Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 ตุลาคม 2018
Shooting from riffle gun in Avdiivka
The energy Ministry will not extend emergency measures in energy sector
Proroshenko discussed with the Singapore MFA projects of cooperation and exchange of experience
Court banned on may 9 provocative procession of "Union of Soviet officers" in Kharkiv
Evacuated from Nepal citizens of Ukraine passport control in Baku, waiting on a plane 3-4 AM
Rumble in #Tryokhizbenka-#Slovyanoserbsk area - heavy artillery, MLRS
Reports of battle near Stanitsa Luhanska
President @Poroshenko: Threat of large-scale hostilities by the Russian-terrorist groups had been increased
Ukraine will reduce the share of "Gazprom" in the market to 30%
Ukraine won winter "battle" with "Gazprom", - Poroshenko
Сourt arrested the accomplice of the robbers at the gas station
Poroshenko: over 90,000 Russian-backed militants, regular troops in Donbas
In the Mediterranean - USS John Lenthall, left, sends fuel and supplies to USS Laboon during a replenishment-at-sea
Pentagon says that Pro-Russian troops prepare to attack
Poroshenko: national security strategy must ensure membership of Ukraine in NATO
Soldiers of ATO reported about movement of Russian special forces near Stanytsia Luhanska
Monopoly in supply of energy resources to Ukraine wont be anymore, - Poroshenko
#Donetsk #Makeevka road
Meeting with Jaanika Merilo on topic of Ukrainian e-government in Kharkiv
Three Ukrainian soldiers were released from captivity
Entire center of Donetsk was closed this afternoon - parade rehearsal.
Poroshenko hosts the meeting of the NSDC
The average salary in the President's Administration has doubled after the lifting of restrictions
"DPR" Terrorists arrested its "Minister"
Zakharchenko: Ukrainian security forces will start provocations in "DPR" on May 8
Militants freed Savchenko and she ran away to Russia, - the document in case
The pedestal of Lenin in Kramatorsk
Terrorists shelled the outskirts of #Dzerzhinsk, there are wounded
Russia said that there are 550 thousand Ukrainian dodgers on its territory
The contact group in Minsk has not discussed peacekeepers in Eastern Ukraine
The doctors allowed #Savchenko to participate in the hearing, despite heart problems
Militants draw to the line of contact of trained Russian mercenaries - headquarters
108 000 people were interrogated in the case Savchenko. 21 thousand of them - victims, - investigative committee
Meeting of the contact group with representatives of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, OSCE, DNR and LNR began in Minsk
Small picket under the Prosecutor's office of Odessa
Nadiya Savchenko was returned to the courtroom after helping.
Motorola directs the rehearsal of the military parade in Donetsk
Savchenko in court became ill. The judge was not in a hurry to call an ambulance
On the front lines near shelled Shirokino Ukrainian soldiers planted a garden right in their trench.
The suspects in the murder of Kyiv police have served in the volunteer battalions, - Avakov
A court in Moscow not allowed Savchenko to the session of PACE
Humanitarian aid from Germany arrived in Zaporizhye
Poroshenko urged Italy to ratify the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with EU
#Savchenko in court
APC at Kharkiv square
Militants used MLRS Grad in Pisky
The arrest of Oleg Sentsov was extended until 11 of July 2015
Poroshenko demands from Russian militants to withdraw "all equipment in next few hours"
Poroshenko: review of the Minsk agreements is impossible
#Kuchma arrived at the negotiations with the terrorists
Russia accuses Romania that it tries to destabilize Moldova
#Shakhtarsk - 3x Strela-10 SAM's and 2 russian Ural trucks towards #Torez.
Parade rehearsal in Minsk
Grybauskaite: the cease-fire does not exist
U.S. & Sweden diplomats at court in Moscow
Russian armor in Kirovske, Luhansk region
Russian armor in Kirovske, Luhansk region
Shkiryak will answer for all, - Avakov
The President of Uzbekistan refused to go to the parade in Moscow
The Pope was given a t-shirt with Savchenko
#Malomuzh: Russian militants are preparing offensive in 12 directions
Nadiya Savchenko at the court
Police evacuated the staff of the Kyiv district court in Odessa
Ukraine will produce jointly with Saudi Arabia newest AN-132
The plane with evacuated Ukrainians from Nepal landed in Baku
The militants shelled two checkpoints of the border guards
Nadiya Savchenko in the Basmanny court of Moscow now
Yesterday, 2 soldiers were killed in Horlivka, 4 - in Avdiivka
"Night wolves" will drive a column at a military parade in #Sevastopol
Lenin was painted In Slavyansk
Le Figaro: France could flood 'Mistral'
Three suspects in a series of attacks were arrested in Kharkiv
4 Il-76 in Tahanrig
The car was burned in the Podolsk district of #Kyiv
A Canadian frigate, German submarine and Dutch helicopter. #DynamicMongoose continues today.
Latvia want to fine for St. George ribbons
A monument to "polite people" was opened in the Amur region
Russian experts acknowledged that the Boeing was downed by a Buk, but false photos were used relative to the location
In Artemovsk will remove the Board of Kobzon and will immortalize the Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Chernyavsky
Ukrainian military blown up by trip wire in the Luhansk region
The LNR militants fired at soldiers of #ATO with heavy machine guns
Putin was drawn in place of the portrait of President Ilves at the friendship Bridge in #Estonia. Signed "Uncle Vova will restore order"
Moldovan authorities want to punish judge,who recognized Crimea as a part of Russia
Criminals involved in DNR were detained In Mariupol
SBU detained militants of battalion "Somali"
Ukrainian MFA once again calls on Russia to release Savchenko and other political hostages
Four soldiers were blown up by a land mine in Avdeevka
Russian command vehicle convoy moving on M21. No parade insignia
Russian command vehicle convoy moving on M21. No parade insignia
Explosions in #Shyrokyne direction are heard
State Department called RF to immediately release Nadia Savchenko and all other Ukrainian hostages
Ukrainian plane flew Nepal with hundreds of people on board
Military parade in Rostov-on-Don
The recreation of NKMZ plant in Shyrokyne
There are wounded in Shyrokyne after shelling
Leaders of militants "DPR" and "LPR" decided to ignore meeting of Contact group in Minsk
SA-13 Gopher/Strela-10 at military parade rehearsal in Donetsk
Militants 18 times fired at Ukrainian positions, - headquarters of ATO
Technique of militants in Donetsk
Technique of militants in Donetsk
EU Parliament Committee approved a draft resolution on a possible tightening of sanctions against Russia
Russian Border Guard An-148 RA-61712 had a detour from Vnukovo to Kaliningrad, 2 hours later from Kaliningrad to Crimea
Prosecutor General's office is investigating involvement of Akhmetov Foundation for funding militants
Fighters of "Azov" are teaching everyone to disassemble and assemble a model of Kalashnikov
Rehearsal of Victory Day parade in #Donetsk: artillery, Grad, tanks
The event is in honor of the anniversary of the founding of the regiment "Azov" in Kharkiv
#Rally dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory Day visited #Slavyansk
SBU: Militants move of Ukrainians from their homes in Luhansk and Donetsk
President of Turkey will not go to Putin on parade
Russian news agency TASS: Putin warns Hungary's refusal to cooperate with Rosatom would be harmful to economy
The OSCE accused Russia of continuing support of the war in the Donbass
#Lavrov: The shelling has resumed. Does anyone have doubts about the source of violence?
Drills in Kerch
National guard of Ukraine and Georgia have agreed on cooperation
A column of tanks in #Donetsk
In #Donetsk.the preparations for the May 9 parade
#Kadyrov withdrew their fighters from #Donbas, - representative of Ichkeria Ahmed Zakaev
Moldovan judge called Crimea as part of Russia with reference to decree of Putin
Doctors in Nepal does not allow to transport the injured Ukrainian
A series of Patriotic collages by 9 of May were presented in Ukraine
Bloomberg: Netanyahu has canceled delivery drones Ukraine after the call of Putin
There is a fight on the streets of Donetsk
Donetsk. The day after the fight
Monument to military pilots who died at Donbas was opened in Brody
A convoy of parade equipment of militants in #Donetsk
#UkraineToday will cover 800 German cities: the Channel has become available in a cable network #Unitymedia
In Batumi arrived American military technique
SBU detained four Russian citizens for terrorism
Militants in Novoazovsk
Battalion "OUN" refused to join the army of Ukraine
Gazprom wants $23,8 bln from Naftogaz Ukraine
Turchynov checked the strength of Pillboxes and named the main problem in the construction line of defense
Kaluga, Russia: "Today Crimea, Tomorrow - Rome"
Guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham entered the Baltic Sea
Road accident in Kharkov
Kharkiv getting ready for 9 may vic day parade
The checkpoints between the Makiivka and Donetsk were intensified
The Moscow court has left Ukrainians Sentsov and Kolchenko under arrest
Police at Svobody square in Kharkiv
Conscription note in the DNR
SBU: In captivity of militants for about 300 people
Ukrainians in the airport in Kathmandu, #Nepal
Minsk parade rehearsal
English volunteers gift ambulance to Ukrainian military
Naftogaz transferred to Gazprom $40 million
Only every fifth soldier received the status of combatants - lawyer
Poster for May 9 in Kramatorsk
Investigative committee has prolonged terms of investigation in the case of Nadiya Savchenko to 13.11.2015. For 6 months.
Passports of LNR
Russian Kilo subs "Rostov-na-Donu" (forward) and "Magnitogorsk" (aft) in port Baltiysk
Komorowski ordered the Polish border guards to prepare for the appearance of "green men":
The militants of "LNR" seized the farm of Bakhmatyuk and expressed about "nationalization"
A minibus with weapon was detained at a checkpoint in the Dnipropetrovsk region
The Il-76 is evacuated from Nepal 74 Ukrainians and 10 foreigners
The terrorists planned to shoot up a peaceful demonstration on 9th of May 9 in #Donetsk
Russian convoy in Donetsk
Russian convoy in Donetsk
Militants shelled a village near Debaltseve
On victory Day the militants intend to shoot peaceful rally in Donetsk - the headquarters of ATO
Battle in #Shyrokyne lasts for 12 hours
Russian base in Antratsyt
Checkpoint of Stanitsa Luhanska on the border of #LNR
Top NATO commander says alliance will move joint force command from Italy to Romania for military exercise
Putin to ship the next supply convoy to Donbas on 14 May.
Russian military convoy in Sevastopol
Russian military convoy in Sevastopol
Finland launches a large-scale mobilization of reservists
Strelkov: Putin does not have plan how to develop "LPR" and "DPR"
The bas-relief of Vasyl Stus was dismantled in #Donetsk
Yesterday, May 4th, US Army soldiers participated in the Latvian Indepence Day parade
Biryukov showed new concepts insignia of the Ukrainian military
Lenin in Peredilske in Luhansk region fallen down
"#DNR" state that explorers have raised flag of "#Novorossiya" in #Antarctica
Head of #EuroParliament offered to distribute refugees between countries
A working meeting of members of the Trilateral contact group will be hold today
Ukrainian plane in Delhi is ready to evacuate Ukrainians
Failure because of the shift of the soil near Office of traffic police
Airlines of Uzbekistan stop flights in Kyiv
United States will hold military exercises for the first timein Georgia
Two leader of the militants with the squad escaped from Horlivka
Norway - Swedish sub HSWMS Gotland, UK HMS Portland, helicopter from Dutch HNLMS Tromp at Exercise Dynamic Mongoose
A column of unmarked Msta-S moves on the streets of #Minsk, Belarus
A column of unmarked Msta-S moves on the streets of Minsk,   Belarus
Russian tanks in Donetsk
Jean-Marie Le pen was expelled from the National front
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