Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 ตุลาคม 2018
#Turkish police try to break up demo for #Kobane on Istiklal in #Istanbul
One more Lenin destoyed in Kharkiv
Sirens set off in Green Zone in #Baghdad.. Reports of mortar shells fell inside
Violent attacks by Turkish police on anti-ISIS protesters in Amed (Diyarbakır)
Unrest in Amed
Kurdish protesters only got up to the entrance hall and not past security checkpoint in Dutch parliament in #Hague.
A bus was burned by Kurdish protesters in #Istanbul tonight
Kurdish people occupied Stockholm airport to show their solidarity for #Kobanê
Air strikes near Kobane
Protest in #Nurtepe, #Istanbul.
U.S. journalist who contracted Ebola in Liberia arrives in Omaha for treatment
US strikes in Syria have destroyed "59 U.S.-built Humvees seized by the Islamic State group from Iraqi forces."
Unrest in Istanbul
Protesters in #Switzerland in solidarity with #Kobane — #Kurdish autonomous canton facing #ISIS onslaught.
Kurdish youth in #Gazi district of #Istanbul are clashing with Turkish police. #Kobane
Alliance aircraft flying in the sky off #Raqqa now #Syria
Rally in support of Kobane in Frankfurt
Clashes in Kiziltepe
Admiralty, 3:45am: All calm on the western front.
Journalist Jenan Moussa at border to #Kobane listen russian speech on walkie talkie.Chechens known as toughest IS-fighters for final battles
Suspected Drone Strike Kills 4 in Pakistan - ABC News
2 police are heavily injured in #Bagcilar, following to an attack towards the police station
President Poroshenko has signed a decree on dismissal of Lytvyn
PM Davutoglu: if there is a need to enter Kobani (militarily), we need to enter for Assad regime
Fire on the territory of 76-th Pskov airborne brigade base
#LNG Carrier #Independence soon to enter the #Baltic Sea! #Klaipeda LNG terminal in #Lithuania
Unrest in Mardin
Odessa met soldiers from the ATO zone
Turkish armed forces at the Syrian border line
Russia’s deployed nuclear capacity overtakes US for first time since 2000
New NATO Sec Gen "Concerned" about multiple ceasefire violations in Ukraine.
Jordan sending more military hardware to the border of Iraq and Syria
People already started gathering in #Kadikoy.
Austrian city of Salzburg activates emergency ebola response plan as african refugee put in quarantine
Poroshenko and merkel do not see progress in the peace plan
ow, Kobane city's being shelled by #ISIS from Miştenûr & Kaniya Kurda hills. There are too many civilians in the city.
Donetsk morgue. 35 new bodies today, including a five year old girl
Car set on fire in Istanbul.
West, #Kyiv uses #OSCE meeting in Warsaw to accuse Russia of Ukrainian crisis - Moscow
#UmbrellaRevolution protestors are tired after days of sleeping in #HongKong streets. Numbers are shrinking.
#Ataturk statue firebombed in Sirnak,#Turkey, now teargas
Right sector capture drug dealers in Odessa a
The urban warfare started in #Kobane city center. Harsh clashes going on in Kanīya Kurdan district
Kobane Government: "If a massacre takes place in #Kobane, international community will be held responsible"
#Mogherini says Ukraine winter will be "a nightmare"
Twin blasts kill 30 Kurdish fighters in Syria
[email protected]: German govt. thinks 500-3,000 regular Russian troops have been killed in eastern Ukraine
Nurse 'infected with Ebola' in Spain, Madrid
New NATO SECGEN checking out one of our most valued capabilities, the AWACS, during a stopover in Poland.
19-year-old American man, allegedly attempting to travel to join ISIS, arrested at Chicago airport, reports @ABC
Poroshenko and Nuland discussed financial and military aid for Ukraine
Japanese fighters intercept Russian bomber
3 were killed in Donetsk during shelling
Guy in the Putin mask and Ukrainian flag ran in Kirovograd
#Alaska ships its first #oil to #Asia in a decade #arctic
Soldiers return from Donbass to Kyiv
First two #drones arrive in #Ukraine to assist #OSCE observers. Camcopter S100
Girkin predicts poverty on areas under DNR control
Right sector begins protest near High Administrative Court in Kyiv
Hong Kong Professors: Dont panic.Your student demonstrators are studying hard in Mongkok. Environmental science here.
The explosions heard at #iran Parchin military
Former #US defence chief Leon Panetta sees 30-year ISIS war, blames Obama
#ISIS flag on building in #Kobani
Edem Asanov: Crimean kidnapped, allegedly found dead, Yalta
Kharkiv, Rymars'ka street, b.2 evacuation for a cause of the fire
45 tons of humanitarian aid delivered to Luhansk region
Капітан Америка теж тут
Nine killed as Pakistani and Indian troops fire on each other in disputed region of Kashmir
Lots of yelling at Admiralty. Counter-protester came with sign urging protesters to go home. Crowd not happy.
Explosions in Donetsk this morning
Communists' party tent was destroyed in Kharkiv
Australian F-18s refuel over Iraq during their first combat mission.
Latest round of shelling airport just started.
#Barawe is now under the control of #SNA supported by #AMISOM forces- the first time in 23 years, Barawe is under Somali government control
Lenin in Novomoskovs'k
APC BTR 80 was found in the garage on the outskirts of Kharkiv
#Video claims to show train with lots of Russian army vehicles, arriving on the Ukr border
Video claims to show train with lots of Russian army vehicles, arriving on the Ukr border
3:45am quiet in Admiralty #occupyHK
#Dnipropetrovsk Son met his father from 25 airborne brigade
Massive #Russia convoy in #Ukraine go to #Luhansk
Massive Russia convoy in Ukraine go to Luhansk
Revolutionary Patriot Youth Movement (YDG-H) initiated clashes with Turkish police in Cizre & Gever to protest TR support for #ISIS
Rally in support of DNR in Paris. UPD: background
Shelling of Donetsk airport continues
Moscow rally. No War with Ukraine!
#Dynamo #Kyiv ultras have just burnt #Russian flag on stadium during Dynamo-#Shakhtar match
Just Donetsk People's Republic's six months anniversary
Uganda's president calls on public to avoid shaking hands after apparent outbreak of marburg virus
Dynamo - Shakhtar smoke
In Dnipropetrovsk patriots remove pro-russian advertising compaing
Mongkok, 12:30 a.m. Crowd is larger, more counterculture than over past few days. #HongKong
Belgian and Dutch #IS fighters in #Syria wishing Muslims back home 'eid mubārak #Belgium The #Netherlands
#Kramatorsk Rally Kramatorsk-Slavyansk.
Clashes going on in Gazi district of Istanbul. Kurdish youth protesting #ISIS attacked by Turkish police "
Luhansk airport was shelled with Depleted uranium - expert
Kobani self-defence
Russians fire non-stop with tanks near Mariupol - ATO speaker
Turkish military convoy moving along the border.
#JSIL militants open fire on Lebanese soldiers in cross-border shooting, injuring 1.
"Everyone could be Batman"
Police numbers building outside chief executive office. Still calm #hongkong
Hotel burned in Bukovel, which could be owned by Alexander Yanukovych(son)
Israeli kids lead tonight's anti-African march in Tel Aviv, waving ISIS-style flags that say "Bagatz" (High Court)
Police trucks forcing way into CE office. One in, two stalled
Less tense in Mongkok Sunday night, some guy breaks out a guitar
The Pentagon is preparing for the possibility of U.S. troops contracting Ebola in West Africa.
A woman displays the word democracy at protest in Hong Kong
Tear gas canisters hit the van of BBC journalists in Turkey
Meanwhile in Causeway Bay, the Apple store might have shut by iPhone6 hawkers seem to be enjoying a roaring trade
Explosion in Grozny, Chechnya. There are wounded
The entire city of Grozny is closed. SWAT member showed picture that a suicide bomber blew himself, several killed.
#FSA is in full control of Tall al-Harra, gunfire can still be heard down in Harrah town
FSA is in full control of Tall al-Harra, gunfire can still be heard down in Harrah town
"Unity March" of Kirovograd Ultras
Destruction of a tank in Kobani
Expat Eric Beck compares "obstructive" protests to Nazism, says he backs police #OccupyHK
Man's best friend guarding supplies, says not afraid of tear gas. #UmbrellaMovement
Sappers work with the remnants of Uragan unguided missile that struck Gladkovka district of #Donetsk.
Cluster Uragan (300mm) missiles coming from direction Mariinka #Donetsk
Firemen working in Donetsk on Sunday.
Man against #OccupyCentral threatening to jump from a bridge in Admiralty has been talked down
Britain's PM Cameron: Bring me jihadi John "Dead or alive"
Syrian rebels shot down Assad Mig plane
'I have a knife in my bag, if Alex chow do not show up in 15 mins, get your camera ready' claims man on bridge at Admiralty #HongKong
Dnipropetrovsk welcomes back Ukraine heroes
Illumination fireworks over Donetsk airport in the night and in the morning
Finally got to speak with @joshuawong1013 and asked "What's next?" He said, "A shower."
List of shell hits over Donetsk, at least 3 wounded
A Bruce Lee impersonator appears at the rally area in Admiralty HK, ready w/ his goggles and umbrella nunchucks.
Aerial drone captures scale of Hong Kong #OccupyCentral protests
Explosions in S-W of Donetsk
MIlitants reported that "Alexeeich" from Motorolla's was killed in Donetsk airport
Russians hold a rally in Canada against Ukraine
People across the world are supporting Hongkong Protesting
The #IslamicState opens the "Shopping Centre" for WOMEN only in #Mosul
Donetsk Gladkovka: bombardment with Grad rockets launchers more than 20 explosions.
Man on the bridge is the stunt actor
Близько години тому в районі Козуей-Бей, протестуючі і їх прихильники обговорювали, що робити далі
"white pigs go home" he shouts #URHK
Smoke after shelling in Donetsk
Man on the bridge at #occupy protest has been there 2 hrs, still demanding to talk to protest leaders.
Pro-russian party get 23 % of total vote in Latvian Saeim election
5 Russian soldiers were killed in road accident in Rostov Region near Ukrainian border
“T-90 tanks and SPA “Akatsiya” from Dagestan on the border with Ukraine,” -
Verbal fight between anti protest people and supporters. "police should fire bullets" one man says #hongkong
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