he has shot 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war
The Kremlin decided to fight with Ukraine - Ex-chief of Ukrainian NSDC Gavrish
Eduction ministry of Ukraine presented additional educational materials "Revolution of Dignity and aggression of Russia against Ukraine"
Militants have released 16 Ukrainian prisoners of war
17 cars with #ammunitions, 4 platform with the military vehicles arrived in #Amvrosiivka, -intelligence of #ATO.
Rally in Kyiv
Ukrainian army was using a drone for scout Donetsk
Ukrainian army was using a drone for scout Donetsk
Kremlin's propaganda task is to distract from war, Crimea claiming human rights violation etc
Kramatorsk Prosecutor and finance police chief were detained by SBU
Ukraine's foreign exchange reserves increased to 9,969$ billion
Russian MFA: allegations of infringement rights of Crimean Tatar mass media is groundless
New KrAZ Shrek in Mariupol
Tanks and APCs massing in Olenivka - reports
Debaltseve, Photo by Eugene Feldman
#Donetsk militants say they are going to unconditionally release 16 Ukrainian PoWs today
Russian Su-24 intercepted near Latvian territorial waters
Ukrainian government wants to ban mobile phones by military in the ATO
Russian diplomacy suspect #Kyiv in the weaving of multi-intrigue
National Deaflympic team of Ukraine came home
#Lavrov: We supported a significant expansion of the #OSCE mission in Ukraine from 500 to 1000 people
Russian militants made photosessions in captured houses at Donbas
Criminal case was brought to a resident of the Crimea calls for extremism
Field testing of assault tactical complex Predator for PK machine gun
Field testing of assault tactical complex Predator for PK machine gun
Petro Symonenko is interrogated already 7 hours in Attorney General's Office
Russian troops in Luhansk
Severodonetsk at the opening of square
Country cooperative in Shyrokyno after the shelling of militants.
Eight people were injured by the explosion in #Odessa
Bomb threat at Kharkiv railway station was false
Luhansk region. Explosion on the railway Shchotove - Shterivka
In the center of Mykolaiv was detained a man with a bag of grenades
In the center of Mykolaiv was detained a man with a bag of grenades
Drunk guys wanted to install flag of the "Novorosiya" in Kherson on the bridge
In the Kharkiv region ongoing construction of a third line of defense
Donetsk, Degtyareva str. - 120 mm Self-propelled artillery 2S9 "Nona"
FlashSiberia: "New Buryatia" cut out of circulation of the strip about the charred Buryat trooper
Symonenko is interrogated concerning crimes against the national security of Ukraine - SBU
About 500 new militants arrived to #Horlivka with equipments
In case of Savchenko appointed five new expertises - lawyer
Lavrov on peacekeepers in the Donbas: As polite people we are ready to discuss it
Militants of LNR came to the Ukrainian post and asked to pick up them
Cossacks-sappers from Pyatigorsk engaged clearance of the city in Debaltseve
Kuchma: the militants have no desire to continue the exchange of prisoners
Rally near Embassy of RF in Kyiv
Kharkiv railway station was evacuated after bomb threat
The protesters near the Kharkiv aircraft factory were promised to pay only for one month
The participants of the "credit Maidan" partially blocked the road near Rada
The government dismissed the head of the commission on "protection of morals"
Marines of 79 special airborne unit held drills for beginners in Mykolaiv region
The terrorists shot at each other near Krasnoarmiis'ke
The Pope on Easter prayed for peace in Ukraine
Lenin in Chelyabinsk, Russia
Installation "House of Cards" by Sergey Zakharov on the square of the October Revolution in Slavyansk
Man blown on landmine on the bridge over the Seversky Donets
ATO spokesperson: Ukrainian airborne troops took part in war games in #Lviv region
ATO spokesperson: 4 Ukrainian servicemen KIA, 1 got wounded in the last 24 hours
Ukrainian president lifts objections to referendum on giving more power to restive regions
In Odessa burned #cafe
A squad of policemen returned to Lviv from ATO
The businessman was shot in the car in Odessa
A bust of Lenin was painted in yellow and blue colors in the centre of Chelyabinsk
Peskov considered unethical article about Poroshenko proposal to take Donbass
Poland sets the observation towers on the border with Russia
"We are against this shameful war. We respect your country and its limits". Believers from St. Petersburg asked for forgiveness of Ukraine for the war in the Donbas
11 unidentified soldiers, who died in the Donbass, were buried in Dnipropetrovsk
A new Lithuanian Ambassador arrived in #Kyiv
Symonenko came to questioning by the SBU
"Get out of Donbass" does not mean "get Donbass", but quite the opposite - MFA of Ukraine
Village Katerinovka of Luhansk region joined Ukraine
Gunners on the roads of the Crimea. Yalta
Gunners on the roads of the Crimea. Yalta
New footage from the #Russian bombing of #Debaltseve in February
New footage from the Russian bombing of Debaltseve in February
DUK "Right sector" will become part of Ukrainian armed force, - Yarosh
Heavy AA fire over Mariupol "drones"
Heavy AA fire over Mariupol drones
VPM of Ukraine: Military aggression on Ukrainian territory is carried out in order not to spend reforms
The Deputy commander of the ATO: Militants will start offense on Stanytsya Luhanska in coming days
Thousands at anti-corruption rally in Chisinau, shouting "Thieves!" and "Resign!" #Moldova
Sweden’s PM not to attend V-Day celebrations in Moscow on May 9
Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk becomes the 15th Women's World Chess Champion
For the third hour running 120mm mortar on Shyrokyne
Shelling heard near airport and railway station in Donetsk
Ukrainian AA firing militants' UAVs in Mariupol
Fire in Donetsk after house was hit with mortar
"Piano Extremist" played in Mariupol
Shirokino. The Chechen battalion named after Sheikh Mansour
Shirokino. The Chechen battalion named after Sheikh Mansour
KC-135 Stratotanker refuels a A-10 Thunderbolt II above Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Russian watch: "I'm ruscist"
Former Secretary of State Schultz: "America with Ukraine.#USA should give Ukraine a defensive weapon"
Leader of "Right sector" Yarosh was appointed Advisor to chief of General staff of Ukraine
Volunteer from Odesa who got shot, died in hospital
Militants shelled Ukrainian army positions in Leninske
In Sevastopol held anti-government action, despite attempts to disperse the activists
"Right Sector" in Pisky
Czech President said that doors for U.S. Ambassador "closed"
Chechens join Ukraine fight against Russian-backed separatists
American destroyer USS Jason Dunham came to Bulgarian port
Rally in Severodonetsk
Activists of “Autonomous resistance” held rally in Lviv
Russian militants detonated a mine under a SUV near #Shyrokyne, killing 2 and injuring 1 Ukrainian trooper.
Residents of Simferopol put willow to the monument to Taras Shevchenko
MLRS Uragan near Dzhankoy
Saxons on a front line
Rally in Zaporizhie
Rally in Zaporizhie
Rally in the center of Chisinau
Romania - #Warthogs | A-10 Thunderbolt II jets train at the Câmpia Turzii
4 soldiers were killed near Shchastya - truck was hit with ATGM
Royal Navy submarine damage after ‘hitting floating ice’ while tracking Russian vessels
Military vehicles convoy in Krasnyi Luch
Militants shelled Pisky and Opytne - ATO press center
Road accident in Kyiv
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