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18 มีนาคม 2018

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Trump advisor calls annexation of Crimea "so-called"
98.5% of votes counted, this is how NL voted. referendum YES: 38.2% NO: 61% turnout: 32.1%
Russian army drills in Transnistria: engineers learned how to make IEDs
95% is now in from the Dutch referendum: 61.6% against, 37.7% in favor. Turnout (preliminary): 32.2%, meeting minimum requirement
With 74.8% of votes counted, this is how each city in NL voted during referendum on EU-Ukraine deal. Turnout 32.3%
Amsterdam results: 52% in favor.
Dutch PM Rutte: if turnout 30%+, "step-by-step process will start. Will take days or perhaps more likely weeks", "will consult EU partners"
Rutte: "With this result, the ratification won't just continue."
'Yes' campaigner @APechtold accepts defeat 'it's a clear 'no' - cabinet cannot ignore the result.'
Acc to latest info: Turnout in Dutch referendum was 32%. 30% is needed to make it valid
Anti-air fire by Russian militants on "UAVs" in Horlivka, coincides with time when ISS is flying over
Russian militants tank in Mospine
Hail in L'viv
Heavy fight on the South of Avdiivka
In Donetsk, gunmen opened fire on the drone
#ReferendumNL: Turnout est 30%
Fire in mall in central Dnipropetrovsk
Ukraine's decision to cave in to Russia by giving up its nuclear weapons in 1994 was a mistake, president Petro Poroshenko told Fox News in an interview that aired Monday
Crimean Tatar leader, MP Mistafa Dzhemilev: "No lifting or easing of sanctions on Russia until Crimea is deoccupied"
Volunteers: 82 Ukr wounded delivered so far this month to Kharkov hospital. Way more as reported by ATO press office.
N. Savchenko: I was born Ukrainian, I will die Ukrainian. Now on a dry hunger strike #FreeSavchenko
Plumes of smoke rising from a Ukrainian position after a separatist artillery strike in Avdiivka, Ukraine
In the state Duma proposed bill on Russian citizenship for residents of occupied Ukrainian lands
Police detaining participants of clashes in hotel in central Kyiv
#ReferendumNL: The average attendance is now around 8.04% at 13:00 according to the 5 biggest cities
Police seized weapons in hotel in central Kyiv
[email protected]: Russia should bear full responsibility for crimes against humanity in UA
Ukraine PM says will order decision to ban imports of oil products from Russia
US Ambassador, @GeoffPyatt, said he is convinced Panama Papers will not have negative consequences for Ukraine
Police detained participant of clashes in hotel in Kyiv
The mayor of Kyiv @Vitaliy_Klychko signed the Paris Declaration to accelerate action to overcome the AIDS epidemic @UNAIDS
Police stormed hotel Lybid' in Kyiv
[email protected]: Just voted for association with Ukraine
Lithuania organised Euroatlantic Security Policy day in Mariupol. European students discuss Europe's security and NATO
Police stormed hotel Lybid' in Kyiv cause group of unknown previously seized it
Rare report that militants complain on jamming of their military connection by Ukrainian forces
Dep head of PA Dmytro Shymkiv; "Ukraine has 90 000 IT professionals today, by 2020 we will have 200 000." #SUITC16
Poroshenko: We can not allow the international community to forget about the situation that is happening in the occupied territories of Ukraine
Netherlands holds referendum on Association Agreement with Ukraine
[email protected]: Sniper targeting positions of Ukrainian unit I'm with all night in Mariinka. Takes two or three shots, then moves to new ground
ATO: 76 RU attacks in Donbas y/day, incl. w heavy 82-mm and 120-mm guns. Situation tends to further deteriorate.
Wikileaks: #PanamaPapers Putin attack was produced by OCCRP which targets Russia and former USSR and was funded by USAID & Soros.
Pretty intense battle at Yasynuvata blockpost now, glow in the sky over that area.
Fighting in the area of Avdiivka-Yasinuvata. Artillery strikes from Makiivka, Mineral'ne, Donets'k
Heavy fighting at industrial area of Donetsk
[email protected]BlaBlaCar driver car on route from Lviv to Kyiv was probably hijacked by criminals
.@BlaBlaCar driver car on route from Lviv to Kyiv was probably hijacked by criminals
A residential house is on fire as a result of Zaitseve shelling. - "DNR"
US Ambassador: Moldovan Government took the measures needed for a new IMF agreement
Ukraine-Turkey naval drills
Ukraine MFA on Nagorno-Karabakh: All hostilities should be ceased, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan resolved
Col Lysenko: Hostilities continue round-the-clock in some sectors
40 attacks of Russian forces today before 6pm
Russia must learn that “provocation against its neighbors will be met with a united Western response” [email protected]
DNR is against international police mission at Donbass
Activists burning tires near office suspected owned by Pro-Russian MP Schufrich
Tymoshenko said about exit of coalition, and that "Batkyvshyna" is in opposition now
US Amb to Ukraine @GeoffPyatt briefs Holy See diplomatic corps on current situation
Two Ukrainian servicemen killed, 10 wounded in military hostilities over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
Russian proxies used mortars in Talakivka, Shyrokyne. Snipers in Maryinka – ATO Spokespers
Ukr. Intel: near Shyrokyne 1 Russian marines killed, 3 wounded
2017 will be declared the year of Japan in Ukraine. - President during his visit to Japan
#PanamaPapers: Ukraine's fiscal service will look into Petro Poroshenko's offshore
2 monument to Lenin toppled in 2 villages of Kharkiv region
Vodyane. Militants attacking Ukrainian positions with RPGs and machine guns
Citizens of Druzhkivka Donetsk region appeal to the Netherlands to support the Association Agreement on 6April
Militants resumed shelling of Luhansk region: yesterday one soldier was killed, three were injured, - the press service of the Luhansk regional state administration
Since morning militants shelling area of Yasinuvata-Avdiivka
Former officials Klyuev brothers and ex-minister Stavitsky wanted by Interpol — Ukrinform News
Poroshenko began his official visit to Japan
Avdiivka: Industrial zone was hit with GRAD twice last night
Donetsk airport 6:30AM Noisy, heavy machine guns, mortars.
ATO: 61 russian attacks in Donbas yesterday, near Hranitne gunmen tried to storm one of the UAF positions.
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